can there be a thing called self insert day where everybody just draws themselves hanging out with their fave fictional characters and we all have a collective party so nobody feels self-conscious about posting self insert fanart online

omg this is gaining rapid notes and everybody seems so pumped for this. Can I pick a day and we actually do this?? um. um. How about June 27&28? Self insert weekend!!! that gives ppl three weeks to prepare!! (tag things as #self insert weekend if you actually do it cuz I wanna see your guys’ drawings hehe)

Prompt 84, Louis/Lestat: “I’ve been praying for you.”


If he was aware he was being watched, he gave no indication as he searched the well stocked shelves filled with classics and pulp junk alike. While he often humored Lestat by wearing the finery bought for him, he still preferred worn sweaters and tattered trousers. The cuffs of his sleeves were frayed and his pants were baggy and soft, something he must have stashed away and wore when alone.

Lestat couldn’t help the smile as he watched Louis pluck a thin paperback from the shelf and toss himself into a plush armchair. A picture perfect moment of thought and calm.

“I’ve been praying for you.” Louis said, not looking up from his book, startling Lestat from his place in the door way.

“Oh? Since when do you pray?”

“Occasionally, when there is something of significance to be concerned about.”

Lestat walked to the other armchair and plopped across from his lover.

“And what,” he rested his elbow on the arm of the chair and chin in palm, “are you concerned about?” He almost laughed at Louis’ raised eyebrow.

“What don’t I have to be concerned about with you?” he allowed a small smirk over the top of his book.

Curbing his giggles, Lestat rested his head in his palm and asked, “who do you pray to?”

Louis idly flipped a page, “no one. I just,” he struggled to put it into words and flipped another page, “talk to the universe. A basic plea to whatever there may be for peace.”

Lestat pondered, “does it ever talk back?”

Louis shrugged, “no. I just like to do it. Like when a person repeats please when playing a game of chance. They aren’t really talking to someone and no one is listening, but they do it anyway.”

“And you do this for me?” Lestat pulled himself out of his chair and slid over to Louis, kneeling at his feet, crossed his arms and rested them on the other’s lap. Louis pretended not to notice Lestat though he did smile.

“Occasionally,” he let one hand fall off the book and into Lestat’s hair, “especially when you refuse to behave.”

Lestat snorted, and tilted his head to get more of Louis’ fingers against his scalp.

“I know, I can be just awful sometimes.”

He could feel Louis sigh and made a point to exaggerate a pout when Louis finally looked down, earning a laugh and a tug to his hair.

“Yes, you can be an outright bastard sometimes.” Louis regarded him before cupping his cheek, “but you try.” He bent at the waist and place a tender kiss to Lestat’s forehead.

“Ah, beautiful one, thank you for loving me anyway.”


Headcanon about Louis as a pet owner 

So although Lestat’s relationship with Mojo is touching, I personally like to think that Louis would also love to keep pets, though he’s definitely not the sweet and cuddle pet owner like Lestat. So I can say, with 100% confidence, that Louis would absolutely love to keep lizards or other reptiles! I personally think he’d do best with geckos or other small lizards, but tbh it would warm my heart to see him with a little tortoise or snake as well. 

In all seriousness, though, reptiles are the best because they’re quiet, require minimum maintenance/interaction, but are still cute and sweet to play with. Also they’re coldblooded like him, so I can just imagine him lowkey pressing his hands against the cage for warmth sometimes. 

Also headcanon that Louis likes to just sorta lounge around the house with his lizard pals on his shoulder or chest, and they like to sit right over his heart to feel his heartbeat, or burrow against his neck right after he feeds to feel the warmth there.

Lestat absolutely hates them and thinks that they’re weird and squirmy, and has threatened to feed them to the neighbor’s cat on multiple occasions. Louis, on the other hand, is very defensive of them. 

He also takes super good care of them, and has a huge cage with the most expensive decor. He personally goes out into the garden to catch bugs for them to eat (they don’t have to eat every night, and it isn’t much of a hassle with his vampire sense anyway), and hand feeds them. 

Anyway yeah that’s it. Thank you for taking the time to consider Lizard Louis (and thank you to @claudiasashes and @i-want-my-iwtv for encouraging this crack). Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. 



one thing me n my art loving gf would do is visit galleries and play a game called “root, loot or boot” 

the gist is that you would look at a group of paintings in a room and decide which figure in the painting you’d root (fuck, in Australian slang), which painting you’d loot (steal and put on your wall at home) and which painting you’d boot (punt into the garbage because it’s shit and Not Art)

a couple of things about my experiences:

1. this game is a lot more fun if you’re attracted to women because there’s so many Hot Gals to choose from 

2. if you are attracted to men, you will spend a lot of time going “well, looks like I’ll have to pick jesus again” as my bi gf did

3. it gets more complicated in modern art museums and you find yourself having saying, “I’d fuck the rhombus” “you CAN’T fuck the rhombus” “then I’ll fuck that blue squiggle thing. what’s it called?” “creeping existential dread in blue” “then does that mean I’m fucking the squiggle or am I getting fucked by the existential dread it represents?” “aren’t we all already getting fucked by existential dread?”

4. if you play this with an art history nerd, they may decide to kill you over one of your “boot” choices

5. you will get Disapproving Looks from other patrons who overhear your heated debates

6. it’s also the best fun you’ll ever have in an art gallery

hook me up with one of them prostitute/client au’s


Absolutely everything had been typical up to the point of Louis arriving at the predetermined rendezvous point, but well bred nerves danced about his shoulders anyway in the familiar icy electricity that had kept him alive and relatively unharmed during every paid tryst he’d attempted. These were the same nerves that saved ancestors walking down muddy colonial streets on a dark night. The same that shivered in the woods when the fire was in sight but the warmth too far away. Well bred nerves.

But now they had been short circuited, as the client who greeted him at the suite looked like nothing to fear at all. Not at first. Doors opened on beguilingly large eyes, a small face he had to tilt his chin down to look at, and someone who looked decided unlike any client he’d had before. At once he leaned back and doubled checked the number but-

“You’re in the right place, come in.”

Louis didn’t lean forward and instead turned his head away, looking down the hall and then side ways at the young man in the door before glancing past him and into the suite for any sign of a set up.

“Louis, come in.”

The man at the door grabbed him by the wrist and when their gazes met those big brown eyes went wide, like he’d only just caught sight of him. Usually Louis would wrench his hand away if grabbed like that before any ground rules had been stated, but those nerves of his were still dazed and he failed to do anything except stand and stare.

“There we are, come in it won’t take long.” The young man pulled him through the door into the hotel suite and nothing was out of place except for the duvet and a game system thrown atop the mussed sheets. A pizza box was open and picked over, MarioKart’s title screen trilled from the television, outside the window he could see the part of the Venetian across the street, glittering in the night as Las Vegas hotels were wont to do. Louis was stunned still and began quickly wondering just what all he was going to get busted for in this very obvious sting.

The young man let him go and then stood back, gesturing at himself. He was dressed nicely, black suit, as if he really were going out and needing a companion for the evening as his messages had stated. However, his tie was undone and he gestured at this. “Tie this for me, would you?”

Louis obligaged and the entire time he was looking between his shaking fingers and the unfettered stare of the young, very young, man who was watching him work with perfect concentration. When tied up properly he tucked the tie into his vest and then buttoned the second button on his three button suit. He turned and looked into the mirror in the suite’s foyer.

“Excellent, thank you.” He fished into his pants pocket and dropped a wad of 20’s into Louis’ hand without looking back from the mirror. “You’re dismissed.”
Louis wasn’t sure what to make of anything and his brow knit in the middle with a severe case of the elevens.

The man, ‘Armand’ if Louis went off the names he signed his messages with, pursed his lips and looked at his call boy’s reflection in the mirror.

“Unless you still want to join me, and I’m not going to be offended if you do or don’t. I’m bringing along a stronger magnet this time,” he began with incoherent order and further confusing Louis. “Which should make collecting coins in the Bellagio fountain that much easier. An assistant to help me collect samples without drawing attention will be useful. You can distract as I extract.”

What would someone with wads of twenty dollar bills want with a couple of coins flicked into a fountain? Much less in a three piece suit and a tie he couldn’t even tie himself.

As Louis would discover with Armand on their many, many trips out, there was a lot of hypocrisy. Namely, that he paid for the attention of a man who found him charming enough to be around for free.

ihad a dream last night that i went to a diner(like applebees or macados)with Armand and mystery friends of his. Whilewe were waiting for food,isaw a picture ofArmand on the wall and pointed it out to him,prompting him to leave the restaurant with his friends. Ichased after them but he was angry and wheni caught up he grabbed a random kid off the street and dumped fireants(from where?his pockets?)on him and told me to leave them alone even though i was their friend i thought. It was so weird lol

That was a wild ride from start to finish, Anon, lol.


Armand would HAAAATE being compared to some fast food restaurant picture… 

Person: Hey Armsy
Person: ARMSY
Armand: Yes what
P: That poster looks like you!
A: *looks*
A: No it doesn’t
P: Yes, it does! The hair is even parted the same!
A: That’s a girl. A girl child.
P: But you look like her, don’t you?

A: No, I do NOT.
P: I’m just saying, smile like that…
A: *storms out*

… Armand dumps fireants on a random person bc reasons.

#Fanart request #Fanfic request

I’ve seen your most recent post. Is Festivus an actual thing, and if so, what’s it about?

[Anon refers to this post] Oh gosh, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but Festivus is not a real holiday! But it is endearing, and I think there are ppl who practice it anyway.


Wiki explains it better than I can, and you really should try to watch the


episode about it:

Festivus is a secular holiday celebrated on December 23 as an alternative to the pressures and commercialism of the Christmas season. Originally a family tradition of scriptwriter Dan O’Keefe, who worked on the American sitcom Seinfeld, Festivus entered popular culture after it was made the focus of the 1997 episode “The Strike.”

The customary practices are: 

1) Festivus pole
2) Festivus dinner
3) Airing of Grievances


4) Feats of Strength
5) Festivus miracles

And I would love to see a VC fic/fanart with any of that involved 😉













Concept: The VC fandom on Tumblr writes a new VC Companion collectively 

#most of it is just whether marius is mostly into red velvet jeans or jeggings


You think he’s a cord kinda guy huh?


But consider this then. Socks in sandals? 

P sure romans wore socks in their sandals when cold soooo

I know y’all can’t behave and this devolved into trolling after 3 minutes BUT HONESTLY LEGIT I would love it if we could get one of the Pop Culture & Philosophy books published with Tumblr-Quality Meta. That would be good. Let’s do that.

I am overcome with the idea of Marius wearing red velvet short pants (a la Angus Young) and mandals and socks 😂.

Oh my actual god

^I am so on board for this!

Marius wpuld rock every toga-party and you know it.

Omg raph. I am so glad marius’ slanket is a thing now.

The one true dark gift 



In case anyone gets stuck on their @vcsecretgifts or if the holidays are getting you down in general I put some prompts together to push you along! Big thanks to @superhiki for donating the cute artwork. 😀 Write some fics! Draw some stuff! GIVE US THE DARKEST GIFTS! 

Bonus points for sneaking in sweaters (cozy or ugly or otherwise, possibly knitting it themselves?!) and mistletoes (imagine your OTP!), and you will absolutely win my heart if someone gets the Replimoids hammered at the Christmas party. I HC that they make good alcohol conduits. Make it happen.

Tag it #DarkXmasGift so I can stalk you, thanks. 

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