Hi! So when I get obsessed with something, instead of trying to get my friends to read or watch it, I just tell them the whole plot. And with all the weird different time lines and stuff it’s kinda hard to explain vc, do you know if someone maybe made a timeline with all the events in order or something?

Hey! I’m really enjoying your VC fanart. Keep it up! 

So, spoiling ppl with plot points, that’s one way to drag fresh blood into a new fandom ;D I know I love being spoiled, I want the plot points before I read a book, so if your friends want that info… I have a few timelines, Idk if any are the definitive one, try my #timeline tag.

One timeline AR published is in the Vampire Companion, but it’s not up to date, but it’s through books 1-5 and you might still be able to find it online or on Amazon or somewhere else.



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Wow! One year ago today I created this blog, and it has been a lot of fun. As a sort of anniversary gift to myself I present a timeline of the events within the first three books. I hope to add to it as I reread the rest of the series, but it could be a year or two before I finish. I hope this can help all those in the fandom, and I hope this is an improvement over what is found in The Vampire Companion.

Note: IwtV may not be quite as complete and in depth as the other two since I started taking notes on it first about two years ago when I was not as dedicated.

Lestat’s birthday, the right date is 1758 or 1760?

I think his birth year is 1760 or ‘61. 

Lestat turns Louis in 1791. At that time, Lestat’s been a vampire for 10 years, and he was turned when he was 20 or 21 (it’s UNCLEAR, there’s a debate about this)(even AR doesn’t remember). 

So Lestat is 30 or 31 in 1791, which would make his birth year 1760 or ‘61 ;D

I got a similar ask a few months back, it’s got a little more thought on the subject. There’s a timeline in the official Vampire Companion (there is some debate about discrepancies of this book to canon, but this book was intended to be the author’s deciding word on canon facts):


•I’ve got a question that’s been bugging me for a while. In iwtv, Louis states he was turned in 1791. However from what I understand, Lestat was born in 1780. This would have made Lestat 11 when he turned Louis, which is obviously not the case. So, my question is was Louis lying about when he was turned to make him seem older and more powerful than he actually is or is just a continuity error? Thanks :) •

I get why you might be frustrated, I’m not sure how much VC you’ve read, I hope this answer doesn’t spoil you if you don’t want to be spoiled but here we go… 

Lestat was born in 1760. Not sure where you got 1780… I believe you are forgetting the almost 10 yrs Lestat and Gabrielle ~wandered the Devil’s Road~ together, which was from 1780-89. There’s a timeline in the official Vampire Companion (there is some debate about discrepancies of this book to canon, but this book was intended to be the author’s deciding word on canon facts):


Here’s a snippet of the time line, sorry for the warping, but it’s a thick paperback book and I didn’t wanna injure the binding!

Worth noting also: AR underscores that Lestat was 20 when he was turned.* 


So by 1791, Lestat is actually like 31 mortal years old, and Louis is in fact younger than he is, at 25 (why they made him 24 in the movie is beyond me bc it’s only a year different? IDK).

*Re: Lestat being turned at 20 or 21, that’s a topic that’s been debated for aaaaages, too, since he says in his book, “In the winter of my twenty-first year, I went out alone on horseback to kill a pack of wolves” and more confusingly, in the timeline above, AR indicates that Lestat is 19 when he goes to Paris w/ Nicolas so I am confusion, but taking Lestat’s line from TVL alone, that it’s his “twenty-first year”:

  • a baby’s “first year” is actually the day it’s born through it’s one-year birthday; 
  • therefore, Lestat’s “twenty-first year” could be his year from his twentieth-year birthday through his twenty-first year birthday. 

(Not that his birthday was celebrated in his house anyway, so it’s really just about whether he gets carded at bars, currently, and he totally does.)

I headcanon that:

  • Lestat kills the wolves in the winter, sometime after his twentieth birthday, 11/7/1779, 
  • and then goes to Paris w/ Nicki that spring (5/1/1780 maybe).
  • Lestat and Nicki are working at the theatre for only a few months and then Lestat gets his big break in August: “It came in late August at last.” 
  • Lestat only gets to perform for a few months, at least through October (”But in the month of October when Paris was already freezing,…”).
  • and then Magnus turns Lestat sometime close to, or before, his actual twenty-first birthday 11/7/1780. Maybe in October or that first week of November.

Hello, you have or know, a timeline of the Vampire Chronicles that ends in the last book (Prince Lestat)?thank you very much.

I have never found a perfect VC timeline, I should make one myself… I don’t know of one that ends in PL (including or not including PL). 

  • This one goes through Merrick, you should save it for your own ref bc that site could go down anytime. The author of it also chose some dates that I don’t think have canon evidence (March 2, 1791 is the date indicated that Louis meets Lestat, 
  • Here’s another one, goes through TVA.
  • This one is fun bc it’s interactive.

Gawd that would be a project. Anyone want to try to tackle this? Would be much appreciated! I might even offer some kind of reward…