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Vampires Cosplaying other Vampires for VCInktober 2018!!!

Here we have Daniel and Armand dressed as Eli and Oskar from Let the Right One In.



Lestat’s reaction to reviews of his later works… 

[Character design: liquorandptsdvarietyshow; animation: i-want-my-iwtv]









Has this been done already or

This is the most relatable version of this I’ve seen yet


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Something I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while now, as I’ve seen it affect other content creators… We might advocate for positivity, but that doesn’t make us invincible 😔 Please be mindful of what you send to people you follow.

(I am reposting this from twitter, I don’t know if OP has it posted on another tumblr, if so, I will delete this and reblog from OP.)

It’s a powerful message and a good reminder, especially for blogs like mine that advocate for positivity. I have my moments, like any other mortal human being. I stress, I make mistakes, and I apologize. I try to make peace when possible. 

While this blog advocates positivity, it is run by a flawed human being who makes mistakes and is not a walking Google search bar, not Siri, not an ethereal incarnation of constant positivity.

“We’re women, we’re human beings too, and we’re allowed to be as upset, mad or grumpy as we wish to be, for as long as we want.”

OMG! I just found behind the scenes footage of Interview with the Vampire. It shows mostly Tom Cruise, a little bit of Anne Rice and a little bit of Brad Pitt. The video was uploaded by WalrusRider and the video is called Tom Cruise – “Interview With a Vampire” On Set Footage. Not sure if you’ve seen it already but if you haven’t check it out.



It’s so fun to see at least this shot from the other side of the door, lol…


I’ll transcribe it somewhat for y’all:

The narrator is all about the *~secrecy~* like of course Tom Cruise wanted to keep the secrecy of his costumes and makeup and whatever, so as not to spoil the surprise! We have closed sets all the time these days and back then. I don’t think that was just Tom, I think everyone involved in making the movie wanted that secrecy.

  • The narrator pronounces his name the way AR prefers, not the way it’s pronounced in the movie
  • Claudia at 0:15!
  • Makeup touch up!

^X Bruh. 

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The world sucks right now. Can I please get a hug? And an embarrassing story about Steve to take my mind off things?


i’m delegating my hugging duties to dogs. to all dogs. don’t worry, they’re great at it. discuss the terms of your hug with the next dog you meet. he’ll know what you’re talking about. (if you’re allergic to fur, i recommend a snake. they are also excellent huggers.)

and since im talking about snakes anyways, here’s a snake story. i didn’t get to see this one first hand, but us 107th guys spent a bit of time with the Star-Spangled Showgirls after the rescue, and a lovely lady named molly told me about this. 

molly’s still around, and she tells this story much better than me, but you’ll have to make do with my version.

when the star-spangled show was on tour, they went all over the country, hitting every major city they could, and some not-so-major cities in between. in the major cities, they had proper opera houses and concert venues to use. in smaller towns…not so much. school gyms, community centers, and public park bandstands all hosted steve’s spangly ass. they found dressing rooms where they could, but often they had to share, since the show included some fifty-odd female performers, and the only male actors were steve and hitler. (…the guy who played hitler. the real hitler was pretty busy being a huge jerkwad somewhere in germany at that point.) so sometimes steve and fake-adolph wound up with a curtained-off corner of the girl’s dressing room.

which was pretty much the setup in nowheresville, arizona. they were in a community center, and the dressing room was an indoor tennis court. steve and the hitlerganger were chatting and waiting for the girls to give them the ‘we’re decent, you can come out’ all clear, when the screaming started. 

you ever hear fifty terrified showgirls screaming? it’s a miracle that none of the windows shattered. 

anyway, steve and hitler came charging out to see what was happening. half the girls were standing on top of the makeup tables and chairs, mostly ringed around one corner. steve had had the presence of mind to grab his shield, and he pushed his way (gently, because he’s polite to ladies) through the crowd to see what was up.

in the corner was a snake. steve swears it was five feet if it was an inch. molly says it was two feet, max.  

steve, having no idea what to do but doomed to heroism anyway, did what steve always does when he’s stymied: he threw his shield at it. 

well, not at it. technically, his shield landed on top of it, so that it was trapped in the concave part. steve jumped after and held the shield down so it couldn’t get out. crisis averted!

crisis not averted. this was steve’s original kite shield, not the dome shield howard made him. which meant that the snake very easily slid out the open side, and promptly bit steve in the hand.

steve screamed. a window shattered from the pitch. (or at least, a window shattered when molly tells the story. steve says she’s lying, but he also gets really, really red, so…) 

as steve contemplated his imminent death by snake venom, ruby, who was from arizona, stepped up and grabbed the snake. it let go of steve, and she stood there, holding it, until steve opened his eyes. 

molly said she’s never saw a better ‘really very unimpressed’ face than ruby’s right then. 

ruby held up the snake and said, ‘steven. this is a milk snake. they’re harmless. you just scared the daylights out of this poor thing.’ and then she made steve take the snake and carry it outside. 

molly says steve held that snake the way most girls would hold a dead rat, but by the time they found a suitable spot to release it, he’d made friends and decided to name it gary. 

steve watched gary slide off into the underbrush. and then he turned around and realized he was surrounded by partially-dressed showgirls, many of whom were still in their underwear, and went bright, flaming red.