Hello! I hope you’re well! I was just curious Lestat mentions in TVL that he was ” the youngest of three who had lived to manhood” We get the name of his oldest brother, but I can’t seem to find them name of his other brother. Do you know whether he is mentioned by name? Many thanks, I hope you have a great day. P.s. I love your blog keep the good work up😊

Bonjour! I’m well, thank u, thanks for the blog lurve! <333

I don’t think his other brother was ever mentioned by name, no 😛

I don’t really love this bit of canon but it’s an interesting explanation; in Blackwood Farm, Lestat says his name is “compounded of the first letter of each of my six older brothers’ names,” so they’d have to have started with L, E, S, or T, bc A was for Augustin. And two of his brothers started with T. 

I was working on a ficlet at one point and wanted to include this unnamed brother, talking about him in a PM with someone, and came up with “Étienne,” which is a French equivalent of Stephen/Steven.

Proooobably it’s bc I headcanon him as looking like Steve Zahn and I CANNOT explain why that is, but I am 99% married to this headcanon.


^This is from Joy Ride.

I think it’s bc he’s somewhat attractive, but only bc of his cartoonish attitudes, very smarmy but simple-minded, seems like the younger of the two brothers, desperate to please the older one, Augustin could easily lead him around, he wouldn’t question being ordered to beat on his younger brother, even if he didn’t take much pleasure in it. 

So the brother’s names (not necessarily in birth order) would be:

  1. L-?
  2. E- (I am really attached to Étienne!??)
  3. S-?
  4. T-?
  5. Augustin
  6. T-?
  7. Lestat
  8. Off-topic but still, I like to think the eighth de Lioncourt was a girl, bc really, 8 boys in a row is unusual. @viaticumforthemarquise named her Mireille, I think *u*

// Hello Lovely! I’ve been reading Blackwood Farm (I picked it up for 3 dollars at a local second-hand book/clothing store) and I am absolutely LOVING it so far. Lestat is pretty funny in it, and I am only like 5 chapters in. Please don’t tell me that it’s considered a dud book because I am gushing over every word lol. #QuinnClub.

I love that

second-hand bookstores exist so good ppl like you can rescue a book from the landfill! ❤ IDK if yours is a hardcover but I love snagging those for a tiny fraction of the price originally printed on their jackets. Some of those prices seemed really insane, y’know? Unnecessarily expensive well i’m not in publishing so maybe those were fair prices then but they felt really unnecessarily expensive on my wallet at the time.


[^X by @vampiredevelopment]

I skimmed the entirety of BF just now, I’m reminded that it’s one of the first of the “I mean, this family runs into problems and it’s ‘Oh, let’s have Lestat [bleep] our way out of it’ ” VC stories. It’s not Lestat’s problem, he’s chaperoning this adventure, and as much as AR tries to get him invested in it, I never really believed her that he would care, so it feels very AU to me. Even though I don’t like it, I don’t consider BF a “dud book,” bc it’s still a good vampire/ghost/supernatural story as-is ;]

So BF is not one of my faves, I’ve only read it once, but I know there are alot of ppl who enjoyed it, there are ppl clamoring for more Quinn on AR’s FB page! I bet they’d join your #QuinnClub.

The Shirley Jackson novel “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” takes place in a house called Blackwood Farm and the uncle’s name is Julian and it pre-dates even Interview with the Vampire. I found it very interesting…


Hmmmmmm très intéressant…

takemetocoffin-or-losemeforeverThe good side of pronouncing Lestat in the non-Germanic way is that you can make stupid puns with the determiner “les” in French. And that’s priceless.

More seriously, since I saw the movie before reading the books, I pronounce the final “T” of Lestat, while it’s usually not the case in French. So, theoretically, in modern French, the pronunciation would be something like “lesta”. But it sounds kinda silly, and there is an awful lot of exceptions to the “t” rule. Furthermore, “Lestat” hugely looks like the Occitan word “estat”, prononced “S-taT”. And guess where Occitan, an old language still used nowadays, is spoken? In south France, which include Auvergne. So, in a very twisted way, “LestaT” as an old french name is making sense. At least if you accept the idea that “the state” is a decent name for a person.

OuO very informative. 

AR says it was a typo of Lestan, “Le,” French for “The,” + “Stan” for her husband, Stan Rice, and the typo with the “T” stuck. In a way, Uncle Lestan is actually how AR intended his name to be. 

In canon, Lestat explains in Blackwood Farm that his name is just the first letters of his siblings’ names:

“What an unusual name, Lestat,” she returned. “Does it have a meaning?”

“None whatsoever, Madam,” Lestat answered. “If memory serves me right, and it does less and less, the name’s compounded of the first letter of each of my six older brothers’ names, all of whom – the brothers and their names – I grew up to cheerfully and vigorously despise.”

^This could work, but we only know one of his brother’s names, Augustin.

Discussing this with viaticumforthemarquise-archive… maybe Augustin (or one of Lestat’s brothers) told him that just to hurt his feelings, like “YOU ARE SO WORTHLESS THAT AT BIRTH OUR PARENTS COULD ONLY MUSTER THE CREATIVITY TO TAKE A LETTER FROM EACH OF OUR NAMES” *SLAPS*

Lestat: *screaming internally*

They told him this at a young age … and he never questioned it ;A;

I liked this headcanon for Lestat’s naming, by viaticumforthemarquise-archive.


“I was a sad,lonely kid when I found the VC. I found beautiful characters that were sad & lonely too; who felt wrong about who they were but were learning to live & love anyway. I saw myself in them & as I grew to love them, I grew to love myself too.” 

There are wonderful things in these characters and stories, I’ve definitely found more than one quote especially useful in my formative years. What are some of your favorite quotes/concepts? I’ve always loved this one:

“But you love books, then,” Aunt Queen was saying. I had to listen.
“Oh, yes,” Lestat said. “Sometimes they’re the only thing that keeps me alive.”
“What a thing to say at your age,” she laughed.

“No, but one can feel desperate at any age, don’t you think? The young are eternally desperate,” he said frankly. “And books, they offer one hope – that a whole universe might open up from between the covers, and falling into that new universe, one is saved.” – Blackwood Farm

Hi, I’m fairly new to The Vampire Chronicles fandom, and the books actually (a bit before my time) and I was just wondering about your opinion on Blackwood Farm and Blood Canticle as I have heard some negativity around them, I have only read the first two books (twice over) as I wait for QotD to arrive in the post. Do you think I will like the rest of the series?

Bonsoir, welcome (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

First of all I have to say the entire series is sort of jokingly – and endearingly – called the Vampire Crackicles. The crazy is a big part of why we enjoy it. Dysfunctional vampires! The first 3-4 books in the series seem to be the more highly regarded, VC-fandom-wide, maybe bc the crazy was better woven in. We all have our differences in opinion as to what we consider to be canon after that.


Do I think you’ll like the rest of the series? I don’t know what you liked specifically about the first 2 books, but if you did like them enough to reread them, you must also enjoy the sense of humor that’s mixed in with the angst, the love, the overall crazy! 

Short answer is give it all a chance, read it in order, and decide for yourself, it’s meant to be fun, it’s not a religion ;]

For more on Blackwood Farm and Blood Canticle, clickez ici:

The books you mentioned have earned a negative reputation partly because they are involved with the crossover of the Mayfair Witches series, and introduced a whole bunch of new characters, when the fandom craved more about the already established characters (like Daniel Molloy!) and that the plots of those stories didn’t seem as engaging as in the first 3-4 books (at least for me, because they were maybe too ambitious or not structured in a more believable way).

Blackwood Farm focuses on a new set of characters (including a few of AR’s Mayfair Witches, it’s one of the 3 books that makes the crossover of the two series) than in IWTV, TVL, or QotD. It’s got some very interesting mythology and you do have Lestat being Lestat, but he’s been through alot at this point in canon and is not the same throw-caution-to-the-wind lovable moron that he was previously. He’s got a gentleness and a snappiness about him. 

Blood Canticle is very cracky bc it’s further down the Mayfair Witches crossover story. Now Lestat has very strange religious grappling. It was meant to be the very last VC and you can see Anne Rice tried to pack in as much excitement and fireworks as possible. Sometimes this ended up making the story jump the shark.

Hey Burnadette, do you or your followers know of any fanfic featuring Petronia? She’s such a great character that the other night I found myself considering re-reading Blackwood Farm just to spend more time with her, and that was a bad book that did badly by her. Sigh. I’d appreciate any pointers!

Petronia is a great character! That would be a good reason for a BF reread.

I haven’t seen any fic featuring her, myself, so I’ll throw this out to the fandom. 


BTW thanks for that Hannibal/Lestat crossover fic link! It’s gr9!

“But you love books, then,” Aunt Queen was saying. I had to listen.
“Oh, yes,” Lestat said. “Sometimes they’re the only thing that keeps me alive.”
“What a thing to say at your age,” she laughed.

“No, but one can feel desperate at any age, don’t you think? The young are eternally desperate,” he said frankly. “And books, they offer one hope-that a whole universe might open up from between the covers, and falling into that new universe, one is saved.”

Lestat (via fuckyeahlestat)