Vampire Chronicles Updated Family Tree


VC Family Tree Here!

It’s been a few weeks since the release of Blood Communion and we all know what time that is?! Time to update the VC family tree! This tree was a labor of my love for all things VC, and is now updated to include new vampires from BCo. Fledglings are added accordingly. If you see any errors, please message me so I can fix them. Spoilers under the read more of changes made.

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lots of revelations in Blood Communion. (click-thru for better res.)



♡InktoberVC day 2: Blood Communion!

Taking a photo as a memento of the publication of the new book, somehow.




As some of you may know, next Tuesday (that would be October 2nd), the new volume of The Vampire Chronicles is unleashed upon the world: Blood Communion.

This, of course, means that means on that day, I am reading the whole thing and liveblogging it. Hence the warning, as some of you may want to spare yourselves. I’ll tag all of the entries with “Blood Communion” for ease of blacklisting.

Let us all pray that this book is heavy on the Lestat/Louis relationship drama (I want wedding planning and Lestat being a huge bridezilla, you have NO IDEA how much I want that), and very, very light on Replimoids and space birds. 

WARNING WARNING WARNING! Tomorrow is THREAT LEVEL: LESTAT day; with the exceptions of linking to the new Gothic Charm School post and whatever is in my queue, tomorrow is liveblogging Blood Communion. All of the liveblog posts will be tagged “Blood Communion”, so peeps who don’t want my probably incredulous reactions to vampire hijinks can nope out.

Do peeps want me to put plot elements behind Read More? Do any of you care about being spoiled for this book?

#Perfect gif is perfect 

^Agreed to all of the above! Read more cuts are great! 

I can’t liveblog it but I will share my thoughts as soon as I can. Can’t wait to see if ppl like it, so far, from what I heard of ppl who’ve gotten hold of advance reader copies, it’s gonna be a crowd-pleaser ❤


“Anne Rice has a much-anticipated Vampire Chronicles TV show in the works at Hulu, and now she’s got a new book in the series starring her most beloved character: Blood Communion: A Tale of Prince Lestat. It’s the first Rice novel to include illustrations—and we’ve got an exclusive excerpt and some image reveals to share.”

FYI, the excerpt begins with Chapter 3, introducing 2 new characters. Nothing much spoilery other than that! I like being spoiled but not everyone does, so I thought I’d check that out for you.