Hello^^ your blog is amazing! It brings me joy almost every day ❤ Stupid question though. I recently drew some VC stuff and was wondering if this fandom is welcoming of all fanart? I’ve never posted my art on here before so I’m just a bit worried..

Awww thank you! I’m happy to bring u joy ❤ You’re so welcome.


Not a stupid question at all! Fandoms thrive on fanworks. Go ahead and post them *u* You might end up making new friends who appreciate your talent 😉

To be fair, I can’t promise ppl will Like/Reblog all VC fanart automatically. I’m really picky about fanart I reblog, it’s a mix, but for me, a sense of humor is usually more important than skill, but every blogger has their own taste. Some only reblog silly fanart, some only technically skillful pieces, some only reblog photography/photomanipulations like aesthetic sets… etc.

These blogs tend to reblog a wider range of fanart than others:

Try my #VC Fandom Hunters tag for more. But yes, DO THE THING, post your art bc it makes you happy and you want to share it, and make sure to tag it #vampire chronicles, and the character(s) name(s), etc., so ppl tracking those tags will see it ;D

Oh! And also, @vcsecretgifts which is a gift exchange you can participate in. 

We may need to do another round of that before this year’s holidays. Would anyone be interested in doing one soonish? Maybe “Maker’s day” instead of “Mother’s Day” ? Since we’re probably too close to Valentine’s Day to do it then.



lestat (interview with the vampire) + costumes
(requested by iolauss)

1 thing i want to know about u: When/How were u first introduced to the VC?


When I was around ten or so (not too sure on the specifics) one of my father’s coworkers was getting rid of a lot of books (it was due to lack of interest or something I’m not too sure why they were giving so many away). Anyway, I have always loved books so I decided to take some and I came out with 1-5 in the VC (not to mention several other Rice books like Vittorio and Taltos) and I just go into them after that point.

Awww, good story. I still get nostalgic when I see battered copies of the VC (or any AR books) on those $1 swap shelves at libraries, and I imagine buying a box full and poisoning enlightening a new reader to the addiction such fine literature