I’ve had soooooo many requests for Armand and Marius sitting in my inbox and finally drew it! The pose is inspired by SEVERAL Gaston Bussière paintings, he is a master of hugs- more specifically his paintings of Elsa and Lohengrin. So tender!

I wanted to do some splendid looking clothing and did not have to stray far for inspiration. @amadeo-child-of-the-renaissance is an AMAZING costume designer this Amadeo was the reference. As for Marius, please admire tico_cosplay and her amazing portrayal. VC is such a small and talented community, I feel so lucky to take part!

This is also a thank you to all of the amazing Armand rpers I’ve had the pleasure of writing with. You’re all so sweet and talented and bring so many fascinating images to life. ❤ 

I just got my hands on The Vampire Armand and Blood and Gold. But is it important to read Armand’s story before Marius’s? Or should I read Marius’s then Armand’s? What’s your hot take?

Personally, I would always recommend reading them in order of publication, bc that’s the order AR explored the characters and their stories. And some things may be mentioned in B&G that would spoil TVA. 

TVA has a lot more of the problematic stuff re: Amadeo/Marius as a ship, so if you’re not interested in that, you might want to avoid it entirely. 

I admit that I like Armand more as a character than Marius, I enjoy his voice, the framing of that story in terms of what’s happening with the other characters at that point in canon, and TVA obvs has more focus on Armand, and, I think, TVA is a better story overall, so I prefer that book entirely, but that’s just me!

Anyone can add their thoughts on this, too 😀

I got this message from someone a few days ago and responded privately, but I thought this was good tumblr etiquette to share. I will be tagging any shipping stuff related to Armand and Marius as “#mariusxarmand” so that it can be blocked. 

It’s absolutely totally okay to ask for a ship to be blocked. I can’t accommodate all tagging requests (like this pomegranate post that someone wanted OP to tag as gore, and I see both sides of the issue, but I am human and can’t tag everything), this one seemed very reasonable. 

I won’t ask others to tag shipping stuff related to Armand and Marius as “#mariusxarmand” (you can if you want to) but it would be nice if you could comment/reblog this with any ship names you do tag, maybe it would be helpful for this anon or others to block other ship’s shipping stuff they do not want on their dash.

I’m sorry if you thought I just was goading you or wanting you to do the heavy lifting for me when it came to thinking. That wasn’t my intention. I’m just fairly new and overwhelmed to this fandom and saw your blog as something interesting and relatable, non-shaming and knowledgeable. I apologize for being a bother, that wasn’t the intent. I have my own opinions, have been searching for all kinds of information and opinions. I apologize again, thank you deeply for your answer.

Hi Anon, thank u for coming back! You’re welcome for that answer (so good to know you appreciated it), but gosh, I’m so sorry for misreading your intentions 



It’s so easy to misread unintended emotions into text, especially when it’s such a short note. I apologize if my answer came off as crushing to you specifically.

I’ve seen so much Discourse from anti-shippers lately that I may be a little predisposed to seeing it in innocent asks, too. Engaging with the question itself could invite Discourse, so my response was more about supporting shippers as a general rule.

I absolutely never intend to shame other fans, I hope that much came through in my response and in my other posts. I do want my blog to be seen as something interesting and relatable, non-shaming and knowledgeable, but I’m absolutely not the authority on VC. Even the “Marges” of the fandom have every right to do what they do, I just choose not to engage with them. I wanted to make a point of identifying them for others, like you, so that you know that their way is not the only way, and they are not the authority on VC, either.

Your being fairly new and overwhelmed to this fandom, let me tell you, it’s a series about murderers, lovers, wacky shit, silliness, some religious stuff mixed in heavily, re-invention of the vampire origin story, etc. It’s not for the faint of heart but if you can manage not to take it too


you’ll probably have a better time. Please don’t let this one little interaction deter you from reading the books and/or making friends here, bc I’ve met some of my best friends through VC, honed my own writing, shared headcanons, etc., and I would wish all the good aspects of fandom on every new fan ❤

P.S. To answer your previous question a little more gently, Marius/Armand appeals to some fans bc of the taboo nature of it. It disgusts some fans bc of that, too. There’s no right or wrong. My opinion is that I like exploring scary things in fiction even if they’re dressed up to look good, so I would say it’s a perfectly decent ship to ship, even if Anne Rice holds it out as an ideal relationship.

Again, I’m not well-educated on the horror/goth lit aspect so I can’t fully address that, but I would think that Anne Rice had read some of those, and was inspired by them, that she felt her writing (especially in IWTV) was a natural update and/or extension of those characters/tropes/stories.

Marius himself is a character who is probably largely based on the benefactor characters in Dickens that Anne Rice has always loved. She mixed that in with some Daddy kink, some *healing dick* trope, and overall Father-knows-best sort of attitude, and that’s basically Marius. Is he a pedophile? That’s for the reader to decide. Again, I don’t want to make that distinction for you. I’m not interested in getting into a debate about it with the “Marges” of fandom, and tbh, I would recommend that you don’t try them, either, especially being fairly new and overwhelmed as it is.

Have an open mind, read the text yourself. Try to enjoy what you can. It’s a buffet, you don’t need to like all of it 😉