Santiago: Please, it’s Christmas!

Louis: It’s December 10th!


I just checked your Buffy The Vampire Slayer tag, and I saw the Buffy vs Louis post. I’m gonna write that fanfic. I’ll let you know when I’m finished with it. -Diana De Pointe Du Lac

Wow, that’s an old one! But yes, give us Buffy vs

Louis, plz *grabby hands*


^Brad and Kristy Swanson, 1988 (X @vintagesalt) . She was Buffy in the original movie (1992) and she’ll always have a place in my heart as Buffy ❤ 

…BTW Rutger Hauer (one of AR’s picks for Lestat ages ago) was a vampire in that BtVS movie!


But yeah,

Buffy vs Louis

B R I N G  IT  O N :

that whole “gay for Louis” ask reminded me of how much I love Louis so thanks for that, anon and Burnadette. I’d go on a days-long rant about how much I love this mournful-yet-will-cut-a-bitch-while-looking-like-an-angel angel but I think you get the gist <3

THANK U! That reply took a lot of thought and it’s good to know that was appreciated. 


[^X digging up an oldie from the archive]

Feel free to send me rants about this mournful-yet-will-cut-a-bitch-while-looking-like-an-angel angel (<— NICE), bc #we appreciate and love louis in this house, as @13bels so eloquently tagged that post ❤

Honestly I can’t believe how gay everyone was for Louis. After reading the compilation of Louis’ descriptions, all of them are like “oh he’s so beautiful, so innocent and graceful, my eyes follow his every move, wow he’s so gorgeous”. I can’t believe everyone (including myself) is Gay for Louis

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IKR?? He tolerates it, rolls his eyes at it when he reads it, but when it gets to a certain amount…


Louis says of himself in IWTV:

“You wonder if I was a handsome man when I was alive,” said the vampire. The boy nodded. “I was. Nothing structurally is changed in me. Only I never knew that I was handsome. Life whirled about me a wind of petty concerns, as I’ve said. I gazed at nothing, not even a mirror… especially not a mirror… with a free eye.”

The compilation of descriptions of Louis that @i-see-light-blog put together are mostly from Lestat, I think, and at least one or two are from Armand, both were lovers of Louis at one point. The others who describe him are Daniel, David, and Marius.*

And I think the deal with describing Louis is partly that, hey, it’s fun to do, like having a favorite flower, and AR takes the opportunity to remind us of it, and put the camera on him in a scene, so we know he’s present. It also serves a purpose, we usually get at least a scrap of context about him and/or the scene:

“I glared at him, at the sharp graceful angles of his imperturbable face, […] his wide-set eyes, with their fine rich black lashes. How perfect the tender indentation of his upper lip.” -Lestat, The Tale of the Body Thief

  • Lestat glares at Louis. –> Lestat is clearly pissed.
  • Louis’ imperturbable face –>

    Louis is not scared of Lestat being pissed.

  • And then Lestat lavishes this extra description on him, appreciatively. Attention on the lip area, now we’re picturing him pointedly staring there, which might precede a kiss, so we can infer that Lestat desperately wants to kiss him, probably. What I get from all that is the exquisite tension of Lestat wanting someone he can’t have, someone he treasures and wants even MORE bc of the difficulty. And Louis knows this when he reads those flowery descriptions. I think Louis secretly enjoys the power that he holds over all these hopeless admirers, when he reads these descriptions.

It’s the tension of the other characters pining for Louis that AR wrings every drop out for us, she’s showing us how helpless these other characters are that they can only try to capture Louis with descriptions since he defies being owned by anyone. Unrequited love is a powerful thing.

In my reading of IWTV, Louis was not just some dishrag Lestat could toss around at will. Even before Claudia appears, Louis is setting boundaries with Lestat:

“And to Babette I came now with Lestat. He would have killed the Frenieres long ago if I hadn’t stopped him,…

…`You call me the idiot, and you’ve been the idiot all along. Do you think I don’t know why you made me a vampire? You couldn’t live by yourself, you couldn’t manage even the simplest things. For years now, I’ve managed everything while you sat about making a pretense of superiority. There’s nothing left for you to tell me about life. I have no need of you and no use for you. It’s you who need me, and if you touch but one of the Freniere slaves, I’ll get rid of you. It will be a battle between us, and I needn’t point out to you I have more wit to fare better in my little finger than you in your entire frame. Do as I say.” – Louis, Interview with the Vampire


^And this is part of Louis’s hawtness, as well. He absolutely will cut a b*tch, if necessary.

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*I’m pretty sure the other quotes are from Daniel, David, and Marius, I’m not checking bc I’m like 90% sure.

  • Daniel’s drawn to him in IWTV bc his story is so compelling, and that Louis is a vampire in the presence of a mortal who knows what he is, so he has that preternatural thing going on, mortal!Daniel is enthralled. Plus, Louis may have spellbound him inadvertently, as according to Armand:

“Louis… unable to read minds, or to levitate, or to spellbind others except inadvertently, which can be hilarious, an immortal with whom mortals fall in love…” – the Vampire Armand

  • David probably has some mixed feelings about Louis, especially in Merrick, bc Lestat’s out of the picture for most of that book, and I think David is stepping into Lestat’s role in his absence, to some extent, so I think he’s trying see Louis as Lestat sees him.
  • There was an artist in IWTV who painted Louis’ portrait, it makes sense that Marius, another artist who has done portraits, would also be drawn to Louis for this reason. Marius also thinks about what would happen if Louis were upgraded, and hey, I would think he’s had those thoughts about other vampires who are significantly younger than himself, for whom an upgrade really might change them. Now that I’m thinking about it, this was info that Marius confessed to Lestat when Lestat was drafting QOTD, and I bet this comment stuck in his mind, he very much wanted to upgrade Louis for awhile, but for different reasons. 

I literally can’t remember but do Louis use a scythe in the book ??

Yes! Yes he does.


[X] by @sanguinivora

In the book it was just a random farm scythe. Stronger element of JUSTICE in the movie version, for Santiago to be killed by his own – and very real, not a prop – scythe.

“In a kitchen garden I saw something, something that had only been vague in my thoughts until I had my hands on it. It was a small scythe, its sharp curved blade still caked with green weeds from the last mowing. And once I’d wiped it clean and run my finger along the sharp blade, it was as if my plan came clear to me and I could move fast to my other errands…” – Louis de Pointe du Lac, Interview with the Vampire