by Elizabeth McGrath

@elodieunderglass horrible thing with legs?

These are the fanciest jewel-encrusted horrible things with legs I’ve ever seen

Found this on pinterest (actual source is Bloody Vampire Fangs Necklace
by Ideationox
) just now, very sexy… But? It also looks like? This girl was bitten by a vampire? She turned into one? And then she ripped out her maker’s fangs??? And MADE THEM NECKLACE PENDANTS??!! UNGRATEFUL??!! RUDE???! !!  (I’m kidding, it’s a v. cool necklace and a compelling image, but that was what came to mind)(no offense intended)

Am I the only one who walks by a Pandora jewelry store and thinks, “I didn’t know she sold jewelry.”

IKR??? ME TOO. It’s not her aesthetic at all, so medically-clean looking… but I STILL THINK ABOUT HER EVERY TIME I PASS ONE OF THESE PLACES ffs.


Idk if these are official PANDORA brand, but these look like charms she’d have on hers, hm??


(^This was pinned on pinterest for an ebay listing which ended so I can’t give a proper source credit, sorries.)



This is a scary and beautiful handmade ring. The ring features spooky fog with three hands coming out of the earth. It’s definitely an eye catcher. Link to ring.