“Have you looked in a mirror lately?”
“What’s a mirror?”
“That’s your comeback?”
“No, like- I don’t know what a mirror is because I’m a vampire.”
“Vampires can see mirrors. They can’t see reflections.”
“Hey! I may be a vampire, but I am ALSO a dumbass!”

-Breakfast conversations with my girlfriend



Then God does not exist?

That’s the thing that people keep forgetting: when the gothic romance novels first came out, they were pretty punk. They were very highly charged. They were sort of improper. They were bold and overt. For lack of a better analogy, they were like the Sex Pistols of that era.

Now I feel even worse for Lestat Poor guy :,(

IKR?! It makes my heart hurt so YOU HAVE TO HURT, TOO. I am aware that Lestat is one of the biggest antagonistic monsters in canon, but that’s not all he is, and when he’s cut down like this, you can’t help but feel bad for the poor guy. 

Let me torture y’all a little more…


^HE THINKS SHE FLAVORED THEM FOR HIM. He’s being slightly cute here with the way he’s gesturing theatrically to her, don’t think about all the times he and Louis “acted Shakespeare together for Claudia’s amusement…” He thinks she went to EXTRA EFFORT to make this peace offering special for him! Well, she did, but not the way he thinks ;A;


^(Just a still of Claudia bc of reasons) Then she basically tells him it was dead blood* she gave him, which, in the context of movie!IWTV, is apparently dangerous to them. On her first kill he told her that they always have to “stop before the heart stops,” but he doesn’t say why. So now he knows she poisoned him, and the laudanum is working, bc look how incapacitated he is:


^It’s probably no accident that his right hand is in his crotch there, he’s been emasculated, brought down by his own daughter *cries* 


^That whole right arm is just not functional, he tries to put weight on it, and it just collapses ;A;

Even if he COULD grab her at this point, he’s in no shape to try to fight her physically. He can barely even talk!

In the context of the scene, there’s no going back for her at this point, she poisoned him intentionally and there would have been no way to regain his trust. All the sadness.

Asterisked stuff under the cut.

*In the film, it’s implied that the deadness of the blood is what’s incapacitating him, and that’s fine, for the film. He taught her this in her first kill. But in the books, it’s about the laudanum** that actually would have a strong effect on him. If Louis had been able to put Lestat in his coffin, Lestat could have slept off this opiate dose and been fine the next night. 

**Laudanum is not just any drug, it’s a BAMF (Wiki): 

“Reddish-brown and extremely bitter, laudanum contains almost all of the opium alkaloids, including morphine and codeine, and its high morphine concentration makes it a potent narcotic. Laudanum was historically used to treat a variety of ailments, but its principal use was as an analgesic and cough suppressant.”

One more note on the dead blood – if those boys were truly dead, Lestat would have known just with his own senses. Vampires can’t stand to be around their dead. But we’ll have to just ignore that ;]


“Back to Tom: other great moments.

Tom riding his horse through the slaves’ fire, and then turning the horse around so that he could face the suspicious mortals. That was on a par with Errol Flynn and Rudy Valentino. It was on a par with the opera greats who have played Mephistopheles. Only a genuine “star” can make a moment like that, and I’m as confused as to why… just as much as anyone in Hollywood. Let’s close this one out with one word: Grand! (No, can’t stop talking about it.)

If I had to settle for one picture in this film, it would be that shot of Lestat on horseback looking back at the suspicious mortals.

That was and is my hero. That was and is my man. Lestat just won’t be afraid of anybody. He won’t stand for it. He hates what he is as much as Louis, but he cannot do anything but move forward, attempt to make existence worth it, attempt to create. He knows the formula for success, and has no patience with the formula for failure. That’s Lestat.”