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Now I’ll frighten them away w/ my overly excited reaction here, I tried not to do it for two whole days and I just can’t stop myself!

Thanks for the follow @danyanddany <3! I am so touched bc I have loved your art ever since I was a smaller fanged little trash kitten ^,….,^ I have a few of your gorgeously drawn books, you are a major fandom treasure. 

To the People Off the Page (or whatever we’re calling ourselves these days): If you can afford one or two of Dany&Dany’s books, The Lily & the Rose and Wishing for the Moon are VC must-haves [X], check them out.

Do you have a favorite picture of Louis and Lestat’s passionate kiss from Prince Lestat? Or any Lestat kisses?

Sadly, I’m not aware that anyone has done fanart of that kiss in Prince Lestat yet. #FANART REQUEST. 

We do have other kisses to choose from ♥u♥


^[X] Lestat & Louis by (unknown source).Translation: “I’m… In this I’m the same. In our skin.”

Lestat loves kissing but I don’t have enough fanart of him doing it. Check out:

Lestat usually initiates w/ Louis so at the moment of contact, Louis might not appear to be all that into it, bc he’s pleasantly surprised! He gets into it quickly though ;D


^[X] by @remarried

I ship Armand and Lestat ^-^

They have a bizarre kind of chemistry, don’t they?! If they weren’t both so obsessed with being alpha, they could really enjoy each other. 

This is one of the only fanarts I’ve seen of them in any kind of shippiness, and even then, I think it’s the scene in TVL where Lestat is succumbing to Armand’s illusions. 

“You know it was the damnedest luck!” I whispered suddenly. “I am an unwilling devil. I cry like some vagrant child. I want to go home.”

[Source unknown, even reverse-image searched. Tell me the source if you know it!]

Anyhow they have referred to eachother in canon as being brothers of a sort, so I tag them #murder brothers, if you want more Lestat/Armand action.