I came across this recap of Blood Communion from an ARC a reader had allegedly received. Uggggh, guys… do you think this is real? Thoughts?

I’m unlurking for this bc #VC News!

It looks pretty legit to me but omg, you guys… My thoughts under the cut bc the review is spoilery.


TL;DR: It looks like AU fanfic to me, and I’m gonna read it bc hey, I always recommend reading the books for the possibility for silliness and/or good bits mixed in among the weirdness, but if this was truly fanfic on AO3 Idk if I’d be reading it. Maybe! I like weird AU fanfic.

And I would also add, again, that we used to call these later books “The Vampire Crackicles” for a reason, they’re living up to the name, lol!

It doesn’t have to be so deep. For me, if I think of these as fanfic AU, I’m less invested, that works well for me. Your headcanon is yours, despite even what’s in canon!!

Keep in mind also, with my comments below, that I’m not responding to the full review and every point, just those things that jumped out to me, and I don’t mean to trample on anyone’s faves. It’s all just my opinion, not any definitive statement as to what anyone else should think ^_________^

Hit the jump for my comments, cut for length and spoilers!

Arjun (Pandora’s abusive progeny),

I don’t remember Arjun being like this before, was he? 

and Baudwin, a bitter fiend who claims to descend from the legendary Gundesanth. (The jury is still out on whether Gundesanth, who appears later and goes by “Santh,” is actually as good as he appears. I kept expecting him to turn on Lestat, and I’m still not convinced by him.)

Stop it with all these new chars gawds. Didn’t we just intro a few legendary vampires with mysterious motivations? *sigh*

I’ve said it before, I do think many of these new chars were brought in as canon fodder to give AR someone to kill that the fans wouldn’t mind her killing as much. We’ll see.

The book is very talky. I miss Anne’s lush descriptions.

She’s telling, not showing. It’s what made Rose such a cardboard cutout. Too much was just told without the experiental aspect AR used to do so well. So we don’t buy any of it bc it’s just infodumped. At least, that’s how it seemed to me.

I also don’t care about the Replimoids (the creatures from Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis) and I find it incredibly fucked up that they seem content to enslave their own clones. 

I agree, I don’t care about them, but also, ugh, Anne’s slave fetish stuff… *sigh* We’ll see what exactly this means, hopefully this was an exaggeration.

• I’m pretty sad that Rhosh and Benedict have already left us. I found them fascinating and I wanted more of their history. Maybe I just have a thing for sweet monks.

I don’t really love them (or have a thing for sweet monks) but at least they had some substance, not another swoony pretty dude musician to add to the bouquet of those, like Antoine, BARF. No offense to ppl who like Antoine, I just feel like he could’ve been more in canon, bringing him back and there was almost no friction? No discussion of how he’d tried to kill Louis and Claudia? The reunion with Lestat? So bittersweet? So much potential drama lost there.

On the other hand, Benedict’s suicide was so deliciously dark. I’m used to Anne’s vampires committing themselves to the sun or the flames. Offering his blood to the coven, plucking out his eyes, requesting kettledrums and the Dies irae… it was all so ancient and sacrificial. I loved it. I still think Benedict was gone too soon, though.

That could be good, sort of taking the Thorne forking over his eyeballs thing to another level! I like this a lot. More gruesome old school vampire coven stuff.

Sounds like smtg Lestat would find really gross in theory but then end up really enjoying as a physical experience bc he’s really and truly nasty at heart lol. Is that bc he’s a vampire or did being a vampire just magnify what he always was? Both, probably.

and the image of Louis, Gabrielle and Marius with their heads twisted completely around took me by surprise. Anne really lingered over those gory details like she did in the older books. 

Twisted completely around WHAT EXCUSE YOU?? Are they dead dead???WTF?? 


Read the comments, they’re not dead dead, but under what circumstances would their heads be “twisted completely around”?? Okay I’m intrigued. Give me some fighting, some warring. Or nightmares, that’s fine, too. Louis did mention way back in IWTV that vampires get terrible nightmares, worse than when they were mortal.

Why would Lestat agree to keep mortal victims in his dungeon? Sure, they’re evildoers, they’re treated well, and Lestat isn’t exactly a paragon of morality, but wouldn’t he encourage the hunt? It seems to me that this practice will make the new crop of young vampires lazy.

Slave fetish again. It’s an evildoer situation tho, so, ok? Idk. I kinda like it, we’ll have to see how this is played out.  Would it make the new vampires lazy? Maybe, but possibly it’s like having a grocery store, which might better support a huge coven of vampires in a small town better than letting them all hunt the poor little village and surrounding areas. Kind of suspicious that whenever there’s a lot of activity at the old de Lioncourt Manor, way more ppl end up dead!

The book felt slightly unfinished to me, perhaps because I have so many questions, and there are so many characters she hasn’t explored in detail, but I still tore through it. Anne’s writing just compels me. One night I read a hundred pages. I wanted more from this book but I still liked it. 

I think she ends books when she feels like she hit enough of her fetishes, lol. She apparently is only planning one more in the pipeline for now. But she’ll stop beating this dead horse when it stops spitting out attention and money. And I’ll keep reading them, however cracky they get!

More than anything, I’m buzzing with anticipation over the upcoming “Vampire Lestat” TV series.

And the TV series again… I’m not holding my breath for that now that Bryan left/was fired, and there’s been very little talk about it in the Rice’s social media. We’ve waited this long, we can keep waiting. It would be nice for it to start airing in Anne’s lifetime, tho.

Aye so I’m thinking of picking up the books but I heard they get pretty bad and u was just wondering what’s your opinion


Define “bad”? Problematic for sure. Squicky for some ppl. Cracky as heck. 

I wanted to delete this ask bc an objective “bad” is so hard to define, especially with regard to fiction in this current wave of scrutiny about it. I think we can all agree on things that are bad in Real Life, but what we’re not agreeing on these days is the role of fiction and Real Life, that consumption/depiction of problematic things =/= endorsement of those things in Real Life. 

(This is all aside from the criticism dealing with the writing itself on its own merits, which, I am pretty forgiving about. I don’t consider my palette as a reader to be all that refined, I’m more interested in the ideas, and I don’t mind as much about the skills of the writer, even one who may have been very good and then devolved over the years. So you’ll have to ask someone else if the writing style is your concern.)

Some books will be loved by some ppl and praised to high heaven, those same books despised by others and cursed for existing, and everything in between.

IDK we used to call the later books “the Vampire Crackicles,” and I for one, would love to bring that back! 

At its core, it is my belief that VC as a whole is a means of demon exorcism and of wish-fulfillment for their author. Sure they have some higher value, if they didn’t, I don’t think the fandom would be as large and as loyal. But VC also has a ton of various kinds of porn, let’s be honest. As a mix of those elements I just described, they do not have to be that deep, they are whatever each individual reader wants them to be. Personally, I really enjoyed the first few, and have found enjoyable stuff even in the crackiest of later canon. If you don’t take them too seriously, it’s worth the effort. But then, I am pretty forgiving and I can do headcanon gymnastics for fun to explain stuff I don’t like, or treat it as AU.

So they can be considered shallow escapism with problematic dysfunctional hipster vampires:


Or, you can dive in and look for deeper meaning, and make richer analysis out of it. It could be that deep, if you want it to be! 


When I got this ask ~6 months ago, it was close to Thanksgiving, I had more pressing real-life things going on like traveling and visiting with family. I also didn’t want to answer it bc I was thinking it might be from a troll. Might be someone asking this in order to trick me into some kind of response that could be a launching pad for Discourse.

Now, time has passed, and having absorbed plenty of fiction =/= reality, anti-anti-shipping, and pro-shipping blog posts, I’m not afraid. Of the two possible approaches above (and there are others, of course), you don’t need to pick a side. Sometimes it can be deep, and sometimes not. You don’t have to defend liking it one way or the other, it’s fiction. It’s whatever any individual reader wants it to be, and keep that in mind when you read. Your reading is your own. Your headcanon is your own. Don’t let ppl concern-troll you, policing what you enjoy in fiction. I’m being a little forceful here bc I want to give you the confidence to know and believe: You. Can. Read. AND. Write. Whatever. You. Want.

Anon, you might be a troll, but this is also an honest question ppl have had about this series over the years. I want to believe you’re coming to this honestly and not trying to start something. 

I feel like I’m going to get redundant… to wrap up, the most recent and I would say, the Crackiest of the Crackicles, advertised as:

“There is always room for one more vampire novel.”

Couldn’t agree more ;D


^At Powell’s book store in Portland, Oregon. 10/30/17. 

Hope that helped, Anon!

stores to cry in, rated


wal-mart: pedestrian, boring, you can do better. 2/10

target: a slightly better crying experience than wal-mart. the scent is strangely comforting, the lights however are too bright and make for a slightly unpleasant cry. there is however oftentimes a starbucks and a mini pizza hut inside for you to drown your sorrows in. 6/10, points for optimal post-cry atmosphere

an apple store: absolutely not. people cry in the apple store all the time because they cant afford the latest rose gold bullshit apple’s put out. overdone and cliche. 1/10

publix: points lost for the sterile and inhospitable environment but if you cry in a publix a gator WILL smell your tears and come to eat you. being eaten by a gator is in fact slightly preferable to crying in a publix. 6/10 for the gator

whole foods: an excellent place for a cry, people will probably assume that you are a wealthy emotional person who cant decide between quinoa or couscous and are having a real problem with it. 8.5/10

nordstrom: plenty of chairs for collapsing into especially in the shoe department but you WILL be accosted by salespeople. they work on commission and are hungry for your money. 7/10 for style

ikea: OPTIMAL crying destination, can climb into a bed and have a total mental breakdown and nobody will ever be the wiser, the employees WILL NOT bother you under any circumstances, comfortable and accessible, 10/10

hot topic: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0/10

heyyy yy i’ve been out of the fandom for a while but i heard a new book about lestat and atlantis has been published. now, i don’t think i’m going to read it since i was pretty disappointed by the previous one so, could you please give an honest opinion on the book, if you’ve read it?

Hey, welcome back! 

Indeed, we have Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis (PLROA). It’s the most recent book. We’re expecting at least one more installment after this one, no date has been given yet. 

  • @bluestockingcouture — Ok I can’t phrase this very well, but tumblr won’t let me tag them, so I made a link to my reblog of their post in which they share that they wrote a 1,800 word review of PLROA that quotes Rousseau, so you might want to check that out on goodreads. (spoiler cut is there)
  • Here’s another by Kirkus Reviews 2016-10-19. (spoilers in full view)

To be honest, near the end of PLROA I had to put it down bc it was about to launch into a monologue from a new character who I don’t really feel much affection for, and so I still haven’t finished it, but I am thoroughly spoiled as to what happens bc I love being spoiled. 

There were many moments where I smiled bc it reminded me of the way the characters behaved in earlier books, there’s some development as to their current status, there’s some great little moments between them, and I think it’s worth reading for those gems.

I’ve always been able to read VC and cherry pick the things that I like (a good chunk of dialogue here or there, or something that seems to give more clarification to the established world/characters, etc.) and I have a flexible headcanon, so I can accept or not accept things based on the fanfic I’m reading, too, depending on what canon it relies on. 

Having said that, PLROA feels very much like what would happen if one novel you were working on needed life support and you added your much more popular character(s) into it as a means of rescuing it. 

“I was working on a novel called Born for Atlantis, and I just couldn’t get it to work. I thought, “What if I could somehow combine this with Lestat and the vampires?” And it was like, everything worked. Something happens to me when I write from Lestat’s point of view. There’s no question about it. By the time I was done, it felt inevitable, like it always had been…. It was a rare experience.”

^Anne Rice, Entertainment Weekly (August 5, 2016) [X] I’m glad that she shared that with us, because it explains why she brought these things together. Even if she hadn’t admitted as such, I think we would have been able to piece that together. 


Some things are good on their own, some ideas can be brought together and the result is wonderful alchemy! But I think in this case, it felt like someone had dumped a river of ketchup on an icecream sundae. PLROA might count as what the fandom used to lovingly call the Vampire Crackicles.

Back then, we could have a good time, even when canon was wild. We could make fun of Lestat being a huge baby about his foot size in Blood Canticle:

Seldom did I see my feet in black socks. I knew almost nothing personally about my feet. They looked rather small for the twenty-first century. Bad luck. But six feet was still a good height.

Or, also in Blood Canticle, Lestat fixated by ice cubes:

…the sparkle in the ice cubes, the Miracle of the Ice Cubes.

^Our old familiar canon Rice Caps! Why can’t these things be funny anymore?

Or are the wacky things in PLROA too wacky to even find endearing? We do tentatively joke about PLROA, but not as robustly as we did over those older Vampire Crackicles. Maybe in a few years we’ll be more vocal about it, bc there will be even crazier canon. Lestat goes to Mars! Lestat ages backwards like Benjamin Button! Lestat accidentally destroys Alaska! 

So IDK, I always recommend that ppl read the books before they judge them, but I think it’s easier to enjoy the wackiness if you can take it less seriously. 


I’m back here to recommend another movie but this one is way more personal to me. Its Only lovers left alive by Jim Jarmusch.

You know, movies nowadays are more close to people when it comes to representation. You can see all kinds of characters, like them and dislike. Somehow I’ve never came across any movie that shows my type of characters and/or my way of living. However Only lovers left alive did it in a second. 

What about this movie that made it so personal to me? Characters, both of the main characters are related to me, I have a good part of Adam and Eve in my mind. The way of living, hobbies, free time spending, relationships, talking topics, things they admire… This movie is a slice of life, full of calm, 

contemplative look at everythng going around. It’s visually pleasing, everything about it is full of meditation, inner connection. Characters are looking at life like they are in a museum. They share they emotions about every piece of art, is it new music or nature wonders, old buildings or beautiful people… they are very natural to themselves as if nobody is looking.

I loved a philosophy fight between Adam’s dissapointment in life and Eve’s calm admiration of it. I loved that no matter how many death they had around themselves, they are ready to see beauty of life. 

Another thing about this movie that makes it a visual art to me is its cast. I’m a big fan Tilda Swinton and she is gorgeous in this movie. I also watched it because of Tom Hiddleston, and if you liked him in other roles, you will be pleased too. These two actors made a perfect image to me, I find androgyny very beautiful, it’s a blessing to my eyes and this movie delivered it exactly how I needed. 

I didn’t spoil you anything, so I hope it will be interesting to you. The movie is a bit specific: very calm, no plot, no action, no drama or romance… but it’s a beautiful piece of still life, so close to me that I could not help but mention it.

“Life is about surviving things, appreciating nature, nurturing kindness and friendship… and dancing.” [X]

^Also, cute moments like this!



Where do you think Van Gogh rates in the history of art?

Have you read Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis? If so, can I skip Kapetria’s Tale and still understand the rest of the book? Her story is SO boring and its been holding me back from finishing the book for weeks.


I liveblogged my readthrough of that damn book: it’s all under the ROA and THREAT LEVEL: PRINCE LESTAT tags over at @gothiccharmschool.

Kapetria’s Tale and the saga of the Replimoids are simultaneously the most boring and the most cracky sections of the book. I cackled over the Space Birb aliens that created the Replimoids, but I don’t think I’ll ever reread those sections.

The sections about the hijinks of Lestat and his vampire court? Those are more like what I want/expect from a Vampire Chronicles book. For example, I am terribly fond of Prince Lestat, and have reread it a couple of times. Is it as good as the original Vampire Chronicles trilogy? No.  

Finally, Anne Rice has stated herself (not that I can find links to the interviews where she said it) that she had been working on a stand-alone Atlantis book for over a decade, but couldn’t get it to where she was happy with it, and decided that it should be combined with a Vampire Chronicles book. I … do not agree with her authorial choices about this. 

TL;DR: No one should feel they have to slog through Kapetria’s Tale in RoA. Yes, it ends up changing the whole mythology and backstory of the vampires, but … I reject those changes. 

Thanks for your addition, @gothiccharmschool! Very much appreciated, and I am with you 100% on wanting more hijinks of Lestat and his vampire court! Good reminder about reading your liveblog of PLROA, I’m sure your liveblog can help me get through it. 

Re: Finally, Anne Rice has stated herself (not that I can find links to the interviews where she said it) that she had been working on a stand-alone Atlantis book for over a decade, but couldn’t get it to where she was happy with it, and decided that it should be combined with a Vampire Chronicles book. I … do not agree with her authorial choices about this. 

I, too, do not agree with her authorial choices about this. Here’s her quote about doing her specialty VC-mashup funtimes for PLROA:




… i, too, am unable to finish PLROA for MONTHS bc of Kapetria’s Tale! FOR THE SAME REASONS. I mean maybe it’s not boring to some ppl? But for me, I’m just… I was weirded out before by the Replimoids and getting to her tale I just didn’t want to buy more of what was being sold. 

So I have been really struggling to pick it up again EVEN THO IT IS RIGHT ON MY DESK IN PLAIN VIEW, mocking me every day that I don’t just CRACK IT OPEN AND TAKE MY MEDICINE like I should if I really cared about this series (which I clearly do).

I went and asked around & skimmed ahead bc I very much like to be spoiled, and I won’t spoil you here, but from what I skimmed and from what I’ve been told, I don’t think you need to know Kapetria’s Tale to understand the rest of the book. It goes back to our vampires and their shenanigans and SCIENCE, and in the old days we might have called this all very “cracky” stuff, but the ending might even have been written before the Atlantis portion was added in, it seems to depend so little on it, but again, that’s from my spoilage. 

…But currently? What are ppl’s thoughts on how PLROA ends? I would like ppl to speak freely, so there may be spoilers in comments/reblogs. 

Message me privately, if you prefer, and I’ll add it to this post under a cut if it’s spoilery.

“I was working on a novel called Born for Atlantis, and I just couldn’t get it to work. I thought, “What if I could somehow combine this with Lestat and the vampires?” And it was like, everything worked. Something happens to me when I write from Lestat’s point of view. There’s no question about it. By the time I was done, it felt inevitable, like it always had been…. It was a rare experience.”

^Anne Rice, Entertainment Weekly (August 5, 2016) [X]




This evening I wrote a 1,800 word review of ’Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis’ that quotes Rousseau, which was some distraction from the headachey fatigue at the tail end of this damned virus.

I am pleased you’re distracting yourself and feeling somewhat better – long may it continue – and very pleased you’ve posted your review here, because I wanted to share it with @i-want-my-iwtv and this makes it easier. It’s a very well-written review!

Oh cool! Thanks @katzenfabrik. I enjoyed @bluestockingcouture’s review, even tho I haven’t finished reading PLROA myself (I love being spoiled tho, so no worries there). 

Yes, ppl, send me links to your PLROA reviews, I want to make a masterpost.