Do you think any of the vampire’s have accents? Like Lestat and Gabrielle with a French one or Armand with an Italian or French one?

I have a little treat for you first, the voice of Nicolas! Well, kinda sorta. 


[X ^ This is model Tomek Szczukiecki who looks hella more mysterious w/ his face cropped like dis]

@devilsviolinist​ had posted this audio clip of Nicolas’ normal/contented voice, and @colourful-jack​ informed us that it is in fact ballet dancer Jonathan Klein [audio from this vid here]. While Klein does not look at all like Nicolas, listen to the audio clip, the voice is great!

I have to consider the others some more but I didn’t want to make you wait any longer for at least some reply ;]

That Nicolas ask made me curious.. Do you have any headcanons about what any of the characters’ voices sound like?

That’s a really tough question! When I read the books I read them all in MY voice, which sounds like an 11 yr old girl’s. So that wouldn’t work.

Probably gonna get alot of disagreement on this and that’s fine, bc voice casting is even MORE subjective that acting casting but I’ll give it a shot anyway. Reblog w/ your own ideas, and try to include links to vids.

Lestat – His voice is actually not that low, bc he was turned at 20-21, but it gets higher-pitched when he raises his voice. Has that slightly ragged singer’s voice edge to it. Can do a wide range, though, can imitate voices, musical notes, animal sounds, etc. Usually to perturb others.

Lestat will go up to Armand and say something like, “Ooooh Marius, paint me like one of your Italian boysssss…” in Armand’s voice which is always amusing, whatever reaction he gets.

Other than Tom Cruise (bc he’d be the easy answer), I’m gonna go w/ Sebastian Bach in the 80’s. Or Ewan McGregor in Velvet Goldmine.

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(I didn’t include PL characters for the sake of brevity)(You can add them in the comments)(I also didn’t find good vid examples for all of these, sorries)

Louis – A mellow, calming voice. He can silence a room with a concise and gentlemanly eloquent statement. In canon, it’s mentioned more than once that you can hear his French accent. He himself doesn’t notice it, of course, bc he’s Mr. Pointe du Lacking-Any-Vanity-Whatsoever. Louis Garrel would be a good pick.

Armand – I’ve always felt like the Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan was very Armand in his singing voice, he has all the anguish and beauty that is Armand. In his speaking voice, it’s soft, and you can hear something broken there, but it’s smooth, controlled.

Daniel – Has a slight vocal growl, like River Phoenix (Or maybe Aaron Tveit), and altho he has a relatively low voice, he’ll always sound like he’s 20 on the phone.

MariusMichael Fassbender, @sheepskeleton​ made me see it and I can’t unsee it. A commanding but gentle teacher’s voice.

David – As an old man, he had that perfect older Dad-vibe; comforting, ex-adventurer, wise, with more than a touch of charming sass. So Kurt Russell would be a good voice, but he needs the noticeable British accent.

post-TOBT David is David Gandy. He’s got the British voice, the charm, etc.! Young or old, David’s laugh is that old-man whiskey laugh, mostly air!

Gabrielle – She has a dignity about her and it comes through in her voice. Her laughter sparkles, but it’s rare. She has a very commanding Mom Voice, the kind where she can yell w/o raising her voice. Gonna go with fan favorite Charlize Theron. Or Nicole Kidman, or Michelle Pfeiffer, obviously, too.

BiancaScarlett Johansson. @everlastingporcelain​ has convinced me that Scarlett = Bianca and I can’t unsee/hear it. Sass, charm, vocal growl, wholesomeness, and an advanced maturity.

@colourful-jack​ submitted:

Regarding the Nicki audio, it’s originally from an interview given to a french channel by ballet dancer Jonathan Klein, who took part in a french talent show competition around 2012. You can find the video the audio was taken from here: https://you

AND HERE’S THE VIDEO merci @colourful-jack!

^While this guy does not look like my headcanon Nicolas de Lenfent, he DOES have a lovely voice, he can play Nicki in the VC animated series *u*