Boring old werewolf instincts:

Sexual jealousy

Constant aggression

Rigid hierarchy

Must win sports

Homophobia And Sexism Is Normal™

Eat people

Cool new werewolf instincts:

There is no five second rule

Corvids are friends

Hang out as a pack


Gotta pee

Also consider:

Separation anxiety

Unconditional love and loyalty

Being able to sleep in almost any situation or position

Irresistible urge to chase squirrels and rabbits

Hating the vacuum cleaner

Wanting to do everything with friends

Loudly and repeatedly announcing to housemates that someone is at the door

Long, shouted conversations to other werewolves across the neighborhood (bonus points at 2am)

Taking advantage of any and all free food

Werewolf-vampire solidarity

Fighting any animal that trespasses into the backyard

Boundless energy

Too much energy

Eating out of the trash if it smells tasty

Being bad at sports because you don’t want to let anyone else take the ball from you. Then destroying the ball in front of everyone because you want to make a point

Trying to fight things 10x your size like a fucking idiot

Being unable to hold a grudge for more than a few hours

Trying to make people feel bad for you over mundane things that aren’t actually that bad. And somehow succeeding.


Needing to try a bit of your friends’ food, even if you’ve tried it 5645674 times before and have never once liked it

Getting way too friendly with random strangers

Being in a love-hate relationship with water

Digging. For no reason.

Thinking you’re a badass despite being a hyperactive ball of emotions and hedonism

Loud sobbing while pressing yourself up against the sliding glass door at your friends who locked you out because they were tired of your bullshit and wanted some goddamn peace and quiet

Okay this one is a gem:

Loudly and repeatedly announcing to housemates that someone is at the door

No alpha/beta/omega werewolves because science figured out LONG ago that that concept is, for wolves, incorrect.

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And no swears! werewolfs not swearwolfs



a very quick happy year of dog from my OCs bailey and laurel! i want to make a better illustration soon but. bailey is chinese. big family of chinese werewolves at lny. it’s a time


One of my favorite parts of What We Do In The Shadows was always the way the werewolf pack was just like, this weird but sweet bro-y support group. 

Lestat, I’ve always wondered: Do different humans taste different? Like, if you happened upon some spilled blood and tasted it, could you tell who it was from provided you’d had blood from them in the past? What about other species? Can you tell if a person is a witch or a werewolf etc, by their blood?

//ooc; I don’t know enough about the science with blood, but in my opinion, yes, humans taste different to vampires based at least partially on that person’s diet, and I headcanon that they do things to affect the flavor when they feel like going to the effort, like getting their victims drunk or aroused or terrified or whatever.


[X Someone has a sweet tooth fang.]

If placed before him, yes, I think Lestat would have to have previously tasted that blood if he’s trying to identify it. And it would have to be somewhat fresh, I would think dead or dried blood loses a lot of its flavor (and it’s pretty unappealing to vampires anyway).

With mortals, Ricean vampires are supposed to have perfect memories, and I do think Lestat has his favorite types of mortals and/or ways to flavor them with specific drinks/foods/ or provoking them into specific emotions, and he has favorite mortals he visits repeatedly for Little Drinks (unbeknownst to them, probably).

Werewolves might have something of the wolf taste in them and that would be noticeable to a vampire as odd for a human. So yes, I think Lestat could tell if someone was a werewolf.

With witches, I think they would fall under the “if Lestat has tasted their blood before, he can identify them,” but I don’t think there is anything specific to witch blood that would let him know it’s a witch, since witches are mortals who practice a religion. I don’t know enough about witches to know if it changes their blood physically, but if it does, vampires would probably notice.