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thevampiregirl4321 submitted: Happy Valentine’s day I hope you and Louis have a great day 😉❤

♛Ah merci! Et toi, aussi, mon

partisan. It is night for us, of course, and we should probably refer to all holidays as holinights, which is truer to our unique situation.

He didn’t enjoy the flight here, but he is very pleased to be here now. It has been a great night and continues to be such a vast improvement over last year, in which neither of us planned anything. Fortunately, we improvised.

Last Valentine’s night:



When people complain about pointless shit to you 

When people hate on the profession you want to go into 


When someone brings up a phase you went through and it embarrasses you

When your daughter tries to kill you

When your boyfriend sides with your daughter and tries to kill you too 

When your boyfriend refuses to admit to loving you and leaves you to die of pneumonia at his feet 

When you’re Lestat de Lioncourt but Louis de Pointe du Lac sasses you

Hearing the name Louis de Pointe du Lac 

Who is your asshole boyfriend

My god LOL

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Shaming of the vampires 2/? (

Pt. 1)

interviewed-the-vampire wanted more… so…

[shaming from X, X]





//OOC: Yeah, so here’s actual the question I asked on Facebook AND the response, for those interested, since there’s a version going around without the question. Never actually asked about sex just the depth of the relationship, but Anne does usually throw that in during ship questions. (I still apply fanon logic since Ursula banged Vittorio in his book. Discrepancies, love it for fic and RP reasons.)

Yeah.. well, we all read PL, right? In this book EVERYONE loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in  EVERY moment EVER mentioned! So yeah, of course that Marius loves Daniel. It does not confirm anything.


And sex. Didn’t Lestat say in QOTD that his johnson was like priapus ready for something that could never been performed anymore? Not with pleaure that is. So, well, technically, penetration is possible…but orgasm through that? Nah…

merciful-death said: ooc; Didn’t post the full question because I didn’t want to show disrespect by posting your real name on Tumblr. I apologize.

Yeah, I’d have done the same, Merciful “D”. 😉

//OOC: It was never explicitly stated in PL that Daniel reciprocated feelings for Marius, which is why I asked. With Anne’s response, now we know. Again, the point of this question was the ship, not sex, but the fandom seems incapable of enjoying the happy parts of anything without someone having a fit.

The Vampire Chronicles: If you shipped it, it was or will be canon at some point. The ship whore’s delight.

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