Show up at the box office on May 19th*.
Purchase up to four tickets per show.
Tickets will be will be handed to you on the spot.
Tickets will not be available online or anywhere else before or during that day.
All seats (including the best seats) will be available first come, first served.



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you are the perfect drug….

  1. This is one of those perfect videos.
  2. At one point I sat down with this video and my copy of The World of Edward Gorey and cross-referenced the various “homages”. For my own amusement. No, I didn’t take notes during this madness, it was an insomnia-fueled project.
  3. Did I mention perfect video? I did, right?

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Could you pleeeeaaaase give me a reason why AR can’t spell her own characters’ names right? *cough*nicolas*cough*de lenfent*cough*

Um, autocorrect maybe??? But I get you, it always makes me think of Saint Nicholas aka old skool Santa Klaus… and then I have to put in annoyed 90′s Trent Reznor for Nicolas bc I LOVE HIM of reasons…


BUT…. I think I figured it out! In the translations of her books into other languages, maybe they spelled his name like that for some reason? And she got so many questions from ppl who wrote it that way TO HER that she assumed it actually WAS that way? BC she hasn’t really mentioned him in canon since 1985? IDK *throws up hands*

Regardless… even though he didn’t choose his name, Nicki has no patience for his name being misspelled.


@anaryawe got me thinking about the

painting of St. Sebastian by Guido Reni  used for the cover of Violin.* And I know not every dude-w/-his-hands-tied-above-his-head counts as a St. Sebastian reference but still, it’s interesting to consider whether it might be.

“St Sebastian (feast day January 20th) has become something of a gay icon, as saints go. Partly, perhaps, because it’s an opportunity to depict a curly-haired semi-nude youth in light bondage. It has to be said this isn’t how Sebastian died, or how he was originally depicted. Sebastian miraculously survived being shot with arrows and was healed by Irene of Rome. He continued to denounce the emperor Diocletian, who had him clubbed to death in the year 288.

The tendency to depict Sebastian as a handsome youth pierced with arrows began in the 14th Century when Europe was being ravaged by the plague of the Black Death.

See how the two ‘Sebastians’ in the modern version above look entirely unperturbed by the arrows protruding from their torsos?There is a long tradition of Sebastian looking unaffected by his plight: corruption fails to touch him and that made him proof against plague. Sebastian occupied an important place in medieval religion as a protector against plague. He was seen as a saint whose prayers would work.”   [X]

*The lighting on the cover may be distorting the colors and contrast of the original painting, and I’m not even sure that’s the original painting, got that from here [X]… but these changes seem obvious:

  • changed the trees in the BG,
  • blended the nips in a little more by changing their color,
  • rounded his face somewhat (tho, that O could be just making it look rounder)
  • moved the armpit arrow,
  • added a tummy arrow,
  • changed the angle of Left Ribcage Arrow a little bit,
  • lengthened his hair a little,
  • reduced the shadows in the Adonis muscle area, too sexy?
  • cropped his package area out

Good afternoon! ^__^ Which are the Goth-Rock songs you could always dance to? If I got it right, Bela Lugosi’s Dead is part of the list, right? :$


You are correct! Bela Lugosi’s Dead will always summon me to the dance floor!

A small selection of other songs that will lure me out:

  • This Corrosion / Dominion / Lucretia My Reflection / Alice / Marian / Temple of Love / Ribbons – The Sisters of Mercy
  • This is Heresy – Christian Death
  • Lullaby / Just Like Heaven / Fascination Street – The Cure
  • Bloodletting – Concrete Blonde
  • Red Light / Peek-a-Boo / Kiss Them For Me / Face to Face – Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • Witchcraft – Book of Love
  • I’m Afraid of Americans – David Bowie
  • I’ll Fall With Your Knife / Sweetest Drop / Cuts You Up – Peter Murphy
  • Shadow of Love – The Damned
  • Days of Swine and Roses – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
  • Drool / Chain / Clown / Gutter Glitter – Switchblade Symphony