playing around with watercolour brushes anyway i love tom cruise’s lestat



Martin-Jan van Santen (Dutch, b. 1968, Kampen, Netherlands) – 1: Gone Astray, 2016  2: Balcony  2017  3: Dimly Lit Shower, 2016  4: Wake Up, 2016  5: Vacation  6: Unknown Title  7: Gaza, 2010  8: Embedded, 2014  9: Dare, 2014  Paintings: Oil on Canvas



Today’s sketches brought to you by my current hyperfixation on the Vampire Husbands


“Secret of the Devil’s Bayou” is my recent 12″ by 12″ painting inspired by favorite childhood film “The Rescuers”! This piece is available through Gallery 1988 West now from their pop culture themed show “Crazy 4 Cult”. Find all my paintings available at the gallery here:


Indianaaaaa Gabrieeeeeelleeeeee!!!
Come on, I could not be the only person who made this association when I did read this fragment of the book xDDDD

I imagine in this moment Louis thinking “It’s not how I imagined to met my mother in law” xDD “

One of the best scenes of that book :3

Gabrielle de Lioncourt © Anne Rice

“I imagine in this moment Louis thinking “It’s not how I imagined to met my mother in law” xDD “

“It’s not a tunnel. It’s a canvas passage that was constructed to protect Lestat from photographers." 

New York Magazine, 1993

Facts extracted:

  • AR wanted Jeremy Irons to play Lestat.
  • There was a tunnel to get Tom!Lestat to and from set. I had heard that before, but not that it was HIS idea. That they just wanted to keep control of spoilers.
  • The pic with this article looks like a shot someone took of him on set. Not an official production still, a paparazzi shot. So they did catch him outside the Tunnel of Secrecy?!
  • Lestat has always loved being photographed but probably not when he’s all swampy, so that was just Tom being IC ;]