i’d been talking to my sister about how the coven is like family that tolerate/love each other, then hate each over & over. only bc vampires it’s like hundreds of years instead of between holidays. we decided it reminded us of southern folk most bc lord god if any group is BEST at interchanging PA tolerance and grudging love, it’s

kinfolk south of the mason-dixon line. bless their hearts.

so then southern family mortal AU

armand is clearly the spoiled baby of the family who has fucked everyone over at least once being selfish & lestat is the black sheep. louis exists between being embarrassed by and endeared to them kinda like canon Huh



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(“☺ —— A headcanon about my character’s feet.” <— this is sort of a lame question on its own so let me enhance it) Being that you're such an adventurer of unbeaten trails, do you prefer to go barefoot in the jungles, is there a brand of boot you prefer, or do you make your own footwear?


I do not travel the jungle barefoot, though I have done in the past. 

The last two centuries have provided amazing advancements in footwear that is meant purely for hiking, climbing, and difficult terrain. I tend to veer towards using boots like these, typically brown ones (though black is fine, too). 

I’m pleased to say that, after many Christmases of receiving gowns and jewelry from my son, he seems to have finally caught on (thank you, Louis) and has begun to gift me items I can actually use in the wilds—backpacks, wool socks, coats, durable outer wear, and boots. 

I actually tend to enjoy military issue, as they tend to hold up longer under stress than any commercial brand.