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I’ll be sure not to break the chain <3<3<3

Hi! thanks for answering and I’m sorry I made you make a post explaining so many reasons that you’d probably rather to keep for yourself. This blog is fantastic (ι´Д`)ノ and you’re such a sweetie thanks so much hun!! <3 ~the anon of the VC cast ask (▰˘◡˘▰)

I’m really grateful you came back and saw this! I never know if anons will ever see their ask answered, and I always hope that they do. No worries at all, I spend time when it’s something that I care deeply about, and apparently I care deeply about soul-searching why I can’t answer certain things, hahaha…

Come off anon, let me love you, you fanged little trash kitten! ❤


(psssst: Ask me about specific characters in specific parts of canon, that’s much easier to answer!)

URL : i-want-my-iwtv


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I’ll tell you:

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What I like about the theme: My goodness! Its organization is perfect omg i cry >.<

What I like about their muse: As far as I know, they have 2 muses (Louis and Lestat) and I love every single bit about them. I mean, they are so complete and accurate! 

What I like about their portrayal: As I was mentioning before, their portrayal is terribly accurate and wonderful. The amount of research and character analysis they’ve made is utterly noticeable, and it’s amazing how their Louis and Lestat answer every fandom’s doubt.

What I like about the mun: EVERYTHING! I love how perfect their blog is and how right is the mun, who has answers for most of the fandom’s problems. They have helped me too much and I must admit that I am grateful for that and all the support and fandom love ( #Spread the love ) Well, basically she’s the fandom’s queen and I love them so much because they’re perfect.

AWwww you sweet thing let me love u!

[ Can I just freely drop some love your way? Your presence on my dash is everything and the whole tumblr experience, particularly in relation to this fandom, would not be the same without you. You are a treasure and I may have told you countless times before how much I love you and everything you post — but damn it, you need to be told often because, honestly, you’re an absolute delight. ]

Of course you can freely drop such lovely messages my way, my fanged little trash kitten ❤ 


That’s basically what Lestat is. And Louis. All of them, maybe. 

I am so deeply touched by your words. In real life, few people understand this passion of mine, and so I have to hide it from them, and it’s always felt a little bit shameful because of that. 

But here, I can let it run totally wild, and to be praised for doing that produces the exact opposite – I’m an absolute delight? A fandom treasure?! My presence is appreciated? My little heart swells with pride ❤

I do need to be told, and often. I’m only human. I am your (cumulative to the whole fandom) fanged little trash kitten. At your service.

A+ one of my fav blogs on tumblr, would follow 5ever



// that scene where Lestat lunges at Louie from off screen and starts to drink from him cracks me up because it reminds me so much of the R.O.U.S.’s scene from the Princess Bride hahaha


^This is bad and I should feel bad bUT I DO NOT.

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Merci beaucoup! Y’know, u are one of the very first VC or RP blogs that I followed when I started this thing… yours was a big inspiration. That’s a high compliment coming from you ♥u♥

Awwwww thank you! Feels good to run one of the fave VC tumblrs of a talented fanartist ❤ Part of why I started it was to get better images out there for fanartists’ reference and inspiration. It’s evolved into smtg else but I think it still inspires? In it’s own bizarre way?


remarried makes gr9 fanart, etc. and I shoulda been following way earlier, People Off the Page, go follow!

(Hah, I read gr9 as grrneeen for some odd reason, and gr8 as grate. Or grinfinity. pfffft.)