InktoberVC Day 17: Vampire Snapchat

“No, Lestat. Just because you just woke up it does not mean it’s ‘morning’.”

I think I had not drawn Lestat in AGES. With the help of @i-want-my-iwtv I though he should wear some fancy Gucci or Balenciaga, but Gucci’s new collection was more appropriate with my ink colours, so Gucci it is.

My reference was Martin Rolinski (as suggested by both @i-want-my-iwtv and @joffrey-barathe0n ), and damn, if it was real I would totally follow the BratPrince on Snapchat (or even better, Instagram). I think that deserves its own mini-comic!


InktoberVC Day 13: Nicolas’ hands

As I told you when I was drawing this, I think I had never drawn Nic… Like, I don’t know why? But I should do more often (and in colour) draw him, because I haven’t drawn violinist’s hands in a while since I don’t go every weekend to the orchestra to hear one of my friends play.

I thought about drawing a pair of disembodied hands but I had to take the chance and draw him XD


So, according to the Inktober list by @monstersinthecosmos, this is day 1: Cosplaying another vampire.

Started as a sketch now is kind-of-a-comic of Daniel cosplaying as Armand in the Interview With The Vampire film, while real the Armand complains about how he does not looks like Antonio Banderas AT ALL. I added the dialog, I don’t know if you all would prefer the clean version with only the drawing (let me know!).

Anyway, I found this imaginary situation hilarious, with the black wig badly worn (because Daniel).


InktoberVC Day 3: The 1970s

It is always tempting to draw Lestat in a 1970s outfit but I went for Santino and his long dark hair. I used @desanctii ’s FC as a reference and an actual 1970s outfit from an old fashion editorial.

And of course, let’s not forget that deeeeeeeep V neckline.

I know it’s only the 3rd day BUT I’m falling in love again with my black and red inks.



Someone out there uses Garrett Watts as a FC of Daniel Molloy and I find it weirdly accurate…

Which makes me think: should I change the way I draw him? 🤔

Ok, I made a little test and… THIS WILL BE MY NEW REFERENCE FOR DANIEL!! I mean, LOOK AT HIM:

So, if I get to draw Daniel Molloy for inktober, Garrett will definitely be my reference. Sorry Christian Slater 🤷🏻‍♀️

What do you think? Do you like it?! SAY YES!


Marius, seeing Louis and Lestat together: They’re cute. I’d put them in a boat.

Daniel: … what?

Marius: Isn’t that what it’s called? When you think people would look good together? They’re on a boat.

Daniel: You mean- you ship them?

Marius: Is that it? I knew it had something to do with boats.


@eliestela! As per request~ pics of my vampiry mug and a rare partial selfie bc reasons, got it for my birthday last year from the lovely @gairid/@vampchronfic! It’s got 2 sides w/ text: “FAN OF THE FANG” and “Start your day off positive… A Positive” <– har har vampire puns. It’s perfect and I use it p much every day at home bc ppl at the office already think I’m iffy when I occasionally wear my 3-finger ring *eyeroll* bc FAVE MUG.

BTW, if you want one, I found it on eBay, there’s a few listings there.


Also felt like including: Lestat pillow by @sheepskeleton (@sheepskeleton-art) which I had to buy for reasons (now I sleep w/ him every night har har) ❤ Pillow can be bought in several sizes at sheep’s store,

on her Redbubble and Society6


(BC apparently I am a salesman for everything, if u like my lil’ teal squishy crature in the BG there, he’s a Squishmallow.)