Ah! It’s mah face! I love this so so much! Looks like a painting from a different era… you can see my lil lateral fangs, shhhh…. I love how they captured my asymmetry in such a beautiful and rich way, infused it with my spirit. I’ve always felt that portraits are a much better representation of one’s face than a selfie, bc the artist makes choices to construct the face of their subject, building it from nothing, like writing a story, whereas cameras (especially on phones with such short depth of field) have no human behind them, no empathy for their subject. A talented photographer can use a camera to do that, of course, but I digress…

This was a commission I paid the amazingly talented @vaciel for, and now I need to another one from them!! bc reasons. If you have the $, I highly recommend this wonderful artist, they are a pleasure to work with ❤




Was watching movie!Queen of the Damned w/ @roselioncourt yesterday and we caught this little thing… Mojo made it into the movie! Different form than in canon, but hey, it counts.

Got through most of the movie and then had to pause it with 30 min left, but you know, each time I watch it there are things that I begrudgingly admit that I really like, ok?? I do. Reblog/comment on this post with love for movie!Queen of the Damned, it’s what Mojo would want ❤

(A little personal note under the cut)

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// It was a good day. I’ve got on the polka dots. This is taken before the torture of Queen of the Damned.

You don’t want to see the After picture of me… lol j/k! Like I said, it improves every time I see it, also, we’d just had Ethiopian food and I got to eat with my fingers and gross poor @roselioncourt out, so technically I tortured her first >;}

…And isn’t that what real friendship is about? Being annoying and torturing eachother? Lestat taught me that ❤

Also our makeup game was on point, look at those brows on fleek, oui?

@moral-cipher replied to your photoset “I was tagged for VC fandom selfies (thanks @xlilvamp and…”

im probably going nuts from doing finals for too long lmao, but you look weirdly like a female tom cruise to me in that second picture??? it’s probably the expression. these are all so cute tho!! i love 4 and 5.

Thank u! so that is the highest compliment for me, you wouldn’t think I’d (a *chick*) WANT to look like him (a *dude*), but I doooo… at least 80′s-90′s Tom…

^The artist who drew that had to have airbrushed out some under-eye wrinkles bc they OCCUR…. I even get fake Ray-Ban style shades to match ;] I think we tend to be attracted to ppl we see some similarity with ourselves… I know someone who adores Jeremy Renner and I swear she could be related to him… 

Does anyone else out here think they might resemble their faves in some way? I can’t be alone in this…


I was tagged for VC fandom selfies (thanks @xlilvamp and @just-another-vcblog

💖💖💖) and was super flattered! Selfies are haaard bc IDK ~Beauty Standards~ and all, so you get a dump of them and probably no more for a long long time:

(1) overly brightened version of me wearing my hoodie up a la Children of Satan style, 
(2) bathroom selfie bc y’know (btw I made that necklace I’m wearing in top right), 
(3) a TINY smile, bc St. Patrick’s cathedral is in the bg and classing things up,
(4) blue-filtered nonsense in front of another church to look like a frame from an indie movie about whether or not the Manic Pixie Dream girl will accept Loser Dude and the church message is encouraging a yes? IDK.
(5) Felt like posing with this model showing her my hand modeling game is better than hers so there,
(6) Got a pic with Gaspard Ulliel and NO the fact that he’s 5 times bigger than me won’t be a problem for us we are in LOVE.
(7) #45 in fact is a neighbor of mine, not next door thank goodness, but a walkable number of avenue blocks away OH WELL.


Yes that is 100% real plastic diamond I’m wearing.


Tagging ppl who have tagged me in a get-to-know-me-meme recently (I’m flattered that you tagged me, not sure if I’ll answer)(I’m sorry sometimes I get shy and don’t want to #be social #on a social network) or in the past, or just been in my activity feed recently, but please, consider yourself tagged, I’d love to see more of your faces! 

No pressure if you are tagged, you can post a selfie or give me 5 things that make you happy. If you’re an RP blog, you can do it in character ;}

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If given the choice would you want to be a vampire or be mortal?

Yes I would like to vampire plz!


[^Portrait of moi by the amazingly talented @vaciel, it’s a WIP, I hope they finish it someday]

(Let’s assume I don’t get to choose or stay w/ my maker, and I don’t get to choose to be w/ the VC characters bc then this answer would be impossibly long. I’ll respond to those aspects in separate posts if anyone is interested.)

What would I do with my immortality? SO MANY. Vampiring: I would probably be the slayer of the evildoer, cheesy as it sounds it’s pretty reasonable, following in Lestat’s footsteps, but I’d also want to try wild animals like his mom does… I would write all about it, for sure. Every power and every limitation. The killing part of it would probably be tedious some nights and I would complain about having to go to those seedy places for my victims, and I would probably get into situations that would be somewhat out of my control and get shot in the back and I’d come home and complain about it even louder while my mom extracts the bullet fragments and stitches me back up and says “I told you so,” in so many words. “What, what did you tell me, Mom?” “Be careful what you wish for, obviously.” idk if I would turn my parents but it would be hard not to bc I love them.

We’re assuming I figure out the financial aspect bc currently I do not spend enough time and energy on that… I would need a good cash flow to support my adventures and artistic pursuits. I’d commission artists of all kinds, I’d maybe put together a studio collective, let ppl work at night with me or they could work during the day, I don’t really mind, as long as their work gets done. Probably have multiple projects of different kinds going on at any given time.

I wish I could say I would work on social justice causes, and maybe I would. I wouldn’t want the kind of exposure that might make me a target though, so if I did try to make the world a better place, it would be through my studio’s works, or financial support, or some other private way.

Companions? Idk… I’d like to think I could find someone to spend eternity with but that’s hard, ppl do change. I’d probably be better off as Armand has advised, finding another pre-fabricated vampire, rather than making my own companion.


@eliestela! As per request~ pics of my vampiry mug and a rare partial selfie bc reasons, got it for my birthday last year from the lovely @gairid/@vampchronfic! It’s got 2 sides w/ text: “FAN OF THE FANG” and “Start your day off positive… A Positive” <– har har vampire puns. It’s perfect and I use it p much every day at home bc ppl at the office already think I’m iffy when I occasionally wear my 3-finger ring *eyeroll* bc FAVE MUG.

BTW, if you want one, I found it on eBay, there’s a few listings there.


Also felt like including: Lestat pillow by @sheepskeleton (@sheepskeleton-art) which I had to buy for reasons (now I sleep w/ him every night har har) ❤ Pillow can be bought in several sizes at sheep’s store,

on her Redbubble and Society6


(BC apparently I am a salesman for everything, if u like my lil’ teal squishy crature in the BG there, he’s a Squishmallow.)


Hello everybody! I am opening up the £20.00 GBP One shot Sale again. This price is for Monochromatic portraiture only. Above are some examples from last year. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll shoot you a PM. As with last year, it’s first come, first served 🙂

Character credits ( left to right)
cat-bat   ponyohowlchihiro