lots of revelations in Blood Communion. (click-thru for better res.)




if i had a faster artistic output i’d spend the rest of my life drawing VC as a reality show

if i had a huge sum of money i’d spend it on your drawing VC as a reality show


Lestat, don’t patronize the tiny beast. 😦

I can’t remember why I started drawing this but now it’s gonna be the cover for a fanmix I may finish /wiggles out of commitment

Lestat/Armand was never a ship I thought about when I was younger idk but older me recognizes it as Good. 



Belated gift for @garama!! Who wanted Christmas sweaters! 😀 

(If the animation doesn’t work bc this is Tumblr, here is a  stable link to the animated and non-animated version.)

From: @remarried

I love this comic so much!

Even more because last christmas one of my cousins crossed the border to buy a Forever 21 sweater with lights AND music (since it wasn’t available in Mexico XD). ANd obviously she rocked the shiny sweater on christmas. With her husband, who was basically Daniel in this comic.

Hey I’m on board w/ your cousin, I’d cross a border for a sweater with lights and music (??!!), too. going to all that effort you better believe I’d wear it outside of christmas too