Hello again, I have two questions to ask if you would kindly give me a moment or so of your time. The first actually regards to Marius,Armand, and Daniel ((again)). How would you say Daniel’s realtionship with Marius and Armand differ from one another but still hold similarities? The second question is more so a “what if” question. What if Louis’ brother had been turned and not Louis. How do you think Paul’s (( That’s his name right? )) story would have played out? Happy New Years Eve btw.

Bonjour! Happy very belated NYE to you, too, and I’m sorry this took so long, to be honest, your first question deals with a potentially very controversial topic.

I’m answering this publicly so other ppl can chime in if they feel comfortable doing so.

1|2 [How would you say Daniel’s relationship with Marius and Armand differ from one another but still hold similarities?]


^[X] I don’t know if this is a legit quote from Angelina Jolie (it’s more poignant now that they’re broken up, if so ;A;), BUT. I think the quote makes a good point.

A real relationship may not always be rainbows and sparkles. Someone seeing you at your worst and still loving you. It’s complicated. I know of relationships that seem to be all fluff on the surface, but underneath, resentment grows, when someone in it feels like they’re giving more than they feel is fair, but can’t communicate for fear of making it worse. When you confront your loved one with your issues, sometimes it gets ugly. That’s healthy, to be able to have those difficult conversations to improve things.

So when we compare fictional ships, like real life, there’s much that happens off-screen, whether in individual reader’s headcanons, or reported by unreliable narrators. We get info from canon and work with it. 

Both ships you mention have potentially major controversial stuff about them and this is a blog for entertainment, so I don’t want to get deeply into that. But I would say, in my own reading, that I see both ships as having pairings who deeply care for each other, and express that love in different ways, and they’re not always able to do that smoothly. 

Without meaning any disrespect to other fans, my own interpretation of these two ships is pretty superficial, as they involve characters I haven’t spent as much mental space exploring. 

Daniel/Armand helped each other in many ways during the time that they were together. Daniel taught Armand about the modern world, gave him a will to live, and Armand was endlessly fascinating to Daniel, not only for being a vampire, but because of Armand himself. I do believe Daniel really and truly fell in love with Armand. Their sass was so complementary! And it was NOT all rainbows and sparkles for them, they had a feisty and rocky ship for 10 years! 

The beginning of Daniel/Marius isn’t as explicit in canon… I remember just suddenly finding out sometime after QOTD that Daniel had gone to live with Marius and I was like, “Really?” and it seemed like Marius was in more of a caretaker role with him, as Daniel was somewhat mad, reeling from everything he’d experienced in QOTD, as can happen with fledglings for the first few months/years, and this developed into a legit canon ship between those two. Marius seems to have learned from the past that he can’t have a teacher/student ship and expect it to last, at least to my mind, he treats Daniel with the respect of an emotional equal. Maybe we’ll get more info on them in the next book.

2|2 [What if Louis’ brother had been turned and not Louis. How do you think Paul’s (( That’s his name right? )) story would have played out?]


[X] Yep his name is Paul. That’s really tough bc we barely get to know Paul, except that he’s 15, and deeply religious, ppl think he’s gone mad, so much so that he believes he really had visions of St. Dominic and the Virgin Mary. I think the killing-to-live aspect would have been totally rejected by such a religious person. He probably wouldn’t want to see his own family in his damned state, ever again ;A; Paul would probably rather go into the sun than feed on animals and enjoy any of the vampiric gifts.

The other way Paul might have gone is in deciding that Lestat was an actual angel, and choosing to redirect all his religious fervor towards Lestat… and we don’t need anyone doing that! Lestat says he wants to be worshiped, but I think these are the words of someone who was starved for affection in his formative years. He doesn’t want the unconditional love of a religious zealot, not really. He wants love that has to be earned, over and over again, and the reward of that love is that it’s genuine and not because he’s just that pretty.

So I think Lestat would tire of such a sycophant and move on, Paul would go into the sun. 


OMG! Did you hear about Angelina Jolie divorcing Brad Pitt? I never would of thought those two would separate.

Your message was the first to inform me when I got it 5 days ago! I thought it was a prank but it’s looking pretty real.


I don’t know what to think, I’ve gotten some conflicting information as to why it happened. They’re playing a lot of Angie’s movies on TV (INCLUDING MR. & MRS. SMITH BC DUH), they know we want to see her since it seems like she’s the one initiating the divorce. On the plus side, I finally got around to seeing Maleficent, which I liked. Did you know that baby!Aurora is played by Angie’s daughter Vivienne? It’s a cute little scene.


[X] IDK if this quote is really Angie, but whoever said it was right. It sucks when a relationship ends, especially when there are kids involved. It’s their business and their family’s. Sometimes relationships, whether romantic or platonic, need to end. I’ve had mutual and one-sided breakups, it hurts every time.

I hope it’s not all some big publicity stunt bc neither of them need that, their kids definitely don’t need it.

I’d still take either or both of them in the new VC adaptation, Angelina could be Allesandra… Brad could be someone’s victim! Or an evil elder vampire that gets set on fire >;} PUT YOUR FANGS BACK ON BRAD.

I think rejecting completly an actor for a rumor ( that nobody have ever heard before and just can barely find any information ) is pretty extreme. Leto is a very dedicated and hard-working actor, he have gone to the point of being on a wheelchair just to get a character right. And is a very talented musician. I not even a fan of him, but I do have a lot of respect for his work, and I feel people should give him a chance.

FYI: I am 100% done with this topic and I’m deleting ALL future Asks about it. All. Even if he is cast in the new movie.

There are many places where this topic can be discussed, but it is NOT appropriate on a blog that is here to highlight a certain fandom and is focused on entertainment, and where I do my best to keep it politically-neutral, fair-minded, and civil. That is my prerogative on my own blog. 


To address your points, which are hopefully more naive than trolling for a fight:

  • An actor’s/musician’s dedication to – or quality of – their craft does not eliminate the possibility that they committed crimes of repeated acts of sexual abuse of underage women. Combined with fame, acting skills and musicianship could in fact make someone a more dangerous predator. We’ve seen this happen far too often just in the last decade in the film and music industries.
  • The fact that we can barely find any information about these accusations could mean that the crimes are being covered up by his PR agents or whoever else, not that the crimes did not occur.
  • The fact that we are only now hearing about these accusations could mean any number of things, such as the victims could not come forward sooner, as is the case with many victims of this type of crime. Fear of their attacker is one possible reason; many victims are threatened into silence until they gain enough emotional support and are able to come forward with the truth.
  • If being “extreme” is my rationally stating my own opinion that I wouldn’t cast him if it were up to me, ok, I’m being “extreme.”

So I will restate for the 3rd time what I’ve stated 2x: Currently I don’t want a Leto!Lestat bc true or false, we don’t need that kind of baggage in our fandom, and:

There are PILES of younger actors out there who can play Lestat bc Boone wants this to be a trilogy w/ TV spinoffs and we need someone who can play 20 or 21 yrs old for a long time, and Leto altho he does not look like it is 44 yrs old.

Senpai!!! IS IT TRUE THAT THEY ARE MAKING A REMAKE WITH JARED LETO AS LESTAT??!!! should we accept this?? what do you think??



Josh Boone (who is adapting TVL & he intends to do two more after that) tweeted about that back in May of 2016* but there has been no confirmation or denial from Leto or anyone else about it. So it’s ~speculation~

It was just announced that Leto is in Blade Runner 2, so he’ll probly be all tied up w/ that and not in stepping into Lestat’s boots and red-velvet cape!:

“Leto will join Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis, and Ana de Armas when Blade Runner 2 hits theaters October 6th, 2017.” [X]

*Although I may have acted somewhat excited about it a few months ago (and I don’t want to edit the post bc that’s a time capsule as to how I felt then), currently I don’t want a Leto!Lestat bc of the accusations against Leto, which you can google yourself bc I’m NOT going there. True or false, we don’t need that kind of baggage in our fandom, and there are PILES of younger actors out there who can play Lestat bc Boone wants this to be a trilogy w/ TV spinoffs and we need someone who can play 20 or 21 yrs old for a long time, and Leto altho he does not look like it is 44 yrs old.

Who would you cast in a gender bent version of the chronicles? Eva Green is my top nomination

Eva Green for which character? I confess I haven’t done a whole lot of consideration for this bc genderswapping is very hard if you’re doing it for serious, but I threw some together for fun *u*


^Louise de Pointe du Lac maybe? She has death-glares down to a science, she has the right kind of delicate but strong features, and a lot of dignity about her.


^Taylor Swift for Lestelle de Lioncourt [bc of this post right here] – I’m sorry @queenofthesavagegarden, Margot Robbie is beautiful and a great second option, but for me, Taylor is also a singer and that’s a big part of the requirement for me! ;A;


^Kristen Stewart as Nicola de Lenfent if she would be willing to play another vampire! A sassy one, this time. In a lesbian ship.

Hit the jump for moar.


^Gillian Anderson as the cruel bully Marquise Valerie de Lioncourt.


^David Bowie as Gabriel de Lioncourt (hey you didn’t say they had to be available ;A;) CAN U IMAGINE if Taylor!Lestat got to turn her dad, Bowie!Gabrielle?? How magical??!


^Sendhil Ramamurthy as Akashad, King of the Damned.


^We have fanart of Mariella de Romanus and Andrea? Hmmm? [Source unknown]


^Angelina Jolie as Maelia? Hmm? Druid priestess?


^My dream choice for genderswapped Maharet & Mekare. Stefano Masciolini. [X]

He could play both H’Maret & Kemare. Those sound like more masculine names.

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