wat is the significance of the cute cat in the top hat on your header?

Thanks for noticing the kitteh 😀 I am a cat person, though currently catless ;A; so having one in my header is like having one w/o the litterbox to deal with, but also without the cuddles *cries*

It’s the cat from this meme (and Idk how old it is, but I think it’s ancient enough to be called a ”macros,” which is what we used to call them) and it always makes me smile:


^the caption is so Lestatuesque. Is this not what happened, in fact? Did he not fight his own ass in the desert? But that’s TOBT, which isn’t canon for some ppl.

ANYWAY I love cats, vampires are catlike… I had planned on changing the cat’s hat/accessories for different holidays, but that didn’t happen bc I was so frickin’ fussy with the drafts, revising my blog layout, that I got tired from it so VERY LITTLE has really changed lol…

It was inspired by this post from 3 years ago, comparing cute cats in top hats (THIS TOP HATTED KITTEN LOOKS SHOPPED… I CAN TELL FROM SOME OF THE PIXELS AND FROM SEEING QUITE A FEW SHOPS IN MY TIME.)





“#the cat just claimed him one night#and follows him around” like Lestat? ;)

Lol basically!


^by @danyanddany

♫ But the cat came back the very next day,
The cat came back, we thought he was a goner
But the cat came back; it just couldn’t stay away.
Away, away, yea, yea, yea ♫


Ever wonder why your cats tongue feels so rough? It looks like this.

You’re looking at a 3 mm-wide section of a cat tongue more than a century old. David Linstead’s captivating image was a winner in the 2015 Wellcome Image Awards, run by the Wellcome Trust, a biomedical charity in London.

The serrated ridge may be the most intriguing aspect of this picture. Those rough bumps, or papillae, are the reason that a kitty’s tongue feels like sandpaper when it licks you. When a cat grooms herself, the papillae act like a comb to remove dirt and loose hair. But they also serve a grislier purpose: rasping meat off of bones.

[Image by David Linstead]


Deacon batting at the computer screen trying to catch the mouse cursor when Stu was demonstrating a computer made me realise that the vampires are basically cats. Enemies to dogs/werewolves, stringent but confusing standards of hygiene and grooming, primarily nocturnal, thrive off human blood, etc – would chasing a laser pointer be that unlikely?

Look, there’s only so much you can really do for fun when the power goes out and the weather outside sucks and Deacon’s an easy target ok


Every time I see people like “cats are evil and will never love you” I’m like bro cats are adorable losers, they rub against you and head butt into your hand when you pet them and they make a dumb vibrating noise when they’re happy and chase after moving lights and shoelaces and tuck their feet under their bodies to become a fucking cat loaf cats are great ok. 

I was going to listen to the IWTV soundtrack while in the shower, and had it playing on my computer which was on the counter, and as I began to undress I just saw that one piercing eye staring at me and was just like “nope, you’re not going to watch me shower,” and I quickly turned the computer around.


#so inappropriate Lestat #very bad boy #*smacks with rolled-up magazine* #NO #that is NOT how we treat our friends #lestat


#sprays with holy water [fanart by @mortcharmant]