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do you guys think louis gave himself a shitty haircut and wore an ugly sweater just to piss off lestat because i think so also louis wore paisley in the 70s pass it on yall

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Can someone make Garrett Borns a vampire? Please? He’s so beautiful, and has the voice of an angel. I think he’d make a gorgeous Louis.

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@annabellioncourt pointed this out to me and I have to agree that he’d make a a great vampire, and specifically, a gorgeous Louis


Also, as a side note, he’s 24 yrs old in 2016, so we’d have an actor playing really close to the canon age of the character!!! which is always good, bc he’s actually living that point in his life now, might be a little more authentic than reflecting back on it. 

So he’s a singer and a model, and I looked up a few vids and couldn’t choose just one as an example. You can do the youtube and check him out there, but here’s a few things I had thoughts on:


[X] ^LOOKIT THIS SMILE. He has dimples which I think is a huge plus. Louis is, in fact, capable of smiling. I imagine Lestat made him wear the shades bc of reasons. 

Lestat: “Oh, big Beatles fan? You like John Lennon so very much? Why don’t you wear shades like his, here- ” 

Louis: “Those are more ELTON John than John Lennon, Lestat.” 

Lestat: “Put them on or I’ll put them on for you.”


^His little smile, in this dreamy lighting, he’s got that ethereal quality we require in a Louis.


^”Oh god Lestat, what fresh hell have you caused?” He’s got the right build, too, that muscular but spare body. 

Hit the jump for a fewww moar.


^”That sounds awful deal with it YOURSELF” Louis is actually COLD AS ICE.


^Someone is gonna get yelled at for unauthorized haircut.


^Nobody ships Louis/Madeleine except Madeleine.

Hello, I need the VC fandoms help remembering something. In the IWTV movie, there are the scenes where claudia has dolls and rejects them, and where she cuts her hair and learns it does not grow back. Question: where were these in the books?(1 of 2)

(2 of 2) I remember these scenes somewhere in the books pretty vividly, but I just reread IWTV over again and couldnt find them. Did i dream them being in the books after years of watching the movie?

So actually, I couldn’t remember either, so I just skimmed IWTV, and neither actually happened quite that way in that book. But it’s still sort of canon bc Anne Rice wrote the script, and she was trying to incorporate later canon stuff where she could. 

In QOTD, Claudia mentions it in her diary: “Of course, he gave me a doll as usual, the replica of me, which as always wears a duplicate of my newest
dress. To France he sends for these dolls, he wants me to know. And what should I do with it? Play with it
as if I were really a child?…

He has given me thirty such dolls over the years if recollection serves me…

They would crowd me out of my bedroom if I
kept them. But I do not keep them. I burn them, sooner or later. I smash their china faces with the poker. I
watch the fire eat their hair.”


[X] In IWTV, Claudia crushes a doll in front of Louis and she talks about being disappointed in baby dolls… she was pretty spoiled by her dads, so I would bet she got them at other times than just her “birthday,” too! Maybe the fanciest ones were received annually.


^The haircut thing is actually something Gabrielle experienced in TVL. She had cut it and the next night it had grown back to its full length it had been when she died:

Her long heavy hair had slipped over
her shoulders again, and exasperated, she took hold of it in both
hands. Then suddenly she made a low hissing sound, and her body
went rigid. She was holding her long tresses and staring at them. 

“My God, ” she whispered. And then in a spasm, she let go of her
hair and screamed.

The sound paralyzed me. It sent a flash of white
pain through my head. I had never heard her scream. And she
screamed again as if she were on fire.


When he sneakin’ kisses from the bae and ya get jealous even though y’all ain’t official

[based on a photo from this]