Akasha Teaches Lestat to Fly

“Slowly she started to rise. Never taking her eyes off me she traveled upwards, the sheer silk of her gown billowing only sightly. I watched in astonishment as she rose higher and higher, her cloak ruffled as if by a faint breeze.”

This is one of my favorite scenes in Queen of The Damned, a book that’s part of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I have never seen an illustration of this scene and so I was compelled to draw one myself.



Santiago: Please, it’s Christmas!

Louis: It’s December 10th!




So, it seems Anne has shown a little bit of interest in this guy…

Don’t give up, Cody Fern fans! I’m on the fence with the idea of Cody being Lestat (that being I haven’t seen much of AHS, so forgive me) but I hope you get a better response like this!

Idk VC fam, thoughts?

YES!!! As someone who loves both Versailles and VC, I love how much of an overlap we’ve gotten recently! In case y’all didn’t see Evan’s response to this tweet:

ALSO, Alex Vlahos who plays Evan’s lover, Philippe, in the show Versailles, is super enthusiastic about VC too, and there’s been a lot of pull in the fandom for him to play Louis! 

I actually had the chance to meet both Evan William and Alex Vlahos at a convention, and when I saw them, I wore my Lestat shirt:

Evan didn’t comment on it, but Alex LOVED it!! When he saw it at first, he scoffed and shook his head, but when I told him I was rooting for him to be involved in the show, he smiled super big and shrugged and said “I don’t know, I mean, I’d love to! We’ll see!”

ALSO, Alex answered my question on a periscope Q&A session when I asked about VC, and said he’d love to be in the VC TV series. 

So yeah, sorry for the long post, but I think both Alex and Evan would be great candidates for the show, and it’s really cool that my two favorite actors from my favorite show also love my favorite book series!



‘Pleased to meet you…’


– When you’re experimenting with wigs and flouncy shirts… and then remember you have those elongated canines in your fancy dress drawer/regular clothing cupboard… and suddenly VAMPIRE SELFIES HAPPEN! 

– I regret nothing ^^ 




It’s Dec. 8, 2018! All Santas, please check in with us by shooting a message to this page, or the mods @i-want-my-iwtv​ or @wicked-felina​, and let us know if you are still in progress on your gift, or if you need someone else to substitute in for you. 

P.S. One Santa has delivered their gift so far! 

Dec. 9 Update: 3 gifts in, queued!

Also, If this blog gets deleted, we’re building a new home on Dreamwidth: We’ll crosspost the archived and 2018 gifts there, unless you don’t want your gift crossposted.


The Vampire Chronicles Meme

Interview with the Vampire: How would you introduce yourself at the start of an interview?

The Vampire Lestat: What people and events in your life have had the biggest influence on you?

Queen of the Damned: Do you believe actions are stronger than words? Do you think your actions through?

Tale of the Body Thief: If you could change something about yourself, the way you are or look, what would it be?

Memnoch the Devil: What are your religious beliefs? Your view of good and evil?

The Vampire Armand: What is a memory you would rather forget?

Merrick: How far are you willing to go to achieve your goals?

Blood and Gold: Who are your enemies? If you want revenge, what shape would you like it to take?

Blackwood Farm: Are you haunted by ghosts of the past, literally or metaphorically? Any regrets, any guilt?

Blood Canticle: Have you ever slipped into insanity? What was it like? If you haven’t, do you think you’re safe from it?

Prince Lestat: What form of governing do you personally think best and why?

Blood Paradise: What fears or hopes do you hold for your future?