What is Louis supposed to look like?


Hauls out all these fuckin books… anon why u kill me…

“He stared at the vampire’s full black hair, […] the curls that barely touched the edge of the white collar.” -Interview with the Vampire

“Those green eyes gazed at me […] with a mindless innocence,” -Interview with the Vampire

“I fell fatally in love with Louis, a young dark-haired bourgeois planter, graceful of speech and fastidious of manner,” -The Vampire Lestat

“His blindness to the motives or the suffering of others was as much a part of his charm as his soft unkempt black hair or the eternally troubled expression in his green eyes.” -The Vampire Lestat

“Tall, slender figure. Short dark hair. […] Black hair, green eyes, […] a frayed black sweater that hung shapelessly from his shoulders, legs like long black spokes.” -The Vampire Lestat

“his black hair full and disheveled as it had always been in the old days, and his green eyes full of melancholy wonder,” -The Queen of the Damned

“I touched his face again, the cheekbones, the arch beneath the black eyebrow. What a finely made thing he was.” -The Queen of the Damned

“He ran his fingers back through his hair. Such fine black hair. The first thing I’d ever noticed about him–well, after his green eyes, that is–was his black hair. No, all that’s a lie. It was his expression; the passion and the innocence and the delicacy of conscience.” -The Queen of the Damned

“his face sharpening, the whole picture of high cheekbones and dark probing green eyes firing beautifully.” -The Queen of the Damned

“His face, quite thin and finely drawn by nature, an exquisitely delicate face for all its obvious strength,” -The Tale of the Body Thief

“I glared at him, at the sharp graceful angles of his imperturbable face, […] his wide-set eyes, with their fine rich black lashes. How perfect the tender indentation of his upper lip.” -The Tale of the Body Thief

“Louis de Pointe du Lac, […] slender, slightly less tall than Lestat […] black of hair, gaunt and white of skin, with
amazingly long and delicate fingers […] 

green eyes are soulful, the very mirror of patient misery, soft-voiced, very human,” -The Vampire Armand

“I followed his slim, delicate figure as it picked its way
through the clutter and nineteenth-century Paris, I knew that this black-clad darkhaired
gentleman, so lean, so finely sculpted, so sensitive in all his lineaments,” -The Vampire Armand

“it seemed to me that he was a vision of male perfection […] his curly black hair […] combed back over his ears and curling above his collar” -Merrick

“he seemed a young man of twenty-four–with sharply defined and beautiful features, and gaunt well-modeled cheeks.” -Merrick

That only took forever… even with all my dog-ears… anyways, Louis is a pale skinny dude with a Beauteous Male Model face, short, curly black hair, and green eyes, as described over and over and over and over again in almost every book. Brad Pitt was way off.

Also I think this accidentally became a testament to how fucking gay everyone is for Louis, it’s really unbelievable. I even tried to cut out most of the superfluous gay bits and still,

“And I realized what a dreadful
change had come over his narrow face” – Tale of the Body Thief 

hello baby!! I was wondring 1) why are your fave tye of witch? and 2) have you seen american horror story coven? what do you think of them if have? have a nice day!!!


Fave type of witch? Um, are they all clearly defined into categories? I like all of them! All the witches! Fictional and real. In retrospect, I like Merrick Mayfair more and more, but I still wish that book had been written from her POV and that it would have included more actual witchcraft, but oh well, that’s what fanworks are for. 


[art by Thomas Blackshear, very Gustav Klimt, oui? A good Merrick.]

If I was going to be a witch myself, I would want to be a modern witch bc easier access to supplies and community, and I’d wear really loose comfy dresses, and crystal jewelry that all had functional purposes… I’d have some good vintage equipment like a knife with fancy filigree, good durable ankle boots.

AHS: 1st or 2nd season, I used to look forward to and watch episodes with a skype group and chat w/ ppl  during the eps, but when that group stopped doing that I sorta lost interest in the series altogether. 

I’ve seen bits of AHS since then, but not the coven season, which I should bc it takes place in NOLA. Those witches look like BAMFs for sure. I’ll give it another try, bc we got that great Surprise B*tch line from it 😉

I just finished Merrick, and good Lord in heaven did I cry!! Why would she trick us like that?! First Armand and now Louis, what’s next! My heart can’t handle it, whatever it is

*hugs* I know your pain! Both were very hard things to put us through. I still remember how I felt when I first read *that part* in Merrick and I was like:


And then we didn’t even get the scene w/ Lestat… um… continuing to save the day night? C’MON.

(I still think Merrick would have been a far better story told from Merrick herself or Louis rather than being told to us through a 3rd wheel; oh well, it is what it is.)


BUT ANYWAY We have Louis back! I can’t see AR doing something like this to us again re: Louis or Armand bc the current trend is everybody getting along and living in peace, basically. I’m expecting more action from the Replimoids or the ghosts in the next book, or maybe a VC wedding between L/L like she’s teased before (and I only really want it if Lestat is a total bridezilla) but WHO KNOWS? 

So I don’t think she’s going to do anything like this again to our faves but clearly nothing is off-limits, no one is really safe, so we’ll all just have to wait ‘n seeeee and get each other through whatever it is…

IDK that AR herself considers Merrick to be canon bc it’s not in the Official VC FB banner (it’s a hybrid VC/Mayfair) so if you wanted to just not accept it as canon that’s fine, too.

I saw someone asking about if vampires could have their picture taken and IIRC in Merrick Louis had a photograph of Claudia so it seems like vampires can have their picture taken right?

Yes, that’s in Merrick. It seems like Ricean vampires can be captured with photography, film, and video.


[^X not quite the right Claudia, but this is an evocative photo titled Livia by Frederick Sommer.]

Louis tells David about it:

“But the photographs, the daguerreotypes, that’s what she wanted, the real image of herself on glass…. But then years later, when we reached Paris, in those lovely nights before we ever happened upon the Théâtre  des Vampires and the monsters who would destroy her, she found that the magic pictures could be taken at night, with artificial light!“ 

He seemed to be reliving the experience painfully, I remained quiet. 

“You can’t imagine her excitement. She had seen an exhibit by the famous photographer Nadar of pictures from the Paris catacombs. Pictures of cartloads of human bones. Nadar was quite the man, as I’m sure you know. She was thrilled by the pictures. She went to his studio, by special appointment, in the evening, and there this picture was made." 

He came towards me. 

"It’s a dim picture. It took an age for all the mirrors and the artificial lamps to do their work. And Claudia stood still for so long, well, only a vampire child might have worked such a trick. But she was very pleased with it. She kept it on her dressing table in the Hotel Saint-Gabriel, the last place that we ever called our home. We had such lovely rooms there. It was near to the Opera. I don’t think she ever unpacked the painted portraits. It was this that mattered to her. I’d actually thought she would come to be happy in Paris. Maybe she would have been … But there wasn’t time. This little picture, she felt it was only the beginning, and planned to return to Nadar with an even lovelier dress.”

Dear Lestat: According to David, while Louis was bewitched by Merrick, he appeared in your New Orleans flat wearing a “handsome gray velvet suit, and…dark violet tie.” Given Louis’ well-known indifference to fashion, and given the dearth of such outfits pret-a-porter in the year 2000, where, one wonders, did Louis find such an ensemble on short notice? Did your darling fledgling BORROW YOUR CLOTHES to impress the girl?

Mademoiselle King, I am struck by your attention to detail, well done *applauds*


Ordinarily, you might think that information like this would send me into a froth of jealous rage, that he would wear my clothes to court a witch while I lay incapacitated and alone on the cold stone floor. The real fury was at the larger issue, that she had plotted this all out and ensnared him, and that we almost lost him forever! What he was wearing, destroyed, presumably to impress her, was a misdemeanor.

Fury. Death for her for her crimes… would have happened, had I not heard the entire story from everyone involved. I heard it in more variation than I would have liked, considering that it all boiled down to – as you put it so concisely – that Louis was completely bewitched by Merrick. So thoroughly bewitched that he did things he would not have ordinarily done. I forgave him his trespasses, and I forgave Merrick for what she did to him, because at the end of it all, she did come to love him, and wanted to give more than what she originally sought to take from him. I felt that she had earned a place in our coven, but perhaps she had bewitched me, as well. She was a powerful witch.

As he’s told me of that particular infraction – and mind you, he is always welcome to the contents of my closet, and it usually charms me when he wears anything of mine – it happened quite by accident. 

If you recall, I was not myself. Louis had visited my quarters and spent some time reminiscing among my things, seeking some clarity from the thick confusion Merrick had spun in his mind by that point, seeking a key that might wake me from my sleep. He put on that suit and tie, and several of my rings, being one of the last outfits he had seen me wear in livelier times, and fell into some contemplation there, in my room. 

When the time called for it, without even thinking to change, he flew to her. So he was wearing it when he met with her.