Various renditions of The Birth of Venus.
(Sandro Botticelli, Alexandre Cabanel, Francois Boucher, William Adolphe Bouguereau, Henri Gervex, Fritz Zuber-Buhler, Eduard Steinbruck)

For cosplay reasons, I need to know who has red hair and looks the youngest in The Vampire Chronicles. (I’m a girl, and I really would like to cosplay as someone. I’m on Queen Of The Darned. And if there is someone, please describe them for me.) Thank you!

We have *~several~* redheaded characters to choose from, anon! Age is relative tho, there’s youngest in actual years, then there’s youngest in appearance.

****Opening my overcoat to reveal the gingers****

The Vampire Armand 

He’s probs your best bet, being the youngest in appearance, he was turned into a vampire when he was 17. He’s one of the main characters and pretty easily recognizable even to ppl outside VC fandom. He’s over 400 yrs old now. Other characters often compare him to the youths in Botticelli’s paintings; so pretty, he mentions that he’s mistaken for being a girl at least once in his mortal life.


[^Portrait of a Young Man 3., Botticelli, and I think the expression is very Armand, he’s pretty much the sassy teen of the series but as grumpy as an old man]  

I would never be anything but the seventeen-year-old boy you see now… [but] I am not a waif and never have been. I am a strong child. – Armand, The Vampire Armand


^X @amadeo-child-of-the-renaissance found this, another Botticelli angel Armand, with a face that’s more canon-compliant IMO 😉 AR bases Armand off these Botticelli angels and they have varying straight and curly hair, usually wavy at least.

Armand’s hair is described as curly when he was mortal and when he was a fledgling, so I think that’s the natural state of it.

Armand can be dapper or grungey depending on his mood, so the crucial aspect is really his hair, and if you want extra credit, you may want to carry a blender around, that’s sort of the fandom joke about him and Daniel going nuts over blending stuff in QOTD.

Here’s some Armand cosplayers (they’re mixed into that link) you might wanna check out 😉

Other redheads in the series… bc I don’t wanna hide the rare VC ladies under a cut! NO CUTS WE LONG POST LIKE MEN

Jesse Reeve


^I’m not wild about her portrayal in the QOTD movie but anyways… she’s a little over 30 when she’s turned, and it was 1985, so she is technically younger in age than Armand. He will always look younger than her, tho. 

Cosplaying Jesse Reeve would involve smtg about her being a Talamascan, maybe, or carrying Claudia’s diary? She finds it in QOTD.

Maharet and Mekare

^The redhaired twins. You might go to @redhairedtwin​, a Maharet RPer, for descriptions of the twins. 


^X Maharet (left) and kid!Jesse (right) in the QOTD movie. I headcanon Maharet and Mekare as being younger in appearance than we see Maharet in the movie, but idk right now how old they were when they were turned (I don’t have my books to check either). Early 20′s, early adulthood, I think. Maharet and Mekare are technically the oldest on this list but they might look the same age or younger than Jesse.

Cosplaying one of the twins means a bloody mouth or bloody eyes.



^poor Madeleine in the the IWTV movie barely had any screentime, she got a little more in the book, but she’s rarely mentioned in later canon. Louis’ first fledgling, made to take care of Claudia so he can go bang Armand move on with his afterlife. She’s a more obscure character, but she’s A REDHEAD SO SHE COUNTS!

If you want to cosplay her, carrying a doll that looks like Claudia, or wearing a locket with a portrait of a Claudia look-alike, that’d be a good accessory 😉

I think that’s all the relevant redheads in VC, but if anyone can think of more, feel free to reblog and add!



“Don’t do this, they’re innocent. Don’t kill them. Don’t.” No matter how loud I cried out I could hear the dying cries of the boys who burned, Amadeo, save us, whether there were words to the final terror or no. Finally all the living took up this chant. “Amadeo, save us!” but their band was not halved and soon only a fourth remained, squirming and struggling, as they were finally heaved up to the unspeakable death.
[…] I called their names. At the top of my lungs, I called out: “In Heaven, my brothers, in Heaven, you go into the arms of God!” – tVA p.273



BIANCA SOLDERINI the murderous courtesan, Marius & Amadeo’s lover

They took me to the home of the slender and beautiful courtesan, Bianca Solderini, a lithesome and incomparable charmer, with Botticelli-style wavy locks and almond shaped gray eyes and a generous and kindly wit. I was the fashion in her house whenever I wanted to be, among the young women and men there who spent hours reading poetry, talking of the foreign wars, which seemed endless, and of the latest painters and who would get what commission next.
Bianca had a small, childlike voice which matched her girlish face and tiny nose. Her mouth was a mere budding rose. But she was clever, and indomitable. She turned away possessive lovers coldly; she preferred that her house be full of people at all hours. Anyone in proper dress, or carrying a sword, was admitted automatically.
                 Almost no one but those who wanted to own her were ever turned away.

good evening, i have some kind of headcanon ask for you! so, Armand became a vampire as teenager, and probably looks very young (due to vampire beauty, or something… i remember he was described like this, but maybe it was translation). do you think that he was even stopped by the police and asked why is he alone so late in the night, warning him of the dangers and proposing to give him a ride home? sorry, i don’t know if it happens in USA, but it happened to me and my friends quite some times.

That’s good that the police are concerned for your safety and have offered to give you & your crew a safe ride home! Yes, I would think that Armand does get this kind of interaction,

more because if the fact that he was under 21 when he was turned and not so much bc of the vampire beauty (from TVA):

I would never be anything but the seventeen-year-old boy you see now… [but] I am not a waif and never have been. I am a strong child.



^Portrait of a Young Man 3., Botticelli]

Even if he looked “strong,” I’m an adult and it would concern me to see a 17 year old out in a bar late at night, too! I wouldn’t approach him myself, but I might worry that he’s in danger and alert a staff member. From my experience in many states in the US, it is a liability for a bar or club to have underage people even in their building, so most don’t even allow underage people in at all. 

Armand probably has a big deck of fake ID’s that say he’s 21, though, and some people really do look younger than they are… combine that with his Mind Whammy abilities, so I’m sure he gets in wherever he wants.

As we’re on Botticelli, I have to say that I always associate Armand with Botticelli’s St. Sebastian! Fits with his backstory & there’s something inhumane (preternatural, to use anne’s word, lol) about that Seb, calmly flirting with the viewer while bleeding to death.

That’s a good one for Armand, too! Yeah, he seems preternaturally chill considering he’s riddled with arrows…how does he not feel them??! (I mean yes he’s an illustration but still)


Sandro Botticelli: Saint Sebastian, 1474. 

With his martyrdom in progress, the young saint fixes the viewer with a firm, serene gaze. The facial expression, conveying belief in victory over Death, underscores the trust placed at the time in Saint Sebastian that he would protect people from the Bubonic plague.


There are many depictions of this subject, apparently! I really like Reni’s here.


Guido Reni’s Saint Sebastian, “probably one of the most famous, probably because the martyr’s placid expression conveys the idea that he’s already halfway in Heaven. [X] This looks more angelic to me, more like my headcanon of Armand. BTW, who shoots a guy in the armpit?? Gross. RUDE. Gross and rude.


^And I knew that looked familiar, the Reni version was used for the cover of Violin! Which I didn’t read… but I should, right? 


^[X] Similarly, here’s one by Andrea Mantegna. Who shoots a guy in the head like this??? Like, at first I thought it was one arrow going thru his face, but there are two arrows there, a forehead arrow and an under-the-chin arrow, it’s just awkward, gross, and rude.


^[X] Sculpture of Saint Sebastian by Antonio Giorgetti (1672). One of my faaaave fanfic writers used this re: their Lestat, and I hope they write more, as they’ve said they are trying to! But anyway, this reminds me of when Lestat was in a coma ;A;

There’s a painting that looks like this and they used it for the cover of Blood & Gold and I know I’m going to have to post about that.

Full shot of Botticelli’s St. Seb under the cut, cut for length.


^He doesn’t look like he’s in any pain at all, really. More like he’s really proud of himself. Very Armand. #CONCEAL DONT FEEL.

Oh, I have a question about the hair thing! Armand’s hair keeps changing… in IWTV Louis says it’s straight, in QoTD Khayman says it’s straight, but then it’s definitely curly TVA (and I think in TVL as well?). Do you think different characters perceive it differently, or Anne can’t remember/make up her mind? Or, given curling irons weren’t invented yet, maybe it’s straight but sometimes he sleeps in his coffin in curlers…

Let’s be real here, AR probably forgot how she had described it or hadn’t decided on how it should be, bc IIRC it’s only those two instances in all of canon that it’s described as straight, and those were in books 1 and 3, while she might still have been developing him as a character. 

 IIRC, Armand’s hair is described as curly when he was mortal and when he was a fledgling, so I think that’s the natural state of it. I don’t recall him ever mentioning straightening it, but when it’s mentioned in IWTV, it’s the 1970′s, and in QOTD, it’s the 1980′s, so he had access to straightening products if he felt like straightening his hair.


^X @amadeo-child-of-the-renaissance found this, another Botticelli angel Armand 😉 AR bases Armand off these Botticelli angels and they have varying straight and curly hair.


Primavera by Botticelli, painted ca. 1482, vs. the first US cover of The Vampire Armand, published 1998.

WHILE WE’RE ON THIS BOTTICELLI TOPIC. I was thinking about the cover for TVA, and a quick google turned out that was ALSO a Botticelli youth! I don’t know how much input, if any, AR had in this cover design. But it’s a Botticelli so we have to assume whoever pulled the trigger on it knew smtg about AR’s affection for Botticelli, especially as applied to describing Armand.

I tried to put it back into the painting, it had to be flipped twice and rotated a bit…


^IDK about the colors, it does look like the TVA cover made his skin a little rosier, but I’m not sure that Wiki had the right colors for their version. The Wiki article says this person is Mercury. 

What does it mean that it was flipped upside down and backwards from its original context? What does the cropping off of the helmet mean? Any other thoughts?

Hello, sorry to bother you if you’ve seen this before, but I just found Botticelli’s Portrait of a Young Man for the first time, and his expression reminds me of Armand even more than the angel paintings! Maybe how Armand stares and stares at people lol. Hope you have a nice day!

My day was very good, thank u! Hope yours was/is, too. 

I looked for the painting and I found 3, there are probably even more than that… thanks for pointing these out to me, I hadn’t seen them before, I can definitely see some Armand in each of them. 

In all of them I see the “spun amber” hair thing, as David Talbot being a borderline perv including touching him w/o asking first describes Armand in TVA:

“Your hair’s like something spun from amber, as if the amber would melt and could
be drawn from candle flames in long fine airy threads and let to dry that way to make
all these shining tresses. You’re sweet, boylike and pretty as a girl. I wish I had one
glimpse of you in antique velvet the way you were for him, for Marius. I wish I could
see for one moment how it was when you dressed in stockings and wore a belted
doublet sewn with rubies. Look at you, the frosty child. My love doesn’t even touch

Apply that description to these:


^Portrait of a young man holding a medallion. Altho this one doesn’t resemble Armand to me, it reminded me of his painting the ikons in the caves. “Yeah this took me maybe a half hour… commissions are closed.” Bonus points for the subtle trompe-l’œil effect of his finger sort of out of the frame like that.


^Portrait of a Young Man 3. This is more physically Armand to me, and of the attitude of Armand, who has perfected the very difficult to achieve front-facing side-eye expression. He’s also throwing a gang sign, is that a W for west coast or an E for east coast? Armand is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.


^Portrait of a Young Man. This one has awesome hair, all swirled like that. You might call this portrait boring at first glance but if you give it more of a chance, it has a haunting effect. Is he leaning forward a little? It seems like it. This is more of the coven master face to me than the other two. “If there were a leader… I would be the one.”