Found some old Antoine and Armand fanart from my 2015 sketchbook. This was after I read Prince Lestat, and Antoine’s story had me in tears. Legit thought Armand might kill him and found myself gripping the book and praying with each sentence that Armand will see how sweet Antoine is and would let him live ;; man the feels in that chapter! 

Have you been hiding this from us since 2015…. I mean…. Good thing you’re so gd talented we forgive you anyway 😀 



“Vampire Chronicles” fan art. Doodled at work.

Characters © Anne Rice

Art © Me

Lestat I love your mom!! I admire how strong and determined she is. Are you spending this Christmas with her?

♛What a coincidence, I love my mom, too! There’s no one quite like her, they broke the mold when she was made, as they say. 


[^fanart by @hrim]

I haven’t heard from her in a long time. She’s not answering her text messages, probably lost her phone somewhere for the millionth time *sighs* …There is reason to believe I’ll see her for Christmas, though…

ok i know #myhcmayvary but i hardcore think gabrielle is autistic. she actually has most of the symptoms and it would be wonderful if anyone would ask AR if she agrees….


[^fanart by @hrim]

I don’t know enough about autism to agree w/ this headcanon.

AR is always taking questions, and she decides what she wants to answer, so you can go ahead and ask her yourself! (If you’re shy, you can always make a separate FB page just for this sort of interaction).

But even her headcanon doesn’t matter. Her headcanons are not universally accepted by the fandom. If you headcanon Gabrielle as autistic, go right ahead! There’s at least one person out there who headcanons her as transgender. She could be both transgender and autistic. Such is the beauty of everyone having an imagination! But it is really special when we find ppl who share our headcanons, and maybe someone will comment on this post if they agree w/ you ❤

I was curious what you thought about this… When I was reading TVL and learning about Gabrielle, I had the distinct impression that she was trans man. All the stuff about how she seemed to resent most of her children and her marriage, her choice to wear men’s clothes, and her desire to keep her hair cut short is what made me feel that way. I just read it last year, but I’ve never seen any other fans comment on that, so I was wondering if it was just me? (I’ve only read IWTV & TVL by the way)

Gabrielle has some good action in book 3, QOTD, so you might be interested in that. 

I love it when ppl play up both genders in their fanart of her. Especially her miffed reaction to being called Mom still!


[fanart by hrim]

I’m not really knowledgeable about transgender issues, but it is an interesting headcanon re: Gabrielle. 

But I’ll try anyway a little! Maybe when she was mortal she might have preferred being a man because alot of power and freedom went along with that gender at that time. I headcanon that her marriage was an arranged one, not out of love. She doesn’t seem to have negative feelings about her own body in its femaleness. She wants all the men in town to sleep with her as a power-thing, as an ultimate fuck-you to her ungrateful and unloving husband. 

I don’t think she resented her children so much as she didn’t really reach out to them when they were young, bc so many did not survive to adulthood that, having known them better, their loss would have been more painful for her. Maybe she resented the children that survived because they didn’t feel loved by her, and sided with the Marquis; so by the time they were old enough that she could trust that they would continue to adulthood, they had already become so much like him that she didn’t like them as people, either (Lestat being the obvious exception).

She might have been bisexual as a mortal, too, and felt trapped by her arranged marriage.