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Another anatomy study, this time a back view of playing Adam. 














The first sin. Misconception is that Eve was the first to sin when that’s not really all that true.

You see
When God created everything and then Adam. He told him about the tree he said don’t eat of it.

God never told Eve.

When Eve was in the garden being tempted read that section you’ll find something interesting. Adam was right next to her and he didn’t say anything. He was using Eve as a Guinea pig.

Eve bit into the fruit nothing changed she handed it to Adam. And when he bit into it their eyes were opened.

So really the first sin was Man’s passive nature allowing something to happen he was told not to allow happen if he never ate their eyes may never have been opened but who knows.

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I was in a bible study we went over this part and I just sat there like “wait what?!?”

Yup! This is so real!

So what you’re saying is the original sin was man not fucking protecting his wife lmao

Adam was a fuck boy?

Omfg! I’ve had this argument so many times!

Apparently a theory is that we’re sinful because we have human fathers. Jesus was born of Mary without a human dad which is why he was pure.


All men are fuckboys


All men Ain’t shit for the bible told me so.

Speaking to the connotations of race, it’s interesting that people in the fandom want to make Daniel the black character when for so many years, a goodly bulk of this fandom has only attributive Daniel as having any value to the story when he’s attached to Armand, or made him the butt of crazy jokes. It seems awfully suspicious to me that the “best’ character” to be cast as a POC is the one so many have considered the throw-away one. If that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does.

Race. *sigh* I keep revisiting this ask, and each time I do I feel more and more like I don’t want to engage as there are so many landmines. 


I didn’t get into fandom for landmines, and so I maneuver around them, and the reason I’m answering this at all is for those who are thinking about topics like these but are too afraid to respond for fear of the landmines.

I’m responding bc I feel like if sharing my perspective could make just one person feel better about this, then it’s worth the risk and worth my time and effort.

THAT SAID, I’m not sure which post you’re referring to, Anon, but there was one a few weeks ago in which another Anon asked/said:

I’m up for Daniel being Black in the adaptation. His race isn’t mentioned specifically in the books, and we need diversity in an ocean of white Eurotrash fops! I don’t see any reason why not and Bryan cast the lead in American Gods as black so I’m hopeful to see some good changes in Anne’s work. What do you think?

^Here’s one person who wants to cast Daniel as POC/Black, and they seemed to be accentuating the positive. They want diversity. They compared him to the lead from American Gods being cast as black. I don’t watch that show so I don’t know if that character is the “butt of crazy jokes” or only has value being attached to another character, but it seems to me, at face value, that this Anon thinks that Daniel being cast as POC/Black is parallel with the lead of another series being cast as POC/Black, this Anon states that as being a good change.

I answered that Anon more in depth with some historical context, so you can look at that response, but basically, Anne is open to casting POC for VC characters. I’m open to it! I trust in whoever is running the adaptation to produce it in a tasteful and respectful way, and updating it to be inspiring and satisfying to a wider audience would be great, however that happens. 

TL:DR;  I think people do care about Daniel, and would love to see a character that they care about, like Daniel, be cast as a POC as a good thing. Daniel is not perfect (none of them are! Except Mojo) but he has many positive traits: he’s clever, resourceful, sassy, charismatic, capable of loving and being loved in return. I think people would love for the adaptation to show that those traits can absolutely be found in POC, too. We do need more positive representation like that.

Reminder that this is a fandom blog for entertainment and I am not here to make/agree/disagree with political statements that are potentially inflammatory. Not my focus. But I will address your points to some extent.

Speaking to the connotations of race, it’s interesting that people in the fandom want to make Daniel the black character 

I haven’t seen an enormous amount of people in the fandom wanting this change, I think one blog is dedicated to it? I’ve mostly seen interest and support for casting a POC as Akasha, since that casting in movie!QOTD was pretty widely praised. I see people talking about considering casting other characters as POC, but I don’t see anyone other than Akasha as being the main character of interest for that. 

One could criticize that choice as being bad, as it could imply that POC/Black women are villains, bc she was a villain in that movie. That’s not the message I took from that casting choice, but one could easily argue that that was a message being sent (and therefore, Bad representation, even though she was cast as a character in a position of power).

when for so many years, a goodly bulk of this fandom has only attributive Daniel as having any value to the story when he’s attached to Armand, or made him the butt of crazy jokes. 

“for so many years” covers decades of time, these books have been around since 1976. Reflecting back to when I started in this in 1993 (which was already almost 20 yrs late), I can’t say that any character has escaped being the butt of crazy jokes in all this time, and with the nature of shipping, many of the characters seem to only have value when attached to other characters. 

Re: shipping: it seems like ships are more prevalent in fanworks than fanworks portraying the characters on their own, and so it may give the impression that fandom “prefers the characters as part of a ship,” but personally, I think of shipping as the collision of 2 (or more) characters, to see how they’ll interact: in happiness, sadness, anger, all the different ways! Writing about a ship can allow a fanartist/writer/etc. to explore how each member of the ship will react in


to the other’s actions/words/etc. So I can see how you might get the impression that “Daniel only has value as being attached to Armand,” but I think it’s more about how Daniel presents himself when he is with Armand, that’s what the fanworks are exploring.

Along those lines, however you interpret that ship, the bulk of Daniel’s post-IWTV “screentime” was in QOTD, with Armand, and after that, Daniel doesn’t get much action in canon until the more recent books (but even then, not as much as in QOTD). As the fandom does tend to ship Daniel with Armand, and plenty of it that I’ve seen (especially in fanart) is somewhat fluffy, again, I can see why you might get the impression that “he’s only valued when attached to Armand,” but really, I think Daniel/Armand shippers are fascinated with the dynamic of that ship. It’s rarely fluffy in canon. So some of them make fanworks for wish fulfillment, and that’s valid. 

Personally, I don’t think Daniel’s only value to the story is when he’s attached to Armand, but again, he spends most of his time in canon with Armand, maybe that’s why the fandom doesn’t tend to write him on his own time separately. 

Re: being the “butt of crazy jokes”: As a side note, when we joke about characters, that’s not to say that that’s always a negative act. Look, we’re currently dragging Lestat bc he said IN CANON that he loved being called a “slut,” which is really more of a layered commentary on shaming people for enjoying sex/intimacy, and he refuses to be shamed for it, he’ll turn around and take it as a compliment instead 😉

I’ve been in this fandom for over 20 years and I don’t think Daniel has gotten the worst treatment in those terms, it seems to me that there have been waves of love/interest/disdain/mockery of most of the main (and side) characters at different points in time, and from different groups of fans. So that may be your experience, and that’s absolutely valid, but I haven’t seen it that way. Of all the characters, I think Lestat probably gets the worst of being the butt of crazy jokes and he likes it bc bad attention is better than no attention.

It seems awfully suspicious to me that the “best’ character” to be cast as a POC is the one so many have considered the throw-away one. If that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does.

I’m sorry, but I have to disagree here, too. I wouldn’t say he’s a throw-away character for the whole fandom. There are Daniel RPers. As I’ve mentioned, it happens that he doesn’t have a lot of action in canon other than in books 1 (as just the interviewer, but it counts!) and 3, so the fandom does not have as much canon to work with as they do for other characters.

And again, re: the fandom choosing him as “the best character” to be cast as a POC, that seems to be Akasha, from what I’ve seen. 

Relevant to this discussion: there was a wave of love for Nicolas a few years back, for the same reasons, I think, that  @mendedpixie7 felt about Adam in Only Lovers Left Alive:

The reason I love Only Lovers Left Alive is it shows that a character (Adam) can be severely mentally ill, in this case depressed and suicidal, and still be seen as lovable and capable of being loved and loving in return without being “cured” of their mental illness, and that a mentally ill character can have other attributes aside from being mentally ill while still showing the impact being mentally ill has on his personality.

Adam from OLLA is an extremely important character to me you guys.

Similarly, I think people would love to see a character that they care about, like Daniel, be cast as a POC as being POC is often portrayed negatively in media. Fans of a POC being cast as Daniel would want (I’m paraphrasing from above): 

to see


showing that a character can be POC, in this case black, and still be seen as lovable and capable of being loved and loving in return, and that a POC character can have other attributes aside from being POC while still showing the impact being POC has on his personality. 

Daniel Molloy from VC is an extremely important character to me you guys.





How can you have lived for so long and still not get it?

Important. Truths. 

(And vampires.)



I’m back here to recommend another movie but this one is way more personal to me. Its Only lovers left alive by Jim Jarmusch.

You know, movies nowadays are more close to people when it comes to representation. You can see all kinds of characters, like them and dislike. Somehow I’ve never came across any movie that shows my type of characters and/or my way of living. However Only lovers left alive did it in a second. 

What about this movie that made it so personal to me? Characters, both of the main characters are related to me, I have a good part of Adam and Eve in my mind. The way of living, hobbies, free time spending, relationships, talking topics, things they admire… This movie is a slice of life, full of calm, 

contemplative look at everythng going around. It’s visually pleasing, everything about it is full of meditation, inner connection. Characters are looking at life like they are in a museum. They share they emotions about every piece of art, is it new music or nature wonders, old buildings or beautiful people… they are very natural to themselves as if nobody is looking.

I loved a philosophy fight between Adam’s dissapointment in life and Eve’s calm admiration of it. I loved that no matter how many death they had around themselves, they are ready to see beauty of life. 

Another thing about this movie that makes it a visual art to me is its cast. I’m a big fan Tilda Swinton and she is gorgeous in this movie. I also watched it because of Tom Hiddleston, and if you liked him in other roles, you will be pleased too. These two actors made a perfect image to me, I find androgyny very beautiful, it’s a blessing to my eyes and this movie delivered it exactly how I needed. 

I didn’t spoil you anything, so I hope it will be interesting to you. The movie is a bit specific: very calm, no plot, no action, no drama or romance… but it’s a beautiful piece of still life, so close to me that I could not help but mention it.

“Life is about surviving things, appreciating nature, nurturing kindness and friendship… and dancing.” [X]

^Also, cute moments like this!