Gosh, I see you looking my posts -and- my self portrait and honestly? I feel blessed. I love your blog.

You’re so welcome! What a lovely thing to tell me, awww. Thank you for the blog love ^______^

Here’s a rare old memeything for you, it’s from almost 4 yrs ago… I’m not sure if I ever posted it. Probably not, if I didn’t think it was funny enough at the time, but c’mon, this is gold: 


^Pretty sure the Dark Gift doesn’t work like that… 

I do check on ppl’s blogs when they catch my eye in my activity feed, and a major way to do that is by leaving supportive comments, on my posts or my reblogs of other’s posts. 

This is the lifeblood of a fandom right here, what you wrote on @sangcreole‘s post:

bless this post for such an insightful discussion. Louis is a beautifully layered character and you said it so well!

It was really a wonderful thing to say, that OP’s words had touched you, that it was worth their effort ❤ 

And another lifeblood is fanart, and you draw, so like… give us some VC fanart! We are insatiable for it! *grabby hands*

You’re honestly the reason I made a VC blog! 💖 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✧💕✨💜✧



J/K I don’t want ppl sending me vials of their actual blood, you know I mean that figuratively. 

Fandom blogs are more encouragement for fanworks, keeping the conversations going keeps the fandom alive, I’m so glad I inspired you *happy tears*

Hello! I hope you’re well! I was just curious Lestat mentions in TVL that he was ” the youngest of three who had lived to manhood” We get the name of his oldest brother, but I can’t seem to find them name of his other brother. Do you know whether he is mentioned by name? Many thanks, I hope you have a great day. P.s. I love your blog keep the good work up😊

Bonjour! I’m well, thank u, thanks for the blog lurve! <333

I don’t think his other brother was ever mentioned by name, no 😛

I don’t really love this bit of canon but it’s an interesting explanation; in Blackwood Farm, Lestat says his name is “compounded of the first letter of each of my six older brothers’ names,” so they’d have to have started with L, E, S, or T, bc A was for Augustin. And two of his brothers started with T. 

I was working on a ficlet at one point and wanted to include this unnamed brother, talking about him in a PM with someone, and came up with “Étienne,” which is a French equivalent of Stephen/Steven.

Proooobably it’s bc I headcanon him as looking like Steve Zahn and I CANNOT explain why that is, but I am 99% married to this headcanon.


^This is from Joy Ride.

I think it’s bc he’s somewhat attractive, but only bc of his cartoonish attitudes, very smarmy but simple-minded, seems like the younger of the two brothers, desperate to please the older one, Augustin could easily lead him around, he wouldn’t question being ordered to beat on his younger brother, even if he didn’t take much pleasure in it. 

So the brother’s names (not necessarily in birth order) would be:

  1. L-?
  2. E- (I am really attached to Étienne!??)
  3. S-?
  4. T-?
  5. Augustin
  6. T-?
  7. Lestat
  8. Off-topic but still, I like to think the eighth de Lioncourt was a girl, bc really, 8 boys in a row is unusual. @viaticumforthemarquise named her Mireille, I think *u*

Hello! I hate to bother you. But I just have say this! I really love your name! It’s so unique and gorgeous! Does it have a meaning? Also, thank you for bringing us VC fans this amazing blog! The way you bring up and solve issues through questions and in general – is really inspiring! Thank you! :D :D

Not a bother at all, I’m so sorry this message sat in my inbox so long. *facepalm* Sometimes I hoard the nice messages, more than a little too long.

“Burnadette”? Thank you! It’s not my ACTUAL name, but it’s the name I prefer for my fandom life… I was brought up in a time when the internet was new, and we were taught not to reveal much about yourself for safety concerns, and I still feel that way. 

“Burnadette” is based on the song “Bernadette” by the Four Tops. I changed the spelling to include the word “Burn,” which is a Louis reference, his pyromania, back when I chose the name I was still making fun of him for that. This many years later, I don’t do that as much anymore, you might say I burned out on that. pfffft.

It’s a very upbeat song, but if you listen to the lyrics closely the singer is basically a guy who has to have ALL OF this poor lady bc apparently she’s already so much a part of him that he needs her more than just out of love, and smacks down the competition as unworthy. It’s pretty obsessive.

My parents and I loved Motown when I was younger, we’d often sing along to this song in the car, so it has a nostalgic feel for me. At that time, I just thought it was a guy who couldn’t help but express himself as to how madly in love he was. Obsession and madly in love, unhealthy relationships… very VC.

It’s been a very, /very/ long time since I followed anything IWTV related, mainly because of how dangerous it used to be. I just wanted to say that I’m glad blogs like this are able to exist now. ♥ Keep on the amazing work, I’m in love with everything about this blog haha.

Aww, merci merci! Welcome (back) to the fandom ♥♥♥ Thank u for the blog leurve *u*


YES it DID used to be a dangerous thing to have anything IWTV related, how dare we as fans Like a Thing and show our appreciation by *gasp* making fanworks for it?? HOW DARE.

I like to think of us as the formerly battered step-children of fandom, having been beaten into submission decades ago, confined to sharing fanworks underground, and, over time, slowly coming up once certain people had decided not to attack their own fans and finding each other in web 2.0, the series reinvigorated by new books/adaptations (tho sporadic, there have been several over the years!) and basically, finding our place in the moonlight, so to speak. 

We’ve survived more battles here, too. Wars with the FB People of the Page, more wars from AR against critics of her works, roleplayer and other drama here on tumblr.

What you see now is a fandom that’s been broken and put itself back together, welcomed fresh fans who found their parent’s VC collection and gave it a chance, watched one or more of the movie adaptations, seen the Lestat musical, or started the series based on one of the newer books being published… I think it’s the fresh fans who have helped to heal the older ones ^______^

I’d like to think that all the past suffering has made us more forgiving of each other’s faults, given us more empathy for each other, than fans in other fandoms who haven’t had as rough a time as we have. For the most part I think that’s true. 

Sorry, I went off on a whole wall of text there. I guess what I’m saying is that my gift to the fandom has been trying to cheerlead and maintain our revival. This blog started as just my personal backup for collecting fanworks, ideas, and VC news, and it turns out that that stuff? Is something other ppl wanted, too. The lifeblood of the fandom is in the fans sharing works and making friends with eachother ❤

If you’re looking for more specifically VC blogs, try my #VC fandom hunters tag. Some of the blogs mentioned there may have deactivated by now, but it’s a decent place to start 😉

Hi hun! Just wanted to pop in and wish you a happy summer season! Know that I truly love and care for you and appreciate your blog greatly <3 <3 <3

Thanks dear! Much appreciated ❤ Messages like these mean more than I can say ;u;

Happy summer season wishes to you, as well!


Hey so I was going through your blog (which I LOVE btw) and just started wondering if Anne Rice has ever addressed what would happen if a pregnant human was made into a vampire? Idk, with all the talk about tattoos and everything else, just got me wondering about more bodily stuff. Thanks and really love everything you post!

Omg your url, lol. Thank u for the blog lurve! ❤ 


[…and just started wondering if Anne Rice has ever addressed what would happen if a pregnant human was made into a vampire?]

Lestat does have a dream about going back to the Auvergne and turning his whole family into vampires, infants included D-: Other than that, no other mention in canon and not in any interview or book signing I’ve heard of. Maybe my followers know? Interesting question!

My thoughts on it under the cut in case of too gorey for some ppl. But in short, I don’t think that the baby would become a vampire, bc it REALLY couldn’t fend for itself. Claudia was a child but at least she could had mental capacity, could talk, was ambulatory, and had teeth that could be transformed into fangs.

(I don’t think I’ve seen any vampire babies in any other media EXCEPT for the one in Twilight, she had rapid growth or smtg? It was confusing.)

Hit the jump for more, possibly squicky thoughts, but no graphics.

I’d think that any unborn child would be, sadly, dumped along with the other organs and materials the new fledgling doesn’t need or can’t use as a vampire. Even if the mortal is turned before giving birth past/on their due date. If the infant survived that forcible removal, I think it would either (A) still be mortal or (B) die… bc I think the mortal has to be at some level of development for the vampiric parasite to take hold. 

Maybe that’s why we don’t have vampire dogs/cats/etc., bc whatever parts they’re missing, an infant would be missing those, too. A brain development thing maybe? I don’t know!

PASS THE HAPPY! 💜💜💜 When you see this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications :)

You sweet thing, thank u! Since I’m sort of clawing my way back up to the real world from being sick, this was especially good timing ❤


*~5 things that make me happy~*… in no special order…

1. Retail therapy – not necessarily buying anything, sometimes just the hunt is plenty. But of course, if you find that one amazing jacket/dress/top, you gotta buy it, bc when you’re looking for an amazing jacket/dress/top for a specific event, suddenly no one makes good things anymore!!! 

2. 80s and 90s music – mostly the hits, one-hit wonders, and also other songs by artists from that time period that didn’t get as much radio play. I think I love it bc it reminds me of when I was riding the bus to/from school, the idea of being in that liminal space, no seatbelts, dappled sunlight, kids chattering around, the smell of the sunshine cooking the green faux-leather seats, being in transit, clutching a book in my hands, and these songs being so optimistic, even when they were angry (Nine Inch Nails) and/or miserable (Smashing Pumpkins). There was always a sparkle of hope that things could be learned from the darkness. Or maybe that was just my own interpretation. 

Among which: I love Duncan Sheik, apparently? Good writing music. I had a friend who was obsessed with his music in high school and kept looking for secret messages in the first letters of the track names, and kept trying to get me to listen to his non-hit stuff, and I just… I think I was refusing to do it, just to keep the game of it up with her. That push-pull. I have to reach out to her and admit that I might be as big a fan now as she was then! 

3. My oil lamp – I used to buy candles and that gets so expensive and messy, and it’s wasteful, bc I end up unable to burn through all the wax (unless it’s tealights but those burn so fast), and I hate putting so much trash in the landfills. This is much more efficient bc I can have that friendly little flame and the clear kerosene isn’t too expensive. I like the historical feeling of it, and that ppl had to clean the glass just like I’m doing. I like the smell of the kerosene but some ppl don’t like it. 

4. Comfy shoes – I used to have giant pumpkin-shaped slippers and I wore them to their destruction… I wear slippers around the house. I have 3 pairs of slippers now! Not slippers but: my fave black leather boots are comfy, too, and they make me feel like a BAMF. I’ll have to take pics. They fit my calf muscles perfectly, like a hug. Which is special bc my calf muscles are pretty big.

5. Short film viewings/art gallery crawls – I like going to gatherings and meeting new ppl, watch short films, see a bunch of art for a few hours. The variety of it all. I like picking out faves, and meeting the artists and asking them about their process and inspiration. 

^I think this last one also applies to my role in fandom, I really love encouraging fanartists and writers, even in other fandoms. I’m not rich by any means, but I scrape together money for commissions now and then. Fanworks are the lifeblood of a fandom and I like to add my applause to the mix. Sometimes I feel like the one in the audience who starts the applause, and that’s fine, too! 


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