Nicolas has come to visit Lestat and Armand after such a long long time apart…
Photoshop + Pencils. I know Nicki will never return to the Vampire Chronicles but LET A MAN DREAM, OK????

Lestat is less than enthused and Armand probably has a thing for leather jackets that he is really trying to suppress. 



Vampire Chronicles people, help me.  Has anyone done any fan art of Lestat in his violet-tinted glasses from the books?  My heart needs it.  Please advise.

Hmm, I have a bad habit of not tagging shit but maybe @i-want-my-iwtv has something

YES. My tag for that is #those violet shades, where you’ll find a few pieces like that.

BUT! I also have a tag for when he’s wearing other #sunglasses, they might not be violet, might not be fanart of Lestat specifically but… it is what it is…


♡InktoberVC day 7(but day 1 for me ): Lestat’s most ridiculous sunglasses!

pls forgive me with the rough manga and if my English is incorrect. It’s time to sleep…⚰️💤

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@good-evening-kiss let me share this update on their InktoberVC piece! ;D

HEYYYYY MY DEAR I have a question. Do Louis and Lestat ever put makeup on eachother? And if they do, who prefers what style of makeup? (Like Lestat likes a winged eyeliner on Louis etc)

Yes, definitely! Lestat wears makeup often, typically at least guyliner (black or dark blue) and a lightweight (as in, not too “gluey”), organic lipgloss, with a rosy tint. Neither of them typically wear makeup that’s very scented or flavored, since they find those pretty chemically distasteful. 

It’s canon that Lestat wears violet shades much of the time, which are not opaque, tinted just enough to diffuse a little of the dazzling effect of his eye color but allow the artistry of his makeup to be visible. 

Louis will not put on makeup unless Lestat requests it, but does admit that it gives him an otherworldly quality. He prefers a light smokey eye and a hint of blush. 

Despite his strenuous efforts to improve, Lestat is not as talented at drawing winged eyeliner, so whenever he wants that look he has to ask Louis to do it for him. Lestat also really enjoys playing w/ metallic powders [X]:


Sometimes Lestat will see a look in a work of art, magazine, or movie, and he wants to try it out on himself or Louis. He’s copied several of David Bowie’s looks. Some nights they both get all glamorous in order to better entice victims (murderous transphobic/homophobic bigots are a favorite dinner). 


Louis’ first makeover was done by Claudia (fanart by @obsessional-ram!), and he resisted at first, but it was a battle he couldn’t hope to win as she pushed him down to her level and began applying foundation and eyeshadow primer. She went for an orchid-inspired look, w/ pastel shades and then deepened the contrast with his eyes with teal green and gold eyeshadow colors, a cool-toned smokey overlay, mascara, and warm lavender blush. A deep berry lip tint completed the look.

She also braided tiny light-colored flowers into his hair, and put him in one of the maid’s dresses.

When Lestat came out of the bath, where he had been for about an hour, he was struck by the enhancements and made some mumbled excuse as to why he needed Louis’ attention immediately… and privately. Claudia was very proud of herself for producing such a positive reaction, even though on the surface she kicked and complained at being thrown out of the house on an obviously unnecessary errand “Go get us more… ah… matches! From across town!” 

The very next night, Lestat had her try out bold eyeshadows and powders on himself ;D

In canon, Lestat wears makeup at least for camouflage:

“I covered up my blue eyes, as always, with black glasses, lest their radiance mesmerize and entrance at random – a real nuisance – and over my delicate white hands, with their telltale glassy fingernails, I drew the usual pair of soft gray leather gloves.”  – Tale of the Body Thief

“Ah, a bit of oily brown camouflage for the skin. I smoothed the lotion over my cheekbones, over the bit of neck and chest that was bare.”

Tale of the Body Thief



pravacouture said: it’s rough because his ego is insane….

I actually adore reading books from Lestat’s point of view because he is in all seriousness the most honest narrator I’ve ever encountered in fiction. He couldn’t care less if something he says is so embarrassing the reader (meeeeeee) has to put down the book and cover their face for five entire minutes before they can pick it up again. He owns it and everyone, everyone (from readers to characters) loves him for it.

And it’s actually pretty refreshing to come out of Interview with a Vampire into The Vampire Lestat. It’s literally like going from Louis lying to your face while he cries and blows his nose on your t shirt to Lestat bursting through your bedroom door with a full chorus behind him performing Uptown Funk.


#it got better