♫ You are all rotten fruit;
I’ll crush you underneath my hoof.
Then I’ll take the poison juice,
And feed it to my chosen few ♫

After a looong time i needed to draw something small just for myself.

I don’t even know how to feel about the new book lmao. I’m excited that its a new book, but the premise feels…. out there? XDDDD I dunno, man, I dunno. I’ll buy it. Read it. Of course. But what a strange twist. XDDDD There’s gonna be a lot of funny fanart floating around lol

You know what’s even more hilarious to me about all this than just ATLANTIS is that the more ppl question it, the stronger I get in my belief in it as an AU fanfic, and the more I support it as such, totally against my better judgment *crying and laughing*

Hey we finally got mermaids in our fandom so I am totally fine with it as an AU!


[mermaid!Lestat by @kotilae]