List Of Vampire Movies According To The Mood You’re In To Watch Them



There is a time and place for vampire movies. That time and place is always, and I am going to prove it to you.

This is not a comprehensive list. There are so many vampire movies out there, and I’m still getting through them. This list will be periodically updated as I watch them and am ready to define the exact mood they are in. Many of these movies I have watched multiple times, some of them only once. Some movies I have seen and are not yet on this list because I need to watch them more times to be able to succinctly describe them. 

With that in mind, please start watching vampire movies. I promise you nothing but good things for it.

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favorite vampire movies/series or books?


Dracula, of course. If you dig the epistolary format, I suggest you check The Historian. I am not the biggest fan of the “Stoker’s Dracula is Vlad III” theory/Florescu’s stuff, but the book is still beautiful and the characters are nice and good and very human. Then the “alternate international versions” of Dracula, like Powers of Darkness or Dracula in Istanbul
Let the right one in. This one feels sad, dark and oppressive. I really loved it.
After 90 years. It’s a short novella, but you all should read it if you are into folkloric vampires over modern ones.
Shadow of the Vampire, Byzantium… there’s also a load of good versions of Dracula to choose from. Then there’s Van Helsing, which is my guilty pleasure. 

I’m going to be living in the french quarter for a week in march for work – any recs on places i should visit etc?

Yes! A whole week is plenty of time to wedge in VC location visits around the work-related stuff ;D

FYI in my list, I have things in the French Quarter, the Garden District (you can take the streetcar to get there, or walk, if you have the time/interest, it’s 2.5 miles away), and then outside the city are swamp tours (which I really want to do next time I visit) and the plantation houses (Pointe du Lac!).

These aren’t in any geographical order, just the order I’m thinking of them:

+ Gallier House – A must-visit, this is the flat AR based Rue Royale on. They give tours bc it’s a historical site. It’s not expensive, book in advance. They also have a gift shop and I got a nice necklace there. 


^My estimation of the room assignments bc reasons. Re: “slave quarters,” that’s unfortunately part of the history of that building 😛 but I think by the time L/L were there, those rooms were used for storage bc there’s little closet space in the living quarters, and the maids they hire don’t live with them.

Note: @gairid considers the flat across the street (1127) to be the true home of L/L bc the balcony is much more verdant, and you know Lestat would have all kinds of flora on their balcony! It’s a private residence, though.

+ Oak Alley Plantation – this was used for Pointe du Lac plantation in the movie. It’s a ways away, like 45 min outside NOLA?  Maybe more, but worth the trip! You can pay for the bus tickets and tour package, get there and wander around, there’s food and historical info, highly recommend. Allegedly, Brad Pitt still visits and he stays in one of the guest houses.


Note: They also filmed at neighboring Destrehan Plantation, but I haven’t been there, idk if it’s worth going.

+ Madame John’s Legacy

632 Dumaine St, this is the scene in which a family’s worth of coffins are carried out; Lestat & Claudia had been so gluttonous. This building is sometimes open to the public, the last time I was there they had a cool ceramics exhibition.


+ Jackson Square – mentioned in canon pretty often, you can’t really go to NOLA and not visit.

+ The Cabildo at Jackson Square – I didn’t go in, I think you can. This is where Lestat watches Claudia kill, that same gate is there, you can go hang out in front of it and pretend to watch your vampire daughter kill a victim.



Court of Two Sisters

613 Royal St, I really enjoyed the Sunday brunch, there’s a cute little courtyard with fountains, and live music sometimes. They had this oreo pie that like… dangerous

+ Cafe Du Monde – mentioned in canon, they serve like 2 things, beignets and coffee (nothing super fancy), very affordable, and are almost always crowded, but totally worth it. If you go around the back there’s a window where you can see them making the beignets!

+ Arnaud’s – very good restaurant in the French Quarter

+ Port of Call – 838 Esplanade Ave, stardustschild, I see in your profile that you’re not over 21, but for OTHER ppl reading this post, this is a good place for a go-cup drink ~$10, it’s large and 1 is enough to catch a good buzz.

+ NAPOLEON HOUSE – Muffalettas, po’ boys & other Creole staples in a circa-1914 house with a palm-filled courtyard. @gairid recs the SAZERAC (for the 21+ people reading this post, not you, stardustchild) here.

+ French Market – that’s a pretty standard suggestion so I have to include it but I didn’t think it was all that big of a deal. 

+ Trashy Diva clothing boutique – 

537 Royal St, they have a few locations. I got a great little black velvet jacket here!

+ 2301 and


St. Charles Ave, Garden District

– AR’s childhood homes

– (Not a location really) 1233 COLISEUM ST. – where the Coliseum theatre was in the scene when Louis goes to the movies, it burned down ;A; But that neighborhood is kind of fun to walk around and just look at the nice houses on your way to Lafayette Cemetery. 


+ Commander’s Palace, Garden District

– good restaurant but pricey. I had an elder flower liqueur cocktail that was pretty special there. This restaurant is a favorite of the Mayfair family.


+ 1239 First Street, Garden District – This historic property was for many years Anne Rice’s primary residence. 

+ Mayfair house

, Garden District

 3711 St Charles Ave. Not really as crucial on my own list of locations but still.  @cloudsinvenice had posted: “Anne Rice’s former New Orleans home is back on the market again, as per this article, from which I’ve selected some photos. This is the house that inspired the Mayfair witches’ haunted family home…”


+ Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, Garden District

mentioned in canon, free but only open during daylight hours tho!


St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 – There are tours and I think Nicolas Cage’s very weird pyramid tomb is there, he’s paid for it, and that’s where he plans to be when he’s shuffled off this mortal coil…

+ Bourbon French Parfums

805 Royal St. bc Louis was all about the jasmine and stuff, they have great sets of perfumes and their own concoctions.

+ DeVille Coffee House & Creperie – 2045 Magazine St, I just really like their crepe suzettes ❤

+ New Orleans Pharmacy Museum – I didn’t get to go here but it was on my list. I think it’s like $5 to go.

+ Marie Leveau’s Grave and Voodoo Shop – has cool stuff, like coffin nails!

+ Boutique du Vampyre – 709 ½ St. Anne Street, IIRC I got a cool poison ring here, they have vampiry wares.

… A few additions!

@nixsrebellionoflies​ added: 
may i add that you can go into port of call if youre not 21 and over? they have great burgers and a very interesting aesthetic. you might have to wait a while tho to get in

^Thanks for that! I haven’t tried their burgers myself, now I have to be sure to put that on my list for my next trip 😉

@jeezycreezysuperstar​ added:
Some of the cemeteries are now only open to the public via tour group, just fyi

^RIGHT I forgot about that, it’s a relatively recent rule, within the last few years I think? Partly bc of the vandalism that was happening, and offerings/graffiti on some of the famous tombs like Marie Laveau’s Tomb. But do take a tour if you have the time/money/interest, bc they are informative and spoopy.

I need some atmospheric vampire romances really badly! Canon or AU as long as neither character turns into passive, thoughtless pawn devoid of personality. Can you recommend some fic please? Thank you!

Hello! I’m sorry I’ve held your ask for 2 days, I was thinking about this and trying to come up with a good answer, but you’re probably better off with an answer from @gothiccharmschool, @annabellioncourt, @fyeahgothicromance, @forthegothicheroine, @sanguinivora… if anyone wants to answer @radiatorfromspace about this, please do!

Re: canon or AU, I’m not sure if you’re looking for fanfic or published fic. As far as published fic, tbh I don’t really read other vampire series than VC 😛 I used to read Christopher Pike and Poppy Z. Brite but I barely remember them now. I never actually read Dracula (the h0Rr0r! I am a terrible vampire fan) but from what I understand, it would have the atmosphere you want but may have characters that turn into passive, thoughtless pawns devoid of personality. I think that may be why I’ve struggled to get myself to read it, that’s not my thing, either.

As far as fanfic I mostly read VC fanfic, and I can’t say that any of the fics I’ve read do that to our characters… in canon we do have some vampires who go into a kind of sleep/vegetative states for periods of time (called “going to ground,” and sometimes involves them actually burying themselves and staying underground for years), and one might say that fledgling!Nicolas was a passive, thoughtless pawn devoid of personality when he was first turned, but he snapped out of it when given the right stimulation. So I think sometimes that state is temporary if it’s incorporated into fic.

I also struggle to pick out authors of fanfic bc I can’t think of one that has both the atmosphere and the vampire romance… I feel like most of my fave authors spend SOME time on atmosphere but more time on the characters’ interaction, dialogue, the plot, etc. Our series is pretty heavy with purple prose so we tend to use it sparingly in fanfic.

IF YOU REALLY WANT THAT ATMOSPHERE YOU’LL HAVE TO GO OUR SOURCE. I’d suggest that you read Interview with the Vampire or The Vampire Lestat and JOoooooOOoooooOIN US! ❤ [Me: attempts to steal a very talented fic writer from their fandom into ours]


^It’s a movie but worth mentioning bc I think you’d like it: Only Lovers Left Alive is, in my opinion, an example of an atmospheric vampire romance without shoving the romance down your throat; it’s subtle, but it’s there. Also:

  • Although the characters are pretty sedate most of the time, neither character in the central ship turns into a passive, thoughtless pawn devoid of personality. 
  • I think this would appeal to you bc there’s a lot of tenderness, with a good dose of silliness, too. 
  • It’s got a good mix of spooky + pretty aesthetic, being set in crumbling Detroit, it shows the beauty of things that might look run-down and of little value at first glance. 
  • BONUS: It stars Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston as the main ship and they are A++++ 

^Similarly, there are two adaptations of novel Let the Right One In. I didn’t read the novel, but have heard great things about it, although it is darker and scarier in nature than the adaptations. The first of the 2 adaptaions has the same title as the novel and I think it’s the better of the two. The second one, the American version, is called Let Me In. 

While it’s not a romance between ADULTS, it’s got atmospheric vampire action and I would say that it might fall under a YA kind of romance feeling. I’ve read some of your fic and I really think you’d like this bc it has a lot to say about giving/receiving care, being vulnerable, and those first feelings we get about “I love my friend so much and I am afraid of scaring them off by letting them know, I want to be closer to them but not at the cost of hurting them.”

I hope that helps, again, anyone is welcome to comment/reblog with reccs for @radiatorfromspace!





How can you have lived for so long and still not get it?

Important. Truths. 

(And vampires.)



I’m back here to recommend another movie but this one is way more personal to me. Its Only lovers left alive by Jim Jarmusch.

You know, movies nowadays are more close to people when it comes to representation. You can see all kinds of characters, like them and dislike. Somehow I’ve never came across any movie that shows my type of characters and/or my way of living. However Only lovers left alive did it in a second. 

What about this movie that made it so personal to me? Characters, both of the main characters are related to me, I have a good part of Adam and Eve in my mind. The way of living, hobbies, free time spending, relationships, talking topics, things they admire… This movie is a slice of life, full of calm, 

contemplative look at everythng going around. It’s visually pleasing, everything about it is full of meditation, inner connection. Characters are looking at life like they are in a museum. They share they emotions about every piece of art, is it new music or nature wonders, old buildings or beautiful people… they are very natural to themselves as if nobody is looking.

I loved a philosophy fight between Adam’s dissapointment in life and Eve’s calm admiration of it. I loved that no matter how many death they had around themselves, they are ready to see beauty of life. 

Another thing about this movie that makes it a visual art to me is its cast. I’m a big fan Tilda Swinton and she is gorgeous in this movie. I also watched it because of Tom Hiddleston, and if you liked him in other roles, you will be pleased too. These two actors made a perfect image to me, I find androgyny very beautiful, it’s a blessing to my eyes and this movie delivered it exactly how I needed. 

I didn’t spoil you anything, so I hope it will be interesting to you. The movie is a bit specific: very calm, no plot, no action, no drama or romance… but it’s a beautiful piece of still life, so close to me that I could not help but mention it.

“Life is about surviving things, appreciating nature, nurturing kindness and friendship… and dancing.” [X]

^Also, cute moments like this!

Modern Gothic Novels


The Gothic novel did not disappear with the turn of the previous
century, but instead evolved to reflect the increasing globalization, and to give new perspectives to the villains and supernatural beings that abound in the novels. As well, the Gothic tropes became very common in the new Young Adult genre, but that deserves its own post, Therefore, here are some of the best modern Gothic novels to date.

 Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier (1938)

One of the most famous examples of modern Gothic horror, Rebecca
is a tale of obsession,
mistrust, and psychological torture. There are no ghosts or
supernatural horrors in this novel – the only spectre is that of the
eponymous Rebecca, haunting the protagonist through her servant Mrs.
Danvers. With the eerie trappings of Gothic horror and the additions of the modern world, such as automobiles and proper medical inquests, Rebecca
defined how the Gothic novel would evolve in the twentieth century.

Most similar to: Jane
, Wuthering Heights

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The Haunting of Hill House, by Shirley Jackson (1959)

Shirley Jackson has traumatized
the last three generations with her short story “The Lottery”,
a Gothic in its own right, but her novel The Haunting of
Hill House
is a step past Rebecca, and takes the Gothic novel back into the realm of the supernatural, where it spent the turn of the century. The Haunting involves a scientist, two young women, and the owner of Hill House, trying to unravel the mystery involving the ghosts and the horrors of the house, and how they begin to torment one young woman.

Most similar to: Turn
of the Screw

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Interview With a Vampire, by Anne Rice (1976)

Anne Rice’s novel is infamous among Goths of varying types for
its depiction of grotesquely decadent vampires, flouncing through their afterlife with lacy cravats, temper tantrums, and an excess of fire and blood. Rice took the supernatural Gothic novel and focused it on the Byronic characters, as opposed to focusing on the traditional heroine. Interview With a Vampire is one of the most well-known Gothic novels, though it is Miss A’s personal opinion that it isn’t very good.

Most similar to: Dracula,
the entire life of Lord Byron

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The Woman in Black, by Susan Hill (1983)

Although most people know the movie starring Daniel Radcliffe, the original book came out in the 1980s. It centres around a spectre, the ‘Woman in Black’, who haunts an English village heralding the deaths of children. The protagonist is a young barrister who comes to handle the estate of a deceased woman, but begins to unravel the mystery surrounding the Woman in Black and the secret horrors of the village.

Most similar to: Dracula

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Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (2001)

Taking place just after the Spanish Civil War, Shadow of the Wind follows the life of Daniel Sempere, who finds a book in the Cemetary of Forgotten Books, a secret library in the heart of Barcelona. This book launches him into a decades-old mystery that includes a mysterious, scarred stranger, a haunted mansion, and the tragic death of a beautiful woman.

Most similar to: The Woman in White

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The Thirteenth Tale, by Diane Setterfield (2006)

Following in the trail of Shadow of the Wind
is The Thirteenth Tale,
which returns the Gothic novel to the moors. A favourite of Miss A’s, it center around Margaret Lea, a biographer with a gaping hole in her heart that she cannot fill, and the famous writer Vida Winter, who is dying, and finally ready to tell the truth of her past. Two stories, both with their own ghosts and trappings, play out in this novel. There is a movie of this book, starring Olivia Coleman, Vanessa Redgrave, and Sophie Turner. The movie leaves out a number of the plot-points, and changes the past of Margaret, but keeps the haunting aesthetic of the book.

Most similar to: Agnes Grey,
Jane Eyre, Turn
of the Screw

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What is your favourite modern Gothic novel?

Your doting

Miss A


Here is a list of found footage tapes (from movies or posted on youtube) and creepy videos. Not all of these are real, of course. 

  1. In the Woods: Last footage of a guy walking in the woods. He begins to hear growling sounds. These sounds seem like they are from a human-animal hybrid in pain. At the end something pops out of the bushes, and he runs away. 
  2. No Thorough Road: Video of a group of boys driving around, when odd things begin to occur. Horrifying things that they first treat as a joke but then begin to get genuinely scared about. 
  3. Indonesian Ghost TuyulFootage of a ghost that can only be seen by one person at a time. Two dudes are playing the guitar when and do not sense the tuyul lurking around them. 
  4. Paris Catacombs: Found footage of a guy who was lost in the never ending halls of the Paris catacombs. Some suspect that something else was down there with him. 
  5. Ghost of Henry VIIFound on a security tape is the ghost of Henry VII in Hampton Court. You can make out his apparition floating through the doors. 
  6. V.H.S: A horror film in a found footage style video. They are terrifying and is something I recommend to watch in the dark at 12 a.m 
  7. SlendermanAn enormous stick like figure found climbing the buildings in Russia. Many link it to the urban legend of slender man.
  8. Imaginary Friends: A father decides to play hide and seek with his daughter, but it seems like there’s a third identified player involved. 
  9. The Rake: Some humanoid creature is found climbing around the roof of a man. Needless to say he is extremely creeped out. 
  10. Japanese Haunted Hospital: Part of a Japanese t.v show, in a “found footage” style of the spirits that lurk around a long dead abandoned hospital 

The horror doesn’t stop here. Check out this masterpost of more creepy lists and short films.