let’s pour one out for the fics that you had perfectly planned in your head, those ones where you knew what was going to happen scene by scene and you had specific lines already written and you just daydreamed ‘em on repeat for days on end and you never wrote anything down because there’s no way you would forget that detail or that line but then you didn’t have the time to write it or the energy or the push and then a few months later you remember only the vaguest idea no matter how hard you think about it and you know there was more but its gone forever now…

RIP, stories i’ve forgotten. you were great. 

i wish i could have gotten you out in time



So, yep, practically they inspire me to draw an epic moment between Louis and Lestat.



First of all, thank you for such positive feedback on my first art post like?? Ya’ll are wonderful. Enjoy some sugar daddy Armand (you know he spends every cent on Daniel okay)




“Ugly fights, terrible fights, finally, Armand broken down, glassy-eyed with silent rage, then crying softly but uncontrollably as if some lost emotion had been rediscovered which threatened to tear him apart.” 


But yaay! My 2-part Daniel and Armand artwork is finished! I did my best with this piece, and it was my first time mixing digital with traditional art.

*runs off to cry in a corner*


First half of a diptych I’m currently working on – Daniel Molloy, from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I’ve been loving his (and Armand’s) story for so much time now, I needed to make some angsty fanart! QotD era. As reference, I used an IWTV still of Christian Slater, and then just gave him light hair 😛 

Ignore that dreadful typewriter

The second part of the diptych will be Armand’s part of this scene in QotD.