Currently imagining Lestat who, after several hundred pages of what the fuck is now the leader of the vampires making it a law to “not talk shit about Bon Jovi”

Say what you want about Lestat’s musical contributions, but YEAH: TALK SHIT ABOUT BON JOVI and prepare to DIE. SLOWLY. ON FIRE. to the tune of “Livin’ on a Prayer.”


oh, I just can’t waaaait to be kiiiing!

Macbeth, Act I scene iii (via incorrectshakespearequotes)

– also Lestat de Lioncourt, Prince Lestat


I was gone from the New World within hours, and night after night, I wandered, hunting in the seething slums of Asia-in Bangkok and Hong Kong and Singapore-and then in the dreary and frozen city of Moscow, and in the charming old cities of Vienna and Prague. I went to Paris for a short time. I pushed my speed to the limits; I rose and plunged in the darkness, sometimes alighting in towns of which I did not know the name. I fed ceaselessly among the desperate and the vicious and, now and then, the lost and the mad and the purely innocent who fell under my gaze.