This earthquake-proof bed will bury you alive in comfort    

Earthquakes. Humanity’s oldest foe. Right up there with snakes, fire, and other humans when it comes to things that will definitely probably kill you some day. Which is why you need one of these terrifying earthquake-proof beds. In the event of a quake, your conspicuously massive four-poster will simply swallow you up whole, letting you get back to sleeping while the world itself shatters around you.


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i-want-my-iwtv replied to your post:VC vampires and technology

I can’t remember when, but Lestat specifically mentioned that vampires are adept at figuring tech out, it’s one of their gifts (synapses firing on more cylinders than mere mortals?) + their advantage being students of mankind and tech evolution.

So, on what substantially literary grounds have I been so affectionately snarky about Lestat’s difficult relationship with technology all this time? Oh the harm I caused!

Ahh Blood Canticle and Blackwood Farm, probably.  Heh

Those, probably, yes. Snark is always welcome, tho, Lestat would probably agree that #Any attention, even bad, is better than no attention #Lestat de LimelightHog.

I think there is some iPhone-related adoration & frustration mentioned (which I headcanon away as being Lestat frustrated at other things and merely scapegoating onto his phone), and also Lestat’s seeming insistence on using WordStar to write each of his memoirs long after it was outdated? I think?





BOND is a tiny touch module. It can be a pendant or a bracelet but it comes in pairs. You keep one and you give one to a friend. When you touch it, your friend feels it. No matter where they are on the planet. We don’t do tweets, we do tickles.

we need this

This reminds me of a fic wherein an OTP could do this by doing a little tongue-click in their mouths… it was very endearing ♥u♥ 

Defying the maker/fledgling barrier.

*whispers to tumblrland: it was a VC fic of L/L!