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this is the most profoundly terrifying group of paintings i’ve ever seen.

These are amazing. Deeply terrifying, but amazing.


’Nokken’ by Kim Myatt

New painting for the Month of Fear challenge “Wicked”.

Not all Nokken are wicked, but the ones that are have been said to have the sweetest songs with words like honey. With kisses and promises, they’ll lure you closer and closer to the water’s edge. By the time you notice you’re out of your depth, it’s too late.

Edit: Replaced previous image with the new version of the painting. 

Hey so I was going through your blog (which I LOVE btw) and just started wondering if Anne Rice has ever addressed what would happen if a pregnant human was made into a vampire? Idk, with all the talk about tattoos and everything else, just got me wondering about more bodily stuff. Thanks and really love everything you post!

@discoblight said: (( On the topic of vampire babies- Baby Jenks was pregnant (well, miscarrying) while she was made into a vampire, and it seems only she became vampiric! So I think your headcanon is correct. The body would either expel or absorb.

^Thank you, I forgot about this! Right, that was why Baby Jenks was dying:


Omg your url, lol. Thank u for the blog lurve! ❤ 


[…and just started wondering if Anne Rice has ever addressed what would happen if a pregnant human was made into a vampire?]

Lestat does have a dream about going back to the Auvergne and turning his whole family into vampires, infants included D-: Other than that, no other mention in canon and not in any interview or book signing I’ve heard of. Maybe my followers know? Interesting question!

My thoughts on it under the cut in case of too gorey for some ppl. But in short, I don’t think that the baby would become a vampire, bc it REALLY couldn’t fend for itself. Claudia was a child but at least she could had mental capacity, could talk, was ambulatory, and had teeth that could be transformed into fangs.

(I don’t think I’ve seen any vampire babies in any other media EXCEPT for the one in Twilight, she had rapid growth or smtg? It was confusing.)

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“She’d been bleeding to death, the doctor had done it to her all right, the baby was gone and all, but she was going to die too, he’d cut something in there, and she was so high on heroin she didn’t give a damn.” – QOTD

@superhiki said: But it would be kinda cool for a due mother and child to be turned and for the both of them to more or less be a super powerful unit of some fashion…. mom super physical and baby a mind gift

That could be awesome and terrifying… I don’t think it’s been done before! it reminds me of Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles













“The Favorite” by Omar Rayyan

Favorite what? Demon?!

Loving the fact that whatever it is is wearing a matching flower.

18th century Lilo and Stitch

so i looked up some of this guys other stuff and I


what the fuck

sexy parrot girls yeah ok

oh look the demon has little babies



Dearie me, what is this that just popped up on my dash.

What is that orange dragon doing? Yoga or ballet? 😱

his best!

I went to his website and he has a photo of himself:

I love??? so much???

The orange dragon thing is obviously having a spa day, damn.

We all deserve a little pampering.


Louis de Pointe du Lac

having his favorite snack. Just read Prince Lestat and Anne Rice never disappoints whith the lols. Oh I love this series.

Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis looks like to much of a trip for me but we both know I’ll end up reading it anyway.

Vampire adventures in fabland, I like you all. 

(I had a REALLY hard time drawing a poor rat being killed ): that’s why it looks like amuppet. Google images is awful, never look up “rats” on it. I love animals and it was too much.)