InktoberVC Day 13: Nicolas’ hands

As I told you when I was drawing this, I think I had never drawn Nic… Like, I don’t know why? But I should do more often (and in colour) draw him, because I haven’t drawn violinist’s hands in a while since I don’t go every weekend to the orchestra to hear one of my friends play.

I thought about drawing a pair of disembodied hands but I had to take the chance and draw him XD


I will add more characters when…I actually start drawing them and have an idea of how I imagine their colors. This is the color pallet I imagined for the boys (and kind of how their hands look, but not exactly)

Why did you cut off Nicolas’ hands, really?


Nicolas could not contain what was occurring within him, and often his deterioration became destructive and difficult to conceal from mortals. Despite the fact that I did not directly claim leadership in an official capacity, I had a position to maintain and I had already protected him on numerous occasions, whether he realised such or not, as had Eleni. I had to prove that the threats that I made were not just threats if someone stepped out of line, or be seen as ineffective and suffer further challenges. I could not exclude Nicolas from that.

On the occasion where I took his hands, it was take his hands or take his life; based on the transgressions involved, it could have seriously compromised our position in Paris had it not been corrected swiftly. He was so far gone that others began to talk of precisely that, and I could not allow it. Taking his hands limited him in a way that imprisonment could not possibly have achieved; he had escaped imprisonment before when it was imposed upon him. Imprisonment meant nothing to him because the true oubliette existed in his mind, and that was inescapable. It gave me control over him enough that he could not possibly leave and potentially worsen the situation. It also proved that I was willing to back up my threats and that I would not respond with inaction if I was questioned.

The choice that I made meant that he lived. It does not necessarily follow that it was a choice I made gladly, regardless.