First half of a diptych I’m currently working on – Daniel Molloy, from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I’ve been loving his (and Armand’s) story for so much time now, I needed to make some angsty fanart! QotD era. As reference, I used an IWTV still of Christian Slater, and then just gave him light hair 😛 

Ignore that dreadful typewriter

The second part of the diptych will be Armand’s part of this scene in QotD.



Remade my art blog and slowly delving into VC fanart ✨ So here’s a quick Daniel and the beginning of a more detailed/stylized one because I have a lot of emotions about this absolute mess of a man.
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There’s a song called Tungs by The Frights and it makes me thing of Daniel pining after Armand. Id like your thoughts on it, if you dont mind.

OMG A+++ I love the first few notes, I love the lyrics, perf. Dude I think you’ve given me a new fave band! 

Totes Dan pining after Armand. TOTES. 


[Verse 1]
For if we ain’t got the time
I tell ya baby I don’t think we’re doing fine
We just haven’t got a clue
I keep my love

I want my blood inside of you

Do you think I’m cute?
Well it’s too late to check
And I don’t care
You got your tongue against my neck
Do you like my style?
Have you seen my shoes?
Cause they’ve been ripped to shit
From walking the world for you