Nicolas has come to visit Lestat and Armand after such a long long time apart…
Photoshop + Pencils. I know Nicki will never return to the Vampire Chronicles but LET A MAN DREAM, OK????

Lestat is less than enthused and Armand probably has a thing for leather jackets that he is really trying to suppress. 




Mostly an excuse to draw Lestat in that outfit because honestly he would.



♡InktoberVC day 2: Blood Communion!

Taking a photo as a memento of the publication of the new book, somehow.

Coffee shop AUs redefine escapism from wild fantasies about dragons and space travel to the comforting ideal of having a steady job and supportive relationships.
For a generation who came of age during the Great Recession, living in a time of constant political trauma, it’s not hard to understand the appeal.

How coffee shop romance became fanfic’s hottest genre

(via dailydot)

This article features fanart by @sheepskeleton of the coffee shop AU that @wicked-felina and I wrote!

The fic is called Signature Blend, and there are additional chapters called the Last Drop. 

Fanart used with permission from both of us and the artist, @sheepskeleton:



“None of us really changes over time. We only become more fully what we are.”




if i had a faster artistic output i’d spend the rest of my life drawing VC as a reality show

if i had a huge sum of money i’d spend it on your drawing VC as a reality show



Vampire Chronicles people, help me.  Has anyone done any fan art of Lestat in his violet-tinted glasses from the books?  My heart needs it.  Please advise.

Hmm, I have a bad habit of not tagging shit but maybe @i-want-my-iwtv has something

YES. My tag for that is #those violet shades, where you’ll find a few pieces like that.

BUT! I also have a tag for when he’s wearing other #sunglasses, they might not be violet, might not be fanart of Lestat specifically but… it is what it is…