So, according to the Inktober list by @monstersinthecosmos, this is day 1: Cosplaying another vampire.

Started as a sketch now is kind-of-a-comic of Daniel cosplaying as Armand in the Interview With The Vampire film, while real the Armand complains about how he does not looks like Antonio Banderas AT ALL. I added the dialog, I don’t know if you all would prefer the clean version with only the drawing (let me know!).

Anyway, I found this imaginary situation hilarious, with the black wig badly worn (because Daniel).

I saw the movie first, and I loved the way Banderas did Armand. So secretive and seductive and dark (and that hair!). I was kind of bummed out when I read the book to find out he’s like 16 and looks completely different. I’m just wondering if anyone else felt that way.

THANK U. See, this is an example of someone coming into the fandom through movie!IWTV, and enjoying Antonio!Armand. You can be a VC fan coming in from anywhere and like what you like ❤ 


[I was kind of bummed out when I read the book to find out he’s like 16 and looks completely different. I’m just wondering if anyone else felt that way.]

No, I don’t often get this kind of message, it’s usually how disappointed fans are that he doesn’t match the book description.

But your points are well-taken. He was so secretive and seductive and dark (and that hair!), and tbh I didn’t even mind that it was a wig. Some ethnicities DO have really thick hair like that. I thought it added to his other-worldliness. That version of Armand was turned at a time when it was normal to have super long hair, apparently? Maybe it was important as part of him being a vampire, like it was for Marius, to grow his hair long before he was turned? We’re not told in the movie but it’s part of his mystery.

I remember my own impression reading IWTV for the first time was that he was definitely an adult.

In book!IWTV, Armand is described as having auburn hair, and deep, brown eyes, but I don’t think he was described as being as youthful as he’s described in TVL and later books. 

This amazing actor, now the villan in Star Wars, Adam Driver. He would be a perfect Armand, don’t you think?

Adam Driver is extremely gorgeous and so talented, I really enjoyed him in SW and I’m looking forward to whatever he does in his career!

It took me a moment to make the connection between Adam Driver and Armand, bc the book version of Armand is very different from the IWTV movie version!

In the movie version of IWTV, Armand is played by Antonio Banderas, a tall, dark, masculine vampire of the Old World. I can see where you might see some Adam Driver resemblance there…


However! In the books, Armand was turned at 17 yrs old*, he has auburn hair, and he is supposed to look more angelic (and androgynous enough to pass for being female, as he says in TVA). 

*“I was perhaps seventeen years old when Marius made me into a vampire. I had stopped growing by that time. For a year, I’d been five feet six inches.” – TVA.

This has been a bigger point of contention in VC fandom than the “Dumbledore said calmly”/”DIDJA PUT YA NAME IN THE GOBLET AFIRE??” issue in Harry Potter fandom 😛 Why Antonio and not smne resembling the canon character? You’ll find some answers in my #defending Antonio tag.

To my mind, I would love to have Adam as a vampire in our series. If we cast him as a more canon-compliant character, I would suggest Santino, Santiago, or even Nicolas de Lenfent. But we probably can’t afford him now *cries*

Every time I watch Interview With The Vampire and Antonio Banderas (I think that’s how you spell his last name) shows up, all I can think of is, “L’Oréal, Because you’re worth it.”

for you, Anon, because he’s worth it


we don’t talk about his bad wig ok we just don’t



Then God does not exist?

You know, I’ve been thinking about this lately. Since Antonio Banderas played Armand in the IVTV movie and he didn’t looked like the character in the books, a lot of people were disheartened about it, but actually, i think it was divine. Yes, Banderas didn’t look like Armand and there’s a lot of theories on why they choose him, but his performance was so great. It was like a “Dracula version” of Armand, so fancy, so dark, so dramatic, so… charming. I thought it was great. What do you think?

Well you probably know you’re preaching to the choir on that one 😉 


Most of my thoughts on Antonio!Armand are in #Defending Antonio, so you can check that out.

However, I totally understand that other people were disheartened about it, and I’m not looking to argue with anyone, just saying that I was able to enjoy Antonio!Armand, and I’m glad other people were able to enjoy him, as well ❤

Idk if you ever heard about the CBBC show Young Dracula, but it’s brilliant. Yes, it’s originally for kids (at least the first few seasons) but it’s hilarious and so quotable. Also, Vlad, the main protagonist who was born a vampire, desperately wants to be normal and that feels very VC-adjacent. It’s a great show either way.

Definitely quotable in that cute child-friendly way! The fashion and general aesthetic seems to have a touch of VC. 

Thanks for the rec, anon. I might give it a try 😉 Anyone else here watch/like it? 


^Found Antonio!Armand’s wig…


^and Armand’s attitude age…


^Found a Lestatuesque line!

Ok so this has been bugging me for a while so I thought I’d get someone else’s opinion. What kinda accent is Armand supposed to have?

In movie!IWTV, Armand’s origins aren’t explicitly stated, just that he’s an Old World vampire. He could very well be Spanish, that’s Banderas’ actual ethnicity. So we don’t know. Just bc Louis and Claudia meet him in Paris doesn’t mean he’s French; he tells them he’s 400 yrs old, he’s probably lived elsewhere.

On my recent post about Antonio!Armand, @slow-read shared this opinion: “I would like to add that Antonio’s accent also gives one a sense of age, otherness and it sounds (or sounded) exotic to the audience? It was perfect for Armand-the-oldest-living-vampire-in-the-world. *-*” The

ppl behind movie!IWTV might have chosen Banderas and made the character this way rather than a more canon-compliant actor bc they wanted him to be more convincing as

Armand-the-oldest-living-vampire-in-the-world to audiences who had not read the books. Filmmakers then (and now) want a movie to appeal to wide audiences. I was a kid then, but it seems to me that fandom (and specifically, trying to please the fanbase as a primary objective) wasn’t as much of a consideration at that time. 

In the books, Armand comes from a place called Kiev, which according to AR is in Russia and according to the google is in the Ukraine, but idk. Then he spent years in Italy which is where he got most of his mortal education, so he may have picked up some of that accent from his teachers and friends… and then he lived in Paris for many years so he might have consciously tried to pick up some of that accent in order to blend in. 

Anyone is welcome to answer this with what you think Armand’s accent is like!