For some reason, I think Lestat would belt out No Excuses by Meghan Trainor. (It’s ok to tell me if I’m wrong.)

AGREE. It falls under #music Lestat motorcycles to, I think it’d totally pump him up ^______^  #HEADCANON ACCEPTED.


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“Why do you say such things?”

I think
it’s my favorite scene in the movie, because it’s the one where – when you are
blank of later stories portrayal – you realize that Lestat is not this
one-dimensional villain. This scene is so symptomatic of his attitude:
first he’s all flame and rage, then he casts a bard, and
while fiercely smiling over his “victory”, he already regrets what he just said.
He does have a conscience, whatever kind of nasty or stupid things he can come up with, and he’s genuinely affected and
struggled by what he’s inflicting on his loved ones. He’s without any shadow of a doubt an unbearable brat, but also so much more than that. It’s not that this
dork has no affection for Louis and Claudia – he indubitably does – it’s just
than he doesn’t know how to hold a close/family relationship without being sometimes unfair and/or cruel.

Big shout
out for Kristen Dunst and Tom Cruise here, by the way. They are both amazing.

I always think the look on Lestat’s face here is him realizing is that he genuinely doesn’t have an answer for Claudia’s question. Even he doesn’t know why he acts the way he does. I think he sincerely does want them to be a happy family, and yet he’s continually the one getting in the way of that by treating Louis and Claudia does. Even here, he’s obviously touched and happy at the idea of making peace with Claudia – “We forgive each other, then?” – and yet he instinctively still twists the knife in with what he says to her. He’s making himself miserable almost as much as Louis and Claudia, but he can’t seem to just snap out of it and be a genuinely good father or partner. And deep down, I don’t think he even really understands why he’s doing it.

It’s a question for the audience to think about too, I think – why does he do it? I think when you know his backstory, you have to wonder if on some level he associates love with being hurt, and he’d rather be the one hurting others than getting hurt again. Or maybe he just literally has no idea how to have a healthy relationship or a healthy family, since the family he grew up with was horribly abusive and he hasn’t really had any positive relationships since then. (His mother and Nicki are the two possible exceptions to that, but they both came with some serious complications and ultimately dysfunction.) None of this excuses the way he acts in any way, of course – it just is interesting to think about how he became the way he is.




Another typical evening at the Rue Royale.

The (Forever) Young and the Restless, coming soon on IWTV.



La vérité sort toujours de la bouche des enfants – [Children tell the truth]



I love your memeything! They r so funny and creative! Keep going! <333

Thanks! Much appreciated. Here’s an oldie but a goodie for ya…


I’ll try to keep making fresh ones, buuuut… I bet I have some old ones you haven’t seen in my #memeything tag, and also! The #vintage meme tag has a few that inspired me to start making my own.

…..aaaaand these ppl make VC memes! Check theirs out, I might have some of their memes mixed into my #by someone else tag (in no special order):

If anyone knows of other blogs that do VC memes/memeythings, reblog/comment plz.

Why do I call them memeythings?? Well, when I started making them, I wasn’t sure if they really counted as “memes” bc “memes” as I understood them, had to be some widely-accepted joke first… text from somewhere else, so I called mine memeythings instead, bc I did some of my own “writing” for them, like this “boop your nose” one, but now it’s normal to make up your own text or grab text from anywhere and it counts as a “meme,” I think. I still like the word, tho, so I’m keeping it. 

ideal vampire chronicles movie: just two hours of the main cast of vc roasting each other

A+ 14/10 idea! Since we probably won’t get that…

We do have these gr9 fanvideos, and there are more VC pardoy vids out there, but here’s just a few… If you like them, reblog from the X’s, too!

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To Louis and/or Lestat: what lullabies would you sing to Claudia?

♛We did sing to her, lullabies of our own childhood that we could remember. These were obscure songs known only to our caregivers, we both had nurses in childhood – neither of our mothers sang to us, although Louis recalls now that his sister sometimes sang to his brother when he was very young.

But if we really wanted her to fall asleep, a better solution was for me to play her a piece on harpsichord or piano while Louis held her, bundled up in her favorite blanket, and brushed her hair. She’d be out cold in minutes. 

Or even something more lively like this piece:

//ooc; IDK what song the 2nd video’s song is. 

We’re not too sure of what lullabies exist now that they might have sung to Claudia… but @takemetocoffin-or-losemeforever shared this piece, apparently from Louisiana:

How do you pronounce your name, dear Prince? A friend of mine insists the A sound should be more nasal-y and Midwestern-sounding; ‘les-STAT’; I personally always thought it’d be more French-like; ‘less-DOT’; are either of us even remotely correct?

//ooc: Mun’s going to take this one bc I know there’s some debate about his name, and part of the confusion is bc

in movie!IWTV it is pronounced more like “Les-CAT” with a somewhat softened second T, and there’s canon that has him indicating that alternate, “less-DOT” wackiness. 

My headcanon is that he prefers the “Les-CAT” version, in especially domestic moments, Louis will call him “ ‘Stat,” which, incidentally, is also the abbreviation for a medical emergency, which they both find humorous.

I just cut a random set of three shots w/ different characters pronouncing his name; Claudia, Louis, and Armand: I even did subtitles theses are the lengths I go to for you!

IIRC, we don’t actually see Lestat say his own name in the movie, but he presumably told Louis and Claudia how he prefers it. 

Personally, I prefer the IWTV film adaptation version, it feels warmer to me than that harsh “DOT.” AR was involved with that adaptation so she could have made a point to have it pronounced however she wanted, and Neil Jordan had worked with her very closely, so I doubt he would have overrode her on that but it’s possible he decided it should be pronounced differently to how she preferred.

IIRC, the books don’t actually indicate the pronunciation until several books in, and many ppl do not consider these later books canon anyway, but here’s a quote re: his name’s pronunciation:

From Blackwood Farm (2002), when asked his name: “ ‘Lestat, Madam,’ he answered, pronouncing it “Les-dot,” with the accent on the second syllable.“

TBH I wouldn’t even consider a native French speaker a total authority on this since “Lestat” was an invented name which came from Anne’s husband’s name, Stan, with “Le” added to the front for “The,” and she has said that she intended for the name to be “Lestan” but made a typo and VOILA! we have “Lestat.” So it’s not a name that’s really based on Frenchness other than the “Le.”

ANYWAY here’s an older post with some more thoughts on his name… and one of our fandom’s native French speakers (who is also a language teacher!), @takemetocoffin-or-losemeforever, even made a video pronouncing Louis’s name (and Lestat’s!):

So it’s up to you how you want to pronounce it but I go with movie!IWTV.