Hey. Do you know who’s an utmost underrated vc character?


I didn’t even watch interview for quite some time now. My brain just suddenly went: hey! I’ve got a tragic backstory for you.

Remembering the movie:

Yvette was Louis’s first victim. She was quite close to him. So sweet and worried. He looked absolutely destroyed after he realized what he had done.

This is plenty of fuel for headcanons.

Reasons to faint





Armand in stockings

Armand in stockings

Armand in stockings

Armand in stockings

  • Armand in stockings
  1. Armand in stockings

Couldn’t help myself…

Stockings you say???


I’ve had soooooo many requests for Armand and Marius sitting in my inbox and finally drew it! The pose is inspired by SEVERAL Gaston Bussière paintings, he is a master of hugs- more specifically his paintings of Elsa and Lohengrin. So tender!

I wanted to do some splendid looking clothing and did not have to stray far for inspiration. @amadeo-child-of-the-renaissance is an AMAZING costume designer this Amadeo was the reference. As for Marius, please admire tico_cosplay and her amazing portrayal. VC is such a small and talented community, I feel so lucky to take part!

This is also a thank you to all of the amazing Armand rpers I’ve had the pleasure of writing with. You’re all so sweet and talented and bring so many fascinating images to life. ❤ 

a leash can be pulled from both ends


Why won’t some brats just behave? I guess Armand doesn’t do meek or tame.


//This was an attempt at making some content related to @greekhoop ‘s fanfiction The Pilgrimage. I love the dynamics between them and whilst this isn’t a scene taken directly from the fanfiction I still think it’s showing their relationship at the beginning.

So have a quick sketch of Armand and Santino having an argument… of sorts. (I’m not used to throwing lines on paper.)

PS: Armand is standing on his tiptoes


Those who must be kept

Fun fact: If you google “Those who must be kept”, this is the second picture to come up… and it was done by me… in December 2009. That’s 8 years ago!! And I still kind of like it. A lot.

The clothing is all wrong, of course…

I remember how proud I was about the texts having some meaning… I cheated a lot and just copied existing texts and changed some words in them… and added some “I’ll just write it like usual but with a hierogyph-font”… 

It sais something like this:

at their feet

“Mother of Gods”
“Full Of Magic”
“Ruler Of The Universe”

“Ruler Of Eternity”
“Great God”
“The Perfect One”
“First Son”

on the left
See! They are the Beginning. She is the Mother. He is the Father. Those Who Must Be Kept. Protect and enshrine them, the progenitors of all vampires. They are our destiny.

*Beloved Son Marius, for us you give your freedom and your love. We will always remember you.*

They are the Beginning.

All those Names are the Names used for Isis and Osiris. (Except the “first son”)

(On a sidenote and before people come at me and accuse me of whitewashing: Read the books: As vampires they had Alabaster skin. On this picture they are supposed to have been vampires for quite some time already. So cut my younger self some slack, ‘kay?)

Oh!! And I think THIS is the first piece of my works that @amadeo-child-of-the-renaissance ever commented on.

This is how we had our very fist contact… in 2010!!

Beautiful! I love these kind of stories!

(I’m sorry you felt you needed to add the side note about POC. This is a hotly debated thing. 1) AR was adhering to the vampire physiology rules she had already set in place in the first few books, that vampire skin becomes lighter with age, and 2) we do not know definitively what color mortal!Akasha’s skin would have been, given that not all Egyptians are necessarily dark skinned. Rami Malek, for example, is a light-skinned Egyptian-American).

unloved child



Mun is feeling down quite often lately and realized, that she has not a single happy fandom she could run into to cheer up. Painting helps. 

Here’s a lonely, lost and crying Armand, who only wants to be loved.


If canon sucks (pun intended), make headcanons.

Nicki loves Armand very much ❤

an instrumen that I can break



//”Oh, hush now. Be a bood boy, open up and drink.” Armand decided that it was time for Nicolas to take a break from composing, since the musician tends to forget to feed and then proceeds to breaking havoc in the streets of Paris once he realizes he’s half starved. Of course, the Grand Maître can’t have that and, out of the pure kindness of his heart, shares some blood.
He doesn’t need an excuse to pin him down, okay?

For @musica-artium-optima-est, who asked me to draw something (even if it didn’t turn out to be cute and I’m afraid it’s not to their liking) and @echo-de-la-lumiere.

PS.: I’m thinking bout taking commissions. Anyone interested?

“No, no, don’t let my vulnerable heart share in this sacrifice to lust!
Let him disgust me before pleasing me! Let him be what others have been,
an instrument that I can break before becoming the echoes of its
     Monsieur Venus: A Materialist Novel

What are VC fans called?




To my knowledge, we don’t really have a name, like the Potterheads for HP or the Hiddlestoners for Tom Hiddleston 😦  

We’re just “VC fans.” If I’m differentiating between different vampire media, I’ll say “Ricean vampires” or “VC vampires.” 


It’s an old fandom, so old that I’m pretty sure it predates fandom being the recognized thing it is today. We were also strongly discouraged from creating fanfic, so maybe that’s why we don’t have a name. VC fanfic was underground, the fandom was in hiding, we didn’t want to draw unwanted attention by having a name. The Talamasca slogan might as well be our fandom’s slogan, too: We watch and we are always here. 

Sometimes I refer to us as “People Off the Page,” to differentiate us from the VC Facebook fans who Anne Rice calls her “People of the Page.” More on that here. They used to be a formidable army she could sic on other fans/reviewers/etc., but things have been peaceful for awhile now, thankfully.

I used to refer to us tumblr fans as “fanged little trash kittens” or “fanged little trash monsters” more frequently than I do now. Probably had to do with the fandom trend at one point of saying “I’m such X-trash!/I’m trash for X!” meaning that you loved X thing/character. Seemed only natural that we would be fanged trash creatures. And it’s gender-neutral. 

Any variation on the words Vampire and Chronicles doesn’t wholly work for us, since there are so many other Vampire series and Chronicles series. 

//I’d like to suggest “Children of Darkness“

I second “Children of Darkness”. So dignified.

Yes, we have been called that, or called ourselves that, in the past! I’m sorry I forgot! Here, I made us a super classy badge:

(Font is “Dr Sugiyama” from 

Un-sprakle’d version so you can make your own!