wat is the significance of the cute cat in the top hat on your header?

Thanks for noticing the kitteh 😀 I am a cat person, though currently catless ;A; so having one in my header is like having one w/o the litterbox to deal with, but also without the cuddles *cries*

It’s the cat from this meme (and Idk how old it is, but I think it’s ancient enough to be called a ”macros,” which is what we used to call them) and it always makes me smile:


^the caption is so Lestatuesque. Is this not what happened, in fact? Did he not fight his own ass in the desert? But that’s TOBT, which isn’t canon for some ppl.

ANYWAY I love cats, vampires are catlike… I had planned on changing the cat’s hat/accessories for different holidays, but that didn’t happen bc I was so frickin’ fussy with the drafts, revising my blog layout, that I got tired from it so VERY LITTLE has really changed lol…

It was inspired by this post from 3 years ago, comparing cute cats in top hats (THIS TOP HATTED KITTEN LOOKS SHOPPED… I CAN TELL FROM SOME OF THE PIXELS AND FROM SEEING QUITE A FEW SHOPS IN MY TIME.)





Hey, I just realised that there’s a damn cat with a top hat right in your blog and I don’t know how the hell does that relate with VC, BUT IT SOMEHOW DOES <3333333 #vampiresandcatswearingtophats

It’s this lil kitteh bein’ all Lestatuesque [X] that’s how it relates to VC! Not my meme, but I love it:


um yes of course 



[X] I might be changing the cat’s hat/accessories for different holidays tho! ❤

This might be a strange question, but does the VC affect your day to day life? For example: you’re reading a book and you think “Louis might like this.” Or you see a child and her appearance reminds you of Claudia? Or perhaps you find yourself quoting something from the books when you’re having a conversation. Do you ever experience those little daily moments when the VC doesn’t seem to be relevant but suddenly you are reminded of it because of the things you experience?

Not a strange question at all! It does affect me, in a positive way 😀

  • Kids often make me think about Claudia, both for VC casting ideas and also what it would be like to be an adult trapped in that little body (5 yr olds really are small!). I’ve never seen a *~perfect~* kid to play her, though. I think Kirsten Dunst set the bar very high. 
  • Speaking of VC casting – I am always on the lookout for that. There’s a homeless guy I pass by on a regular basis who might be great for Lestat’s dad during the IWTV era. I’d love to share a pic but I feel like it would be rude to take one 😛
  • My headcanon for the VC characters is often in the back of my mind, and something might spark an idea about one or more of them, useful for fanfic ideas… Here in NYC I saw some older ladies, tourists, petting some huge police horses with policemen in the saddles, looking down and making small talk back at the ladies, and I had a very clear vision of Lestat seeing that as a form of fellatio (the men were straddling these massive animals and the women were flirting with them, practically fondling the horse’s necks and faces!) and finding it pretty hilarious, having to explain why he was laughing to Louis… so I wrote it up: 9TH AVE, BETWEEN 57TH & 58TH ST. 
  • I’ll often slip in quotes from the books in emails or conversation partly bc they sound good but also it’s sort of a feeler to fish out other VC fans. Sometimes it works, too!

It works on bad days, too, I’ll just remind myself that Lestat doesn’t take this kind of crap from anyone, he just dusts himself off and kicks the asses that needed kicking!