Louis feasting on a succulent rat while looking like the saddest vampire in all the world

I like this as an Aesthetic post and will reblog separately w/o commentary but you hit one of my #vampire physiology buttons, so let me add:

I gotta redo the math on how many rats Louis would have had to consume on a nightly basis. I did it once or twice and it was ridiculous. Bc if you calculate:

I) People blood needed for a fledgling vampire:

  • I can’t remember where it’s mentioned in TVL, but I’m p sure that Lestat killed 3 ppl/night (full grown adult humans) as a fledgling*, and that’s 1.2 to 1.5 gallons of blood per person.** 
  • So that’s 1.35 gallons x 3 = 4.05 gallons of blood. PER NIGHT.

II) Rat blood needed for a fledgling vampire:

  • One New York City rat (the biggest city rat I can think of atm) was found weighing in at 675 grams. 7% of that is blood, so that’s 47.5 grams of blood per rat.
  • I used an online converter to calculate that 4.05 gallons = 15330.9 grams.
  • 15330.9 grams (total blood needed) ÷ 47.5 grams (1 rat) = 322.75 rats.

III) Conclusion:

‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’

LIKE. I don’t think Louis was chomping on over 300 rats per night, which leads me to conclude that:

  • I am a lazy potato, I don’t think I could even unwrap and eat 300 candybars in one sitting, even if they were in a big pile right next to me on the couch and I had the stomach capacity for it. He had to chase each one of these things down and bite them individually, they’re not capri-sun packs (tho, those still take the effort of pushing a straw into), 
  • So he probably didn’t want to do that 300 times a night, 
  • So he probably didn’t actually get the volume he required on a nightly basis, 
  • If you cut it down by half, like 150 rats, he had to have been killing SOME larger animals like dogs/cats/etc. to make up for the difference.
  • And that malnourishment added to the crap he was already dealing with. I’m cranky when I’m hungry. It certainly doesn’t help when you’re already under extreme duress from your daily nightly situation aside from the sustenance aspect.

ANYWAY Thank you for coming to my TedTalk on why Louis was malnourished for the first few years of his vampiring.


(Asterisked stuff under the cut.)

*1 of 2: By IWTV-era, Louis says Lestat killed 2-3 a night, a 10 yr old vampire might already need less than a fresh fledgling but *handwaves*

it’s so nebulous so idk.

“Lestat killed humans all the
time, sometimes two or three a night, sometimes more.”

*2 of 2: Plus, consider that this might be less than for a “normal” fledgling, bc Magnus was an older vampire and *handwaves* you know, that means he himself feeds less often, so one could assume a fledgling from that vintage blood would also need less, but it’s so nebulous so idk. MEANING that Louis, being Lestat’s 3rd fledgling in less than 10 years would mean that, being of “weaker stock,” he might need more blood on a nightly basis as a fledgling.

**”An average adult body with a weight of 150 to 180 pounds will contain approximately 4.7 to 5.5 liters (1.2 to 1.5 gallons) of blood.” – https://wonderopolis.org/wonder/how-much-blood-is-in-your-body



Hey Goth Mutuals, Stay Hydrated

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uh hi.I adore your blog, its funny and real cool. When I was little I can remember watching IWTV and QOTD (queen of the damned.Justincase) With my parents, and that totally got me into all the cool Vampire stuff. I’ve been in love with vampires and werewolves and all that,since. Your blog makes me Adore Louis and Lestat even more.

Bonjour Felicity! Thank you for such lovely compliments *u* YOUR PARENTS got you into this mess? omg I am so jealous, I tried to get my parents to watch IWTV (they actually did read books #1-2 and seemed to like them) but they were basically:


#I love these kind of stories

Why everybody hate benji? I need valid reasons!!

Um… so many reasons… and I haven’t read that book in awhile so I’m not the best resource for this. The fandom tends to hate on Benji bc:

  • He’s a shameless Gary Stu
  • He’s a child, maybe 12? Marius knows better (without spoiling anything, I’ll leave it at that).
  • He smokes (not a character FLAW per se, but it seemed to be a cheap way to make him look “tough kid” or whatever)
  • Emotionally/intellectually he’s flawless! He’s such an angelic person! He can do no wrong! Such characters are inherently unlikable maybe bc we can’t suspend disbelief for someone so PURE OF HEART. 
  • The way he talks seems oddly teenage? I remember someone saying that as a complaint.

Mostly we hate him because (and this can all be applied to Sybelle equally) of his existence, how he came into Armand’s life, and what happened to him seemed wildly out of the VC universe and out of character for everyone involved.

Here have some fanart:


Co-existing by luizagm2