On the back of the excellent swap fic where Armand was the mortal and Daniel the vampire (forgot who wrote it, sorry!!) do you have any AU fic recommendations??

I think the excellent swap fic where Armand was the mortal and Daniel the vampire (I’m using your words bc I haven’t had a chance to read it!! BUT I WILLLL) was @monstersinthecosmos‘ “quinque plus unum,” a gift for @sheepskeleton as part of the @vcsecretgifts exchange ❤


[X @umawhen you find a really good alternative universe fanfiction]

BTW quinque plus unum inspired fanart! #i love it when fanworks inspire other fanworks ❤  


(TBH I am not current with AO3, so this is a tragically short list, anyone is welcome to reblog/comment with more suggestions, preferably from AO3 bc that site protects its ficwriters. FF.net and Wattpad suggestions are also welcome.)

  • Signature Blend – Of course I have to start the list off with the collab I did with Rebness/@wicked-felina, Coffeeshop AU. Slow-burn longfic ;D 

    The Last Drop is technically a few scenes that didn’t fit into the main story, but could be read on their own as stand-alone AU if you’re looking for smtg shorter.

  • The Grim Brothers by Rebness/@wicked-felina​ – incomplete but it’s a fun little werewolf AU! I hope the author picks it up again someday *NUDGES*
  • @superhiki recently did a short fic fill for a prostitute/client au prompt, Louis/Armand, I hope there’s more to come on that *NUDGES*
  • Interview with the Frat Boy the_corinthian – This is a WILD ride, a college AU. It’s silly and unashamed about it’s silliness. A few of its tags say it all: #No Homo #Yes homo #Heavy Drinking #Drunk!Louis #General douchebaggery #several different and uniquely poor kinds of childcare
  • Interview with a Cannibal or Appointment with a Vampire by (?) – was a Hannibal/VC crossover, so not really an AU, but I can’t find it to link you. Might have been taken down ;A; REMEMBER TO DOWNLOAD AND SAVE FANWORKS U LIKE!!

  • The Hostile Takeover by StellaMachiavelli (@stellamachiavelliici)is a legendary fic. “Lestat de Lioncourt is a high-flying businessman out for revenge on ruthless boss Santino, with the help of his best friend David Talbot. There’s just one complication: on Santino’s side is Lestat’s ex, Louis de Pointe du Lac.”
  • To Die as Lovers May by @goth-mabel inspired this fanart by @13bels, and I haven’t read this series of cis-swapped fics, but @13bels describes it: “very thoughtfully written, drama-filled as our vampires are known to be, and an engaging read, if it’s your cup of tea! Although, it does contain triggering content, so please proceed with caution and read the tags if you haven’t read it and would like to. I enjoyed it especially! I love seeing this trope be experimented with <3″