some guy: *is sad, pessimistic and has dark hair*

lestat: *already taking off his clothes* i’m going to marry this man

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This Is Where They Sleep – monstersinthecosmos – Vampire Chronicles – Anne Rice [Archive of Our Own]



Rating: Explcit!
Words: 3979
Pairing: Lestat/Antoine
Summary: Swamp!Lestat shows up lookin all fuckin gross and Antoine reminisces about sexier times. 

Musical Accompaniment: Dark Piano for Dark Thoughts by Lucas King.

Notes: SO I wrote this listening to the Bioshock soundtrack, so as an homage we’re naming the fic after this. And this is the song Antoine is playing! Anyway this is gross and I’m your local fandom nuisance, SARRY.

This Is Where They Sleep – monstersinthecosmos – Vampire Chronicles – Anne Rice [Archive of Our Own]



Found some old Antoine and Armand fanart from my 2015 sketchbook. This was after I read Prince Lestat, and Antoine’s story had me in tears. Legit thought Armand might kill him and found myself gripping the book and praying with each sentence that Armand will see how sweet Antoine is and would let him live ;; man the feels in that chapter! 

Have you been hiding this from us since 2015…. I mean…. Good thing you’re so gd talented we forgive you anyway 😀 


Inktober day 18: a rare pair
I’ve always imagined that Sybelle and Antoine would get along great, and they’d be cute together, anyways. Imagine them just talking the night away about the piano? And maybe Antoine would play his violin for Sybelle, or they’d play together and fill the chateau with beautiful music 🎶

Out of all the vampire characters in The VC series which vampire would you say is the most dangerous most capable of taking a human’s life? If I were walking home from work or from a college class at night, which vampire do I not want following me and which vampire do I not want to encounter?

Most dangerous vampire? Following/encountering you at night? 


Most of the VC vampires choose victims who are “Evildoers,” people who have committed crimes against their fellow man and seem like they will continue to do so. Examples: drug dealers, an elderly abuser, “gangsters,” serial killers.

If you’re basically an innocent person*, most VC vampires won’t be interested in killing you. They’d rather just flirt with you, take you out dancing or something, and sneak in for a Little Drink, which can let them indulge in their preference for innocent blood and let you continue living, too 😉 Win-win!

*I mean, yeah, “Let he who is w/o sin cast the first stone” and all that, we all have our own share of “sins,” but if they don’t add up to Evildoer status, you’re an Innocent in VC terms.

As far as being KILLED, you can worry about: 

  • Louis, because as far as I know (at least up until PL), he doesn’t choose his victims based on guilt/innocence, he just takes whoever crosses his path when he’s out looking for dinner. The way to survive a Louis attack is to tell him about yourself; he doesn’t like to know ANYTHING about his victims. 
  • Claudia (back when she was around anyway), is a terror bc she enjoys taking innocent life. 
  • Nicolas and Antoine, I don’t know their preferences. They could go either way. 
  • Gabrielle probably doesn’t care about your guilt/innocence either, but might attack you if you were out in the wilds somewhere, maybe if you were going for the same deer that she was going for, too. She has no qualms about killing innocent people anywhere, tho. Her very first victim was innocent and she made no comment about it.  
  • Not sure about Pandora, IIRC, she ripped a heart out of a victim’s chest, I don’t think that victim was an evildoer.

I don’t know the PL or PLROA characters well enough to mention them but anyone is welcome to reblog/comment about those or any VC vampires in response to Anon’s question.

Greetings! I’ve been advised to take my question to you ^^ At the end of IWTV, Louis talks about this young, newly made vampire that is mad at Lestat for not getting out of his chair (tries to feed him a baby). Now, this cannot be Antonie because that guy hadn’t seen Lestat from the late 1700s until 2014 when Prince Lestat came out. But as far as I can tell, this unnamed fledgling is never mentioned anywhere else. Do you think he slipped through the cracks and was just forgotten by Anne?

Hello! I have thought about this, probably thought about it TOO much… and while I don’t a clear answer, it’s a stimulating question: 

Was this young ‘nurse’ vampire a fledgling of Lestat’s? 


^How does the old fandom joke go? Every time X sound occurs, Lestat makes another fledgling? *facepalm*

I agree w/ your point about re: Antoine, it seems like Lestat or Antoine would have confirmed that it was in fact Antoine who was the unnamed young vampire in that scene in IWTV.

TL;DR: We have unreliable narrators** in BOTH Lestat and Louis*. I personally don’t think that the unnamed ‘nurse’ vampire in this scene was made by Lestat, but it’s quite possible! Lestat has never mentioned him again in canon, but we might find out about him in the next novel.

Hit the jump for more, cut for length.

This is an excerpt from the scene

in IWTV (the book, not in the movie) w/ the unnamed young vampire @terryfphanatics is asking about:

“Because shortly after that I saw a vampire in New Orleans, a sleek white-faced young man walking alone on the broad sidewalks of St. Charles Avenue…” (this mystery vampire kills a woman and takes her baby to a shabby old house where he meets up with Lestat) “My eyes widened as I studied this stooped and shivering vampire whose rich blond hair hung down in loose waves covering his face…

… “ ‘You all leave me!’ [Lestat] whined now in a thin, high-pitched voice.

‘You can’t keep us with you!’ said the stiff young vampire sharply.”

(Louis taps at the window)

…“ ‘It’s Louis! Louis!’ [Lestat] said. `Let him in’ And he gestured frantically, like an invalid, for the young `nurse’ to obey. … and I could see the tears welling in his eyes…How baffling and awful it was, this smoothfaced, shimmering immortal man bent and rattled and whining like a crone.”

So yes, Lestat might have made this ‘nurse’ vampire as Marius made Bianca, a dedicated fledgling vampire to help him in his recovery. 

As with the previously unnamed musician vampire in IWTV – who later became known as Antoine in PL – I used to headcanon that

Lestat couldn’t bear to even mention the musician vampire’s name in later canon bc he was either A) an embarrassment to Lestat or B) that they had broken up violently, C) both, D) the musician vampire had really been killed by Claudia, or E) other reasons. This unnamed young ‘nurse’ vampire might fall under A, B, C, or E. Or maybe someone else has killed him since then *shrugs*

When Lestat says: ‘You all leave me!’ ;A; This could be about his fledglings, bc, yes, when you take TVL into account, up to this point in canon all four have chosen to leave him: Gabrielle, Nicolas, Louis & Claudia (at this point in canon, the unnamed musician vampire appeared to have been destroyed). Armand’s warnings to Lestat about making fledglings

in TVL are relevant: 

“Oh, but it’s always a travesty, don’t you see?… And the veil will always come down between you. Make a legion. You will be, always and forever, alone!

If the ‘nurse’ vampire was not made by Lestat: It also would have been possible for a rogue vampire to find Lestat, perceive that he was an older vampire, and might have wisdom or power, or the rogue had heard of the legendary Lestat, and come in search of him purposely. I feel like this is more likely given how beaten down Lestat was from the assassination attempt and his survival of the Theatre des Vampires in such close proximity.

THEN we have THIS (also from IWTV, prior to the scene excerpted above):

“[Armand] told me something he’d concealed from me since the time we were in Paris.

“Lestat had not died in the Theatre des Vampires. I had believed him to be dead, and when I asked Armand about those vampires, he told me they all had perished. But he told me now that this wasn’t so. Lestat had left the theater the night I had run away from Armand and sought out the cemetery in Montmartre. Two vampires who had been made with Lestat by the same master had assisted him in booking passage to New Orleans.”

^Like…. WHAT?

Maybe Armand had heard it through the grapevine that Lestat had these two caretakers, but since Lestat never mentions having siblings in the blood from Magnus, it’s possible that Armand is lying so that Louis thinks Lestat already has enough support and doesn’t need a THIRD caretaker. 

Or, of course, Anne Rice either A) forgot about these two sibling vampires or B) chose not to address them. They would probably both have been too old to be the “young nurse vampire” but… MAYBE WE’LL GET THEM IN THE NEXT BOOK WHO KNOWS? Anything! is possible!

*Further complicated by the fact that Louis’s story went through Daniel and Daniel’s publishers, who may have added misinformation of their own for a better story! Reprehensible that this young vampire would bring Lestat a baby as a victim, but in Lestat’s defense, he doesn’t want it: “ ‘You might have brought me something else!’ said Lestat bitterly.”

**And there’s also the unreliable narrator issue, there is some speculation as to whether this scene occurred at all, or that it occurred differently than Louis reported.

Hello there :) I was scrolling through the Nicolas de Lenfent tag and I read again a post with theories :3 With PL we now know the identity of the mysterious musician but I wonder – ok hope, keep fingers crossed – might Anne in all her wisdom broach the subject of Nicolas and maybe, just maybe bring him back in cannon? At this point, I think he would make for some interesting plot for the next books. If Antoine showed, we might still hope Nicolas is somewhere out there.

[Pretty sure @ioananix is referring to the post @devilsviolinist wrote on Nicki survival theories here. It’s good! Check it out.]

Yep, AR has brought back a bunch of formerly-assumed-to-be-dead characters in PL, so it’s a real possibility!

…However, is this always a good thing? I still don’t like the way the mysterious musician from IWTV was brought back. @antoineandthepiano makes a valiant effort to make that character more likable in their RP of him, but in canon, I don’t feel like this character being brought back adds much to the story or changes the dynamic of the coven much. More thoughts on him under the cut bc I want to get to Nicolas.


[^X by @vampiredevelopment]

Bring Nicolas back and we might have interesting plot there! So many questions… Did he really intend to kill himself?

Did he intend to fake his suicide? Or did someone try to kill him? Did Eleni know? Was she in on any of this? Is there any possibility of civility between Nicolas and Lestat? The answers to those questions could lead to some great arguments, some great opening of old wounds, some healing, idk, ACTION. FEELS. CATFIGHTS.

There are a bunch of characters brought back in PL so it wouldn’t totally surprise me if AR brought Nicolas back in PLROA… The ones she’s brought back have hardly caused any ripple of conflict in the coven, and some ppl like fluff and peace, maybe some ppl are glad to have their characters back in any form, but it feels like unearned fluff and peace. I’d almost prefer that she leaves characters out rather than bring back such watered-down versions of them.

I feel like that musician character was a draft of Nicolas, and AR forgot about him until PL, or maybe Lestat was so embarrassed by that whole situation that’s why he never mentions him in canon until PL (which, btw, the series was allegedly over with Blood Canticle). “Antoine” comes in all meek and mild, is accepted with hardly any comment, and everything’s peaceful! There’s no real adjustment needed, they’re all fine with the fact that, idk, he tried to kill Louis (and Claudia!) some 150 yrs ago? Too much water under that bridge.

There was a fanfic that suggested the musician vampire rescued Lestat from the swamp and helped him heal well enough so that he could to steal the Dark Gift from him, that would have been a lot more heartbreaking! Taking advantage of Lestat in his weakened condition like that ;A;



VC draws (no armand this time what is this madness)

bonus cookie if you can guess who they are without checking the captions -3-