Something about her composure makes me wonder if she really did fall from Heaven.




Because he’s worth it.



Speaking of guilty pleasures: a babyfaced Nixxi Sixx, reading The Vampire Lestat. I love this picture with giddy delight.

I have come to accept that this is my absolute favorite photo of Nikki Sixx. 

Hey there! Not sure if you’ve already talked about this, but I was wondering what you think about Lestat’s singing voice? I personally always thought of him as having an almost Bowie sounding voice but with the energy and range of Brendon Urie from Panic at the disco. Idk if you’ve heard the song Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic! but that song is kinda how I think Lestat would sound- I think he’d have a kick ass falsetto voice. Also Ave Cesaria by Stromae is a good example in terms of French music

Hello hello~~~ This post got very long! It’s a big question!

I guess I haven’t talked about Lestat’s singing voice bc I can’t find it, but YES, #headcanon accepted, Lestat would have a kick ass falsetto voice! 

I just drafted this post and it’s too long, so much more can be written and more vids could have been featured, but I’ve spen

The short answer: As with Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is music in the ear of the beholder, and your idea of Lestat’s voice is as valid as anyone else’s. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

I’m gonna offer a few responses on this, from AR, from canon, from a mutual VC fan friend of mine, and then respond to your suggestions. I had to make a cut bc the post was getting long.

SO, AR has said, on several occasions, that Bon Jovi was a big influence on Prince Lestat. She even dedicated Prince Lestat to Bon Jovi (as one of her muses). [X]


I also seem to recall Lestat mentioning a love for Bruce Springsteen in canon, but that might have been fanon. In QOTD, Baby Jenks says Lestat sings like the Boss:

Baby Jenks did love the Vampire Lestat’s music,… Yes sir, that was the one she loved… It wasn’t the words that got to her, it was the way he sang it, groaning like Bruce Springsteen into the mike and making it just break your heart.

I’m on Fire, the lyrics and the way he sings it, seem very Lestatuesque to me. Try Dancing in the Dark, also very Lestatuesque to me…

Thanks @sanguinivora​ for linking me to this Vulture interview (12/1/2010)! AR answers the question:

What do you think Lestat’s band would sound like now?

Well, it always sounded to me like Jim Morrison. That was the band I based it on — Jim Morrison’s voice, physical beauty, and the sound of that band in a song like “L.A. Woman.” That’s how I imagined Lestat’s band sounding. I don’t know a lot about rock music right at this moment; I haven’t listened to a stadium band in a while. I don’t know the latest stuff. I really don’t know. The main thing in emphasizing Morrison is that I’m emphasizing hard rock. It’s really acid rock. It’s not lightweight rock music and there has to be a good voice at the helm. Morrison had an exceptionally good voice for a rock singer. But modernizing it? Sure, whatever. Bring it on.

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@artisticfreedomofexpression, do you have a Jim Morrison song you think is really Lestatuesque?

AR also sort of answered this in response to her Fan Questions for Lestat series on FB, I’ll post the whole response momentarily, but here’s a relevant snippet:

“Of course I am enchanted by popular music of all kinds — Jim Morrison, Tina Turner, Bon Jovi, Joan Jett. I find myself highly susceptible to the most emotional and intense music.” [X10/12/15]

@liquorandptsdvarietyshow, VC fandom friend of mine, had commented on a post re: Bon Jovi:

1) Lestat has pretty schlocky taste in music, all things considered. Yes he is a musician and a rock star but basically he likes anything you can dance to;

2) Bon Jovi are tbh pretty cool. I’m not saying rush out and buy all their albums, but Slippery When Wet is a good time with a gross title.

Personally, I’ve always felt Brett Scallions of FUEL would have done well as Lestat, and Last Time feels very Lestat/Akasha to me.

ANYWAY. Anon’s suggestions!:

I personally always thought of him as having an almost Bowie sounding voice 

*nods* I think that’s possible, but subtract the British accent. I bet Lestat could emulate it easily, though. 

but with the energy and range of Brendon Urie from Panic at the disco. Idk if you’ve heard the song Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic!

I’m not a Panic! fan, I’m still stuck in my love for 80′s + 90′s music, but listening to this song now, first of all, yeah, I hear some Bowie in Urie! And there’s a lot of charm and silliness, but it’s all grounded in real feeling, IDK, you may be starting to turn me into a Panic! fan, Anon!

^I also really like the sass in the lead singer, and the lyrics are pretty Lestatuesque!

Ave Cesaria by Stromae – Well, it is a nice song, but something about the singer’s voice seems smoother and older to me? Not really snazzy and cheesy enough? Like this is how David might sing if David was a singer. Nice example for French music, tho!