I’ve started listening to the audio books from the vampire chronicles and tbh? I want to die for Lestat and Louis is a big mood and I love them




if i had a faster artistic output i’d spend the rest of my life drawing VC as a reality show

if i had a huge sum of money i’d spend it on your drawing VC as a reality show



2017. Somewhere. It’s a late September Evening and days are finally getting shorter. Yes, Lestat is wearing a blue pair of velvet pants. Slim Fit. Louis is trying to not think about how troubled he is by this “l’homme moderne”.

Lestat, what are some of your favorite emojis? (If you use them) Does Louis like them too?

♛I certainly do use emojis, I can have whole conversations through emojis, conveniently. >:} and >:C are favorites…


I often prefer the emojis made by letters to the more modern preset versions, as I started using them before the presets existed, and I find that they are more vague in simplified form, and can be more effective that way. These two are nowhere near the same emotion:


The older version conveys dissatisfaction layered with ennui, possibly disgust, or resignation. The drawn version is more pleased with itself, teasing. Of course they each have their use, some of the preset icons are excellent for quick requests…

To Louis: this message, for “Thirsty?” I had the droplet icons modified in our phones:




To Louis, when he refuses: 


To Louis when he puts his foot down about it:


Of course I very much like to send him barrages of flowers, hearts, and such, on a whim. 

…And it irritates me beyond measure when he replies with this, repeatedly:


This could mean I am in for a serious tongue-lashing, or, a pleasurable tongue-lashing. He’ll keep me guessing until we’re face-to-face.


rue royale days: a summary

lestat: ‘,:)

louis: :/

lestat: ‘,;)

louis: 😦

lestat: ‘,;p

louis: 😡